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Melfeis Mage Corps-1

The Mage Corps in Kichikuou Rance.

The Leazas Mage Corps (リーザス魔法軍, Rīzasu mahōgun), also known as the Leazas Purple Army (リーザス紫の軍, Rīzasu murasaki no gun), is an auxiliary faction of the Leazas Army composed of the nation's most dedicated Mages. With only 400 soldiers, it is the smallest of all of Leazas' armies and is generally only utilized as a support unit to the larger armies.

While the Mage Corps is made up entirely of skilled magic users, its overall magic power pales in comparison to the armies of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth. This, in conjunction with its small size, causes it to be very rarely deployed onto the battlefield, to the point where it is often overlooked in discussions of the Leazas Army and its branches due to how infrequently it is used.

Though the unit is led by Chaka Cadmium, an old mage of considerable ability, he was transformed into a sentient costume following an encounter with a powerful witch, rendering him unable to move on his own. Chaka continues to serve as general of the Mage Corps even after getting Cursed, but requires being worn by his very young granddaughter Asuka Cadmium, the only member of his family with magic comparable to his own, to be capable of participating in combat alongside his soldiers. While Asuka dislikes fighting, her love for her grandfather pushes her to try and follow his orders to the best of her abilities in order to support him.

Because Chaka's difficult position significantly compromises his ability to lead others, the members of the Mage Corps look more toward the unit's lieutenant-general Melfeis Promenade to direct them during battle. Melfeis is a calm and collected woman who is capable of maintaining a cool head under tense circumstances, enabling her to serve as a formidable field commander. Melfeis' dedication to protecting others surpasses her value of her own safety, as she allowed herself to become cursed with an unstable mind and body in return for substantially increasing her magic power.

Notable Members[]

Minor Members[]

  • Bright (ブライト, buraito): Appears in Kichikuou Rance. A soldier of the Mage Corps serving in Melfeis' unit who she shares a close relationship with. If Melfeis' magical power is reduced as a consequence of having her curse lifted, Bright will appear and speak on behalf of the rest of her unit to convince her to remain enlisted in the Leazas Army despite her weakened fighting ability. Melfeis begins dating Bright shortly afterwards, preventing Rance from sleeping with her any further. If Rance attempts to call Melfeis into his harem after she starts dating Bright, she will reveal that the two of them have become engaged and are to be wed the next week. As no dedicated character portrait depicting a soldier of the Mage Corps is featured in Kichikuou Rance, Bright is instead represented by the portrait of a Black Corps soldier.