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Lia Parapara Leazas
Japanese リア・パラパラ・リーザス
Romanization Ria Parapara Rīzasu
Race Human
Age / Birth 38 / GI1000
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 159cm / 48kg
Status Alive
Class Queen, Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Kingdom of Leazas
Level limit 20
Skill levels Government Lv2 (?), Sexual Technique Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


Lia Parapara Leazas is the Queen of the Kingdom of Leazas, one of the superpowers of the continent. Taking the throne at the young age of 17, she has ruled with an iron fist since she's consolidated her political power, which has made her government unshakeable and earning her a reputation as a scary and intimidating queen.

In the past she used to be one of the women most intimate to the adventurer Rance, who she has supported and assisted since nearly the dawn of his glorious days. The Leazan Queen fell in love with Rance since a young age and the two have slept together on multiple occassions. On the year LP7 she gave birth to his child Zance Leazas, making him the prince of the prosperous Kingdom. Following her lover's transformation into the Demon King and his subsequent conquest of Rising Dragon Mountain, where he established his new home, Queen Lia like many others tried to gain an audience with him. However, according to official records at least, her request was rejected and was never able to see him. Without Rance as a piece holding everyone together, the unified council of humanity quickly started to form rifts until it was dissolved by the year RA02. Shortly after the event, seeing the fractioned state of humanity and Leazas standing as the most powerful country in the continent, she declared war to the other nations. The conflict that became known as The Leazas Insurgency lasted 6 months after Queen Lia was forced to reluctantly sign a peace treaty, as even Leazas was unable conquer any lasting territory when fighting on multiple fronts.

During the year RA04, the catastrophic event known as The Hero Calamity took place. The Guardian Hero of the World, a young man named Geimark, along with his followers went on a violent killing spree against humanity in order to increase the mortality rate and power up Escudo Sword in an effort to gain the strength necessary to defeat the Demon King. Geimark's rampage proved impactful enough that Lia agreed to form a temporary alliance with the other rulers in order to put an end to his actions, but their efforts failed to bring down the radical Hero as his band succeeded in slaying 30% of humanity. Upon hearing of his violent actions, Demon King Rance left his castle and exterminated Geimark, ending the disaster. Lia, along with the other rulers, managed to meet with Rance on this brief period but they all realised that the bloodlust of the Demon King had corrupted his mind to the point that he only vaguely resembled the man he once was. The world rulers distanced themselves from each other once again, attending their own affairs for the following years.

In the year RA07, the Demon King's eldest daughter Reset Kalar put together a plan to unite all of Rance's kids at a New Years Party. She attended along with her son Zance, meeting for the first time with some of his siblings like Dark Rance, Rangi from JAPAN, Lelikov from Helman, and a few others. It would become a regular occasion for the children to socialize, and their parents could discuss state affairs at the same time. An invitation was also extended to Demon King Rance, but he never once attended.

Two years later, Rance's mind collapses as he's completely corrupted by the bloodlust, leading to fire a large-scale invasion of monsters to the Human Realm. Lia had been turning a blind eye to Rance's ocassional bursts of brutality, much like the other rulers, but the invasion made it impossible for her to place her loved one as anything but an enemy. Leazas once again formed an alliance with the other countries to fight off the Monster Army, resulting in the conflict that would be known as the War of the Brutal King. At some point during the war, Lia encountered Demon King Rance personally but the man, completely corrupted by the Demon King's impulses, brutally violated her. While details of the event are not known, Lia was able to survive the encounter. The War ended two after two years of battle after Miracle Tou's elite team of the Twelve Knights managed to restore Rance's sanity with the help of his daughter Reset Kalar. After the war ended, the scars of the conflict ran deep into the hearts of the citizens, resulting in a public contempt of the people towards Demon King Rance and that had ties with him, making riots and protests became more common than ever in the human countries. In Leazas, a coup d'etat was orchestated with the goal of taking the life of Zance Leazas, son of the Demon King Rance, but it was easily squashed by the Leazas Army. Despite the disdain of the people, Lia's position in the throne remained unchallenged under her firm rule.

Lia makes her first Part 2 appearance during the Leazas chapter in the events of Rance X: Part 2. Shortly after the El Party arrives to the Kingdom of Leazas, they seek for an audience with the Queen in order to request her assistance in their mission of gathering the Demon King's children to defeat Demon King Rance. She warmly welcomes the party, as well as expressing contentment upon seeing Uzume returning safely after having been missing for two years. Reset then explains their circustances on behalf of the party, requesting Lia's help on finding one of The Five Orbs that was supposedly somewhere in Leazas, asking for permission for Zance to join their party and introducing El Mofus to her through the letter of introduction written by Crook. After taking a look at El, Lia consents to their request, allowing Zance to join them and promising to find the location of the Orb for them. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted by the prince himself, who has just arrived after having finished a mission with the Red Corps. Lia quickly embraces Zance upon his arrival, much to his annoyance. He eventually pushes her away and sits on the throne while demanding the servants some food, as he has not had anything to eat yet since he has returned. After Zance hears their story, he agrees to join their party but one-sidedly declares that he will be the leader of the group without their consent and that everyone will do as he says, before leaving the room. While Nagata-kun is greatly infuriated by his self-centered attitude Lia is merely cheering on him, describing as "cool" and "superb" for his assertiveness.

Once the party is ready to leave they all gathers in front of the gate of Leazas Castle. Lia appears as well in order to give her farewell to her beloved son, as well as informing that her sources have found information about the Fire Orb hiding in Leazas, revealing that it is located somewhere around the abandoned city of Scale. She also gives him a love letter to hand over to his father, which he will reluctantly accept despite finding his mother's obsession silly. Zance and the others leave the castle as Lia waves off, telling them to do their best in their mission.