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The Leazas Liberation Army commanded by me attacked the enemy army with the force of a raging wave. The appearance of Maria’s Tulip #3 threw the enemy into a fatal confusion. Of course, we mustn't forget the achievements of my own astounding genius.

Shizuka’s magic attacks, the unified attacks of Barres’ troops, and of course, my magnificent swordplay...

It was our complete victory.

Rance, describing the Liberation Army's first battle.



The Leazas Liberation Army marching to battle alongside the Tulip #3.

The Leazas Liberation Army was a group that was formed during the 7th Helman-Leazas War in the year LP0002 in response to the large scale occupation of the nation of Leazas' territory by the Helman forces led by Prince Patton Helman, who had allied himself with three powerful Dark Lords

During the occupation, the Helman Army was able to successfully take control of over 40% of Leazas' territory including the capital, as well as gain control over the majority of the nation's military through the use of the mind-controlling magic of the Dark Lord Ithere and his Apostles. With Ex Banquet, the sole surviving general of Leazas' army, forced to remain at the capital in an attempt to eradicate the invaders, the Helman Army was met with little opposition in its conquest and began moving its forces into the Free Cities Alliance.

As the Helman Army entered the Free Cities, the highly technologically advanced city of Kathtom chose to stand against them, with the young inventor Maria Custard and her close friends forming a resistance group that would go on to become the foundation of the Liberation Army. While the group began small, several adventurers from all across the Free Cities steadily began joining its ranks, allowing it to prevent the Helman forces from completely entering their territory

Some time during this period, the great warrior Rance was scouted by Kentou Kanami, the personal Ninja of Princess Lia Parapara Leazas to assist in retaking Leazas, eventually leading him to join the ranks of the Liberation Army, where he quickly forced his way into the position of Supreme Commander. Rance's contributions greatly aided the group in pushing back the previously unstoppable invasion, allowing Maria to complete the construction of the incredibly powerful military tank the Tulip #3 as well as defeating several of the Helman Army's highest ranking officers such as Fletcher Modell, Henderson Dauntless and even the world's strongest man Thoma Lipton.

Under Rance's leadership, the Liberation Army was eventually able to release all of Leazas' forces from their mind control, allowing them to join the group in retaking Leazas. With its numbers vastly expanded and the highly skilled military leader Barres Province among its ranks, the Liberation Army was able to finally overtake the Helman Army in direct combat and free Leazas from its oppressors

While the Liberation Army was disbanded following its victory over the Helman invaders, its legacy remains incredibly significant nonetheless. The countless achievements that the group obtained under Rance resulted in all of the highest ranking members of Leazas' military developing an unbreakable level of trust and respect for the brutal warrior. Additionally, as commanding the Liberation Army was the first time that Rance was given a significant amount of power, his time leading it resulted in his brutish nature becoming fully awakened, causing his ego to swell even further as well as leading to an insatiable lust for power to develop within him.

Known Members[]

Lia Rescue Team


Free Cities Alliance