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Don't underestimate the captain of the Leazas Royal Guard. I'm always prepared to take an opponent on, even at the cost of my own life.

—Leila Grecni, warning an overconfident Rance.


Leila Grecni
Japanese レイラ・グレクニー
Romanization Reira Gurekunī
Race Human
Age / Birth 26 / GI0996
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 167cm / 50kg
Measurements B90 W60 H92
Status Alive
Class Knight
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas, Leazas Royal Guard
Level limit 52
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Cooking Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance, Rance IX, Rance X, Mamanyonyo
Mentioned in Rance 01, Rance Quest



Leila Grecni is the captain of the Leazas Royal Guard, a smaller division within the Leazas Army conformed exclusively by female soldiers, made to safeguard the Royalty in the Leazas Royal Castle. 

She's famous for being the 2nd best swordsman in Leazas, losing only to Rick Addison, and one of the strongest female humans in the current era. Leila is an elite fighter that has been recognized by many and her fame has reached even to other countries. She won the female division of swordsmanship championships of Leazas at the age of 14, and flawlessly won 7 following consecutive years. She used to consider allowing only men stronger than her to sleep with her, and has had sex with her sword master Jiba at the age of 16 and warrior named Kobayashi at the age of 20. However, ever since she realized her romantic feelings towards Rick, she has been restraining herself.

Rance has stated his liking for Leila, describing her as "a good woman" and has tried to convince her to have sex with him multiple times, but she's turned him down every time, and he's only been able to sleep with her a handful few times when she was drunk or in other special circumstances.

Personality and Appearance[]

Leila is incredibly fond of alcohol.

Leila is a beautiful and mature woman with experience both in the battlefield and in bed. She usually wears the Golden Leazas armor representative of the royal guard and a headband. Her hair is short and orange, which combines with her eyes. 

Leila is a very confident and strong-willed woman. She's polite and tends to act mature at all times. She has an intense devotion and commitment to the sword, and is quite proud of her skills. She likes to test her combat ability with famous combatants, asking for duels to talented swordsmen from all over whenever she gets the chance. When sent to JAPAN to assists Rance, she challenged the finest swordswoman of the country Uesugi Kenshin, ignoring Rance's repeated warnings, and ended up losing.

Leila changes into a completely different person when she overdoes it with the drink.

She's usually very depressed when she loses and chooses to drown her sorrows in alcohol, which she regularly enjoys drinking, but takes it a bit too far when she's despondent. When she's drunk she tends to do things that normally would embarrass her, but luckily she forgets everything the following day. When in this state, she's a completely different person, being assertive, loose and completely honest, changing into a fun-loving demeanor. Despite this, she's a heavy drinker and Rance has noted her high tolerance of alcohol and has lost several times in drinking matches with her. 

Leila has an eye for noticing when someone is in love.

Aside from her fondness to alcoholic drinks, Leila is a very diligent woman and extremely serious to her duties. She takes her responsibility as the Captain of the Royal Guard very seriously, and makes sure to act as an ideal leader for the other girls of the Royal Guard. It is for this reason that she attempts to look like a perfect captain with little concern over her personal opinions or feelings, and devoted only to her country. While this feelings are legitimate, her attempts at hiding her own feelings of affection for Rick are easily noted by the other members of her platoon like Julia Lindum, who noted a change in Leila after she encouraged others to confess, saying that she would claim in the past that their status as a knight is above their status as a woman. Leila herself is surprised by how much her feelings for Rick have altered her personality without her noticing, but Julia claims that she likes her better this way since she's more loose now. Despite this, Leila still acts a strict figure to others and takes her duties with pride and responsibility.

Due to her status as the captain of the Royal Guard and the strongest female in Leazas, Tilde Sharp considers Leila to be her rival, even though she's her senior. She aims to taking her role as the captain one day and has tried to challenge her to duels before, which Leila has turned down. This rivalry is completely one-sided and she only sees Tilde as a brilliant knight and subordinate with a promising future, rather than a rival for her.

She is an old acquaintance of the Coliseum Champion of Leazas, Yulang Mirage, and the two share a friendly rivalry. She values her skills at swordplay and has attempted to convince her to join the Royal Guard, but her friend has refused her offers for years before eventually accepting in the epilogue of Rance Quest. They sometimes hang out together when off duty and when they have the free time.


Leila is a skilled and powerful warrior.

Just like her fame suggests, Leila is a really strong fighter highly adept at swordplay and that achieved knighthood at a young age. She has a Sword Combat Lv1 and a high Level Cap of 52, which is the fourth highest in Leazas with her current level being 40. She's a very adept fighter with a very solid stance and roughly trained in many areas. She's strong, fast and with great leading abilities, capable of commanding the Royal Guard with great expertise and to train many novice girls to become great knights. She fights by wielding a longsword all the time. In battle she can take aggressive or defensive roles, both with great efficiency. She's also noted for having a very impressive fighting spirit, which boosts her battling potential to great degrees.

She's definitely made the most of her sword combat skill but she can't really improve her swordsmanship beyond where she is now and, while she's still strong, her skills tend to be overshadowed by other swordsmen around her such as Rance and Rick. While a very strong fighter, Leila has seen her limits when she's tried to be on the same level as the world's top fighters. She has lost against Rick Addison, Uesugi Kenshin and Rolex Gadras, the finest swordsmen from Leazas, JAPAN and Helman respectively over the course of the games, but the fact that Leila could give them a solid challenge says a lot about her skills and Kenshin gave Leila credit for being one of the strongest females she's faced in combat. In Rolex's case she loss due in part to the fact she wasn't used to fighting with Byroad and Rick's armor, but would still have lost regardless.

As the captain of the Royal Guard Leila has command of a small unit composed of some the strongest women Leazas has to offer. To date, her commanding abilities have only been seen in the battlefield in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance and in Sengoku Rance where she proves to be a talented leader capable of keeping her platoon organized and effective.


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Appearances in the Rance Series[]

Rance 03[]

Leila was brainwashed by Dark Lord Ithere's mind control ability.

She made first canonical appearance in Rance 03 when the Leazas Castle was overrun by Helman Soldiers of the Helman 3rd Army. She fought to her best along with Kanami to guard the castle and avoiding the Fall of the Capital, but her effort proved futile when they encountered with Dark Lord Ithere. Incapable of going through the Dark Lord's Invincibility Field, Leila hold him off on her own to earn Kanami time to escape, eventually falling to Ithere's brainwashing ability and unwillingly swapping sides along with the majority of the Leazas Army. 

She's later found by Rance and his party accompanying Fletcher Modell, where they are both defeated and she's captured. However, the mind control curse placed on Leila proves to be stronger than normal and she's forced to be restricted of her movements until they find a way to cure her of said curse. Rance and his party will later go to the Forest of the Lost in search of a mythical creature called the Unicorn that can segregate a cure for her curse, and return to deliver it to her. While she's restricted, Rance takes the opportunity to have sex with her while applying the elixir. After coming back to her senses, she joined the Leazas Liberation Army and assisted the military force in the war against Helman and the Dark Lords. During this time she was saved from an enemy ambush by Rick and fell in love with him.

Rance IV[]

Leila in battle in Rance IV.

She joined the Rance Rescue Team made to use the Tulip #4 developed by Maria to rescue Rance in Ylapu during the events of Rance IV. She provided her assistance and represented a valuable ally to the team, helping them reach to Rance and fighting alongside him against the Helman Platoon that was searching for Toushin Upsilon

She started noticing Maria's romantic feelings for Rance after interacting with her for a while, and gave her advice on the matters, and she brought up that she also had someone special for her. It was later revealed here that she was referring to Rick, but she didn't follow her own advice and remained it hidden. She starts refusing Rance's sexual advancements on her due to this, claiming that she had someone she liked, which irritated him. Later on, Rance drugged her by slipping a sleeping pill in her booze, and attempts to have sex with her, but he was turned off before he got the chance to do anything but sexually fond her when she started cried out Rick's name, which made him realize that she was talking about Rick. He decides that he will make her fall for him when he proves that he's much better than Rick(which doesn't happen).

When Toushin Upsilon is re-activated, she attempts to fight him off in an attempt to protect the Toushin City, but she's defeated and gravely injured. She later joins the team in their final battle against the Toushin after they severely weakened him through much advice given to them by Freak Paraffin, defeating the Godly War Machine for good.

Sengoku Rance[]

Leila appears again in Sengoku Rance when Rance asks for reinforcements to Leazas a third time asking for assistance in his unification of JAPAN. Because of his constant requests for help the Queen of Leazas Lia got extremely worried over his current state of affairs and decided to mobilize the entire Leazas Army to assist him before being calmed down by many of her officers and advisers. In order to keep Lia from getting worried, they decided to send their best warrior Rick Addison, but since Rance specifically requested for a female commander, they settled for Leila instead.

Leila drunk.

Upon arriving to JAPAN along with an army conformed by knights of the royal guard, she joined the Oda House as a commander of its military force under the leadership of Rance. As she had heard of the name of Uesugi Kenshin, the country's finest swordsman, Leila challenged the famed swordswoman to a duel despite Rance's warnings. The battle was fairly even initially, but it soon turned to Kenshin's favor and Leila ended up losing when Kenshin employed her Cartwheel Sword technique. Her lost got her depressed, leading her to spend that same night drinking until she got drunk. Taking advantage of this, Rance slipped in her room, but it backfired on him when Leila just spent most of the night masturbating Rance to tease him, something that left him both exhausted and chastened. The following day Leila didn't remember anything.

Rance IX[]

She stayed in Leazas during the Helman Revolution while Queen Lia sent Rick Addison to assist Rance in Helman. While Leila wished to go to accompany Rick, losing the heads of both the Red Army and the Royal Guard was out of the question, and they decided to send Tilde Sharp instead.

Leila was rapidly defeated by Rolex without barely giving a fight.

Later on, the Helman 5th Army appears on the border of the Mountain path between Helman and Leazas, much to the surprise of the Leazas Generals. The Supreme Commander Barres Province points out that the 5th Army is led by Rolex Gadras, a powerful swordsman from Helman and Rick would be the most suitable candidate to intercept him, making it a troublesome situation if Helman discovers that he's not in Leazas at the time. To prevent this information from leaking, Leila decides to disguise herself by wearing his armor and intercept the 5th Army herself with the Red Army to earn some time while Barres mobilizes a bigger army to reinforce the border and force them to retreat. Once there both armies avoid engaging in a stalemate and Rolex, recognizing the army of the Red Death of Leazas, challenges Rick Addison to come out and decide it with a one on one duel. Leila, disguised as Rick, isn't exactly fond of the idea, as she'd heard of Rolex' famous strength, and she's not suited for fighting with Rick's heavier armor and the longsword Byroad, but the situation forces her to accept. Their battle is short-lived, as Rolex noticed something wrong and exposed her with a fiery onslaught of blows, breaking her armor and revealing her as a fake.

Rance X[]

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She becomes engaged to Rick during the 2nd Dark Lord War.


  • At first Rick Addison was designed as a character made to incentive character development for Leila, but in the end, Rick's character grew and was given much more depth and characterization than Leila, which resulted in them inverting their original roles. 
  • Leila ranked 20th in the female category of the Rance 03 Popularity Poll, and she ranked 22nd in the Other Girls category for Rance IX's.
  • In Kichikuou Rance there's an alternate bad ending in which Leila is given to Demon Nobunaga against her will. Later in Sengoku Rance there's a hidden bad ending where Demon Xavier captures Leila and rapes her, which is a clear parallel to the original bad ending showed in Kichikuou.
  • Leila used to have a Shield Combat Lv1 skill, but the skill level was retconned into the Guard skill but it was removed entirely from Leila.
  • While she never willingly had sex with Rance in the new canon, in the original Rance 3 she gave herself to Rance willingly as thanks for freeing her from Ithere's control.