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Geographical Location[]


The Kingdom of Leazas is located on the northeast side of The Continent, and is the second largest nation in the world in terms of territory, surpassed only by the Helman Empire. A steep mountain range located at the borders prevents easy invasion from Helman and the Parapara Fort effectively blocks incursions from the Zeth Kingdom

In addition to its broad territory, Leazas is blessed with rich, fertile lands. This allows them to produce the most robust agricultural harvest in the world, granting them a very strong economy. Filled with forested areas, a very large river on the northern part of their territory, and ideal climate conditions for cultivation, Leazas has by far the world's most enviable land. 

The Capital is the Castle of Leazas, a large city in the center of the Country where the Leazas Royal Castle was built hundreds of years ago by Gross Leazas. It is the most wealthy city in Leazas, full of opportunities and establishments such as a Casino, weapon and item shops, and a Military Academy to train Knights to join the Leazas Army.



Around 50 million people live in Leazas at present. Most of the population of Leazas is concentrated in large urban settlements, though smaller centers such as villages and towns can be seen all over the land as well. Of the three main countries, Leazas boasts the most diversity among its citizenry, with few physical traits that mark them as natives of the country, though The people of Leazas, tend to have lighter skin tones. 

Leazas fashion varies greatly as well, though the national color of the country is Red. The Leazas Army is noted for being divided into different units classified by different colors. The national emblem of Leazas is a strangely shaped "L", which stands for Leazas. It is primarily displayed on the country's flag, on uniforms, and in many shops of Leazas. 

Leazas is moderately developed in the art of Magic Research, though not nearly as advanced as the Magic Kingdom of Zeth, but more than Helman or the Free Cities. Due to this, Leazas typically imports magical items from Zeth and, thanks to the wealth of the country, their innovative products such as Magicvision have become a common luxury for even the average Leazas citizen. They also maintain strong trade with the Free Cities, as they are an important supplier of raw materials. 


The capital of Leazas hosts an exclusive and widely known Coliseum Tournament. Countless warriors and adventurers fight in a huge stadium in an attempt to rise as the champion. It gathers many different fighters from a wide variety of disciplines and fighting styles, who sign up either in search of fame and glory or simply for the love of battle and to test one's skills against powerful opponents. It is a very popular event that is watched by many people and even broadcast nationally through Magicvision. Some Leazas soldiers take part as well in order to give the audience a spectacle and display the army's strength. The tournament's champion has been for a long time the well-known gladiator Yulang Mirage, but it's also featured other highly talented fighters like the adventurer Rance or the future Champion of the Toushin Toshi Tournament, Alexander.

Relations with other Countries[]


Due to its history and origin, conflict with Helman is frequent. Leazas has had seven official wars in total since its foundation and many more skirmishes. Despite its tense relationship with other Human nations, Leazas remains one of the safest countries one the Continent since it shares no border with the Monster Realm, a constant threat to both Helman and Zeth. As such, Leazas has had few conflicts with the Dark Lords or their armies throughout their history.

Leazas has had few conflicts with the Free Cities Alliance since its founding and are on good terms with most of Free Cities due to the beneficial trading agreements both sides utilize. However, the current Queen Lia Parapara Leazas is constantly eyeing these territories for conquest due to her ambition to conquer The Continent one day. Queen Lia has been very cautious and has not made a military move against them yet. The only time in which Leazas invaded the Free Cities was in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance under the leadership of King Rance, who was pursuing an aggressive path of world domination.

They hold a non-aggression pact with the Kingdom of Zeth and have largely remained neutral with each other for their histories. The only prolonged war between Zeth and Leazas took place in GI0888 when the Magical Country attempted to invade Leazas in an effort to escape from the Monster Realm, as they had suffered several large-scale invasions from Demon Armies. The war, however, ended in a peace treaty after the King of Zeth was assassinated and the two countries have rarely been in conflict since. Trading has been very prosperous for both sides for many years and their relationship has been amiable, though never outright allies. After the Fall of Zeth in LP0004, thanks to the adventurer Rance, Leazas has been supporting and funding Zeth to help them recover.

Like in most human territories, the influence of the AL Church is very prominent and commonly seen in their daily life. Weddings, funerals, and other such ceremonies are handled by priests of the Church and their doctrine is taught in Leazas schools.