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Government System: Absolute Monarchy

Head of State: Queen Lia Parapara Leazas


The Kingdom of Leazas was founded by Gross Leazas in an effort to free many people from the abuse and oppression that they suffered in the Helman Republic after Zanageth Helman merged many of the world's nations into one. While he created an absolutistic monarchy, the King of the country existed for the sake of the populace and attempted to use the fertile and safe land on the east of The Continent to establish a peaceful and stable country. While not many people know it, Gross found Demon King Gele sealed in the depths of his newly founded Capital in the Leazas Castle and, after requesting help from Ho-Raga, reinforced the seal to prevent Dark Lords from releasing their master. Only descendants of Gross Leazas are capable of accessing the room where Gele is sealed, making the royal blood extremely important to secure the imprisonment of the dreadful Demon King.

As a monarchy the political power relies on the Queen and the King, with absolute power to rule as they see fit. They have the autority to unrestrictidly rule over the people as they please, which could result in a very abusive government if the King or Queen in question is a corrupted individual. While technically the Queen and King have absolute power over the land, in practice, the administrative affairs and tax collection of many cities and terrains are handled by members of the Aristocracy, the highest-classed civilians with the higher economical power in the country.

Those that inherit the throne are the offspring of the previous rulers, however, age isn't a decisive factor but usually the princesses and princes of the country gain more power by winning the support of the population, as well as establishing control over several areas of the nation such as the Military. This usually leads to really harsh and even bloody competitions for the throne, to the point sometimes members of the Royal Family even attempt to assassinate their own brothers or sisters in order to claim the throne. Another way to earn the role is by marrying the current King or Queen of Leazas, which would immediately grant complete control over the country, including the Leazas Army

The current Queen of Leazas is Lia Parapara Leazas, who was crowned in the year LP0002 after she forced her father and mother to retire early. While she was officially crowned after the 7th Helman-Leazas War, she already had an extremely large influence and political power over the country, and was recognized for her charisma and talent for ruling. It's been mentioned that she had two brothers in the past but both of them have perished through unknown means years ago. It is unknown if Lia was the one responsible for their deaths or not, as it's been stated that they had intended to take the lives of each other in their competition for the position. 

She gave birth to Zance, the current prince of Leazas.

Royal Family and Close Servants[edit | edit source]

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