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The Blue Corps in Kichikuou Rance.

The Leazas Blue Corps (リーザス青の軍, Rīzasu ao no gun), also known as the Leazas 2nd Army (リーザス第2軍, Rīzasu dai-ni-gun) is one of the four main branches of the Leazas Army. It is the second largest of the country's four armies, and is beaten only by the Leazas Black Corps in overall size. Specializing in defensive combat, it serves as the country's border guard, and is its first line of defense against enemy invasions. To date, the Blue Corps has successfully prevented any and all conventional invasion attempts, earning it a reputation of being an impenetrable wall of skilled soldiers.

Soldiers of the Blue Corps are sturdy and tough, with builds that naturally allow them to protect their allies from harm. They receive special training in defensive techniques not used anywhere else within the military from a young age, ensuring that they will serve as excellent guards. As a result of dedicating themselves solely to mastering defensive warfare, however, soldiers of the Blue Corps tend to struggle more than their counterparts when forced to fight offensively. Due to its role as the nation's primary line of defense, soldiers of the Blue Corps are required to work around the clock patrolling Leazas' borders to remain vigilant of enemy attacks, making it the most labor-intensive of the four main armies. Because of the large number of soldiers that make up its ranks, the general of the Blue Corps is required to possess excellent leadership ability to allow them to effectively organize and command their troops as a single unit.

It is currently led by Cordoba Burn, a man of great size and passion who is recognized across The Continent for his defensive excellence. Nicknamed "The Blue Wall of Leazas", Cordoba's own natural talent for guarding makes him a perfect fit for the position of general of the Blue Corps. Cordoba leads his men with dedication and vigor and always fights alongside his troops on the frontlines, making him highly respected by his men. A tireless worker, Cordoba is notorious for making regular patrols across all of Leazas' territory on the lookout for people in need of protection, further cementing him as the ideal man for leading the national guard.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Minor Members[edit | edit source]

  • Gourmand (グルマン, guruman): Appears in Kichikuou Rance. A soldier of the Blue Corps fascinated with the culinary arts. Whenever Rance calls for a levy on a captured territory, Gourmand will seek out rare Foods to bring back to him rather than GOLD and women as the other soldiers do. While Rance is always confused by Gourmand's findings, he is inevitably compelled to accept his findings as treasures after hearing Gourmand's passionate and grandious descriptions of their quality. If Gourmand is able to find kururipu powder, the fabled supreme sweet, he will be overcome by its divine flavor and refuse to unhand it, forcing his fellow soldiers to drag him away to allow Rance access to it.
  • Maponta (マポンタ, maponta): Appears in Rance X. A soldier of the Blue Corps who is unexpectedly scouted by Rance due to his modest Level of 24 being low enough to qualify for getting to see the Level Goddess Willis strip in recognition of gaining his next level. After being force-fed several loaves of experience bread, Maponta is presented to Willis as Rance's newest companion and made to have his level increased. Seeing through Rance's obvious scheme, Willis tries to argue that Maponta does not qualify as his companion but is admonished by Rance, who insists that the two of them share a long-standing and powerful friendship, and forced to go through with performing the level-raising ceremony.
  • Satonaka (里中, satonaka): Appears in Rance X. A middle-aged knight of the Blue Corps with a reputation for being serious and reliable. Though married with children, he has been engaged in a secret relationship with Kasumi K. Kasumi, the deputy director of the Maria Factory, for some time, and covers his infidelity by voluntarily working in the Free Cities Alliance as an envoy for the Leazas Army. After being made aware of their relationship, Maria Custard, Kasumi's friend and superior, confronts her about Satonaka's true character. Kasumi spends some time in somber contemplation after hearing this news before resolving to surreptitiously record her next meeting with Satonaka and show the footage to his family, in the process effectively destroying his public image and personal life.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Blue Corps is the only one of Leazas Army's four main divisions that has no known female members.
  • The Blue Corps is the only one of the Leazas Army's four main divisions that has made appearances without its general, with soldiers from it being featured in both Rance 03 and Rance Quest despite Cordoba himself making no physical appearances in either.
  • The former captain of the Leazas Royal Guard, Aviator Sukatto, is married to a member of the Blue Corps, though her husband's identity is otherwise unknown.

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