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Rance's personal Level God, Willis.

Level God
reberu kami

A Level God is a type of Angel tasked with converting experience points into Levels for The Protagonist Race and other sentient beings. While Level Gods vary in height, weight, size and sex, they are, for the most part, human females in appearance.

Most Level Gods work in Level Shops, public stores people can go to when they need to level up. Level Shops are officially endorsed and sponsored by the AL Church.

Some Level Gods form contracts with humans and become the personal Level God for that individual or their companions. Adventuring parties typically induct someone with their own Level God into their group so they can level up out in the field without any complications, since the person that is bound to the Level God can summon them at any time. Level Gods that form a contract with a person are not restricted to that individual alone, usually having a couple of clients instead.

Level Gods fall between 13th-class and 7th-class in the God Hierarchy, with most of them being 13th-class. Level Gods are recruited from willing humans or Kalar that wish to take on the profession and have to pass a tough exam to get the job. Their formal title is actually "Level Angel," Level God being a common nickname that ended up sticking. Many Level Gods work closely with priests of the AL Church, as the priests typically oversee contracts between humans and Level Gods.

As Gods they are relatively low-ranked and thus the most commonly seen God by human beings on The Continent, along with Angels sent to recover lost Souls. Level Gods start at the apprentice level and, depending on how good they are at their job, eventually ascend to the rank of High Level God, attaining more abilities and uses for experience points. High Level Gods can even alter Level Caps to a certain degree.

Apprentice Level Gods typically train under more experienced Level Gods to get the hang of their trade, and then go off into the world on their own to decide whether or not they wish to forge a contract or get a job at a Level Shop. 

The spell cast by Level Gods is a mysterious one. It converts experience points into Levels for people, but if used by the inexperienced the effects may go awry: the experience points could be completely removed or even accidentally transferred into weaponry, improving their quality.

Some female Level Gods give customers different incentives to call upon their services, from stripping at certain intervals to giving souvenirs for being summoned a certain amount of times. These services vary depending on the wishes of their clients - Rance, for instance, always prefers to have his Level God strip for the amusement of it. The typical goal of a Level God is to level people up as much as possible, as this will elevate their own status and popularity amongst others within the Level God hierarchy.

Sometimes, after realizing the power they have over people, certain Level Gods go rogue and drain experience points or even whole Levels from people. Such acts are absolutely forbidden. These individuals are branded outcast criminals and are hunted down by Angel Knights.

Known Level Gods[]


  • The recurring Level God theme music originated back when Alicesoft was still ChampionSoft, in their game Josei Shain o Ikasu Hou. It was brought over to the Rance universe in Rance 1.