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The four Generals of Leazas' main armies are all talented and well-trained combat specialists.

The Army of the Kingdom of Leazas is one of the super-powers of The Continent as the main force gathered and formed by one of three great countries of humanity. While Leazas cannot match the budget and sheer scale of the Helman Army, or the magical power of the Zeth militia, it makes up for it in having specific elite groups working in unison. While Leazas is not particularly large, it is quite rich thanks to its abundance of natural resources and fertile lands, which support their large and well-maintained armies, whose elite soldiers can perfectly rival those of the Helman Empire.The military is divided into six corps, four of which are represented by a color and headed by a General and adjutant generals. The other two are the Royal Guard and the Mage Corps. The generals can sometimes function independently as well. The General of the Black Corps, Barres Province, is also the Commander of the whole Army and directs the other generals when necessary. However the army's Commander in Chief is the Queen herself Lia Parapara Leazas, and by association her handmaiden and advisor Maris Amaryllis, whose powers are absolute over the country and its military.

The Leazas Army is composed of roughly 100,000 trained soldiers, and the Leazas Military Academies train those interested in the role to become officers or knights willing to fight for their country. Of all the countries, they are perhaps the best equipped, with almost all their soldiers protected by sturdy heavy armor. Depending on their individual talents, they are assigned to different Armies where they continue with their formation at the country's service.

The Black Corps[]

The Black Corps is the biggest unit in the Leazas army, used to overwhelm or distract the enemy with sheer numbers. As such its soldiers mostly consist of anyone not chosen for the other more specialized forces. However, in order to best use this large but unwieldy force, its chosen commanders are usually talented military strategists and leaders. This unit is led by the experienced General Barres Province, who is also the commander of the entire Leazas military.

The Blue Corps[]

Members of the Blue Corps are trained in defensive strategies from the onset of their training and are mostly chosen to defend strategic positions or placed to corner their enemies, as no army has successfully penetrated their guard once established. This unit is led by General Cordoba Burn, a large and dedicated commander who's nicknamed "The Blue Wall of Leazas".

The Red Corps[]

The Leazas Red Corps are a very specialized unit of only 800 men, as the strongest and fiercest soldiers in Leazas are handpicked to join their group. Their terrifying charges have decimated many armies on the battlefield, turning their color red into a symbol of fear to their enemies. This unit is led by General Rick Addison, one of the strongest swordsmen of the entire Continent who is nicknamed "The Red Reaper of Leazas" for his devastating strikes that can eliminate dozens of enemies in one clean swipe with the use of his now infamous sword Byroad.

The White Corps[]

The White Corps are the most discrete of the four main army corps, as their role focuses more on providing reconnaissance, sabotage and gaining military intelligence in order to formulate the best strategies for each of the corps. As their role consists on information and disruption, their unit is mostly composed of experienced strategists, and they are led by the famous tactician General Ex Banquet.

The Mage Corps[]

The Mage Corps are a small unit composed of a few hundred magic-users. While quite useful in providing support to the regular army, they of course pale to the more numerous and experienced Zeth mages. This unit is led by Captain Asuka Cadmium, who is actually a small child, as it is her cursed grandfather (transformed in a hat she wears) that provides her magic power and directions in the battlefield.

The Royal Guard[]

Clad in Golden Armor, the Royal Guard are directly responsible for the defense of the Leazas Palace and the royal family. They are a small but mostly elite group composed of women of great skill and beauty and are led by captain Leila Grecni. Due to their role as protectors of the queen, they are seldom used in large battles though they are sometimes sent by the queen on specific missions.


  • Much like Leazas itself, its armies are loosely based upon medieval european armies, particularly France and England, as they have trained knights covered in heavy armor playing a substantial role in their tactics, a dedication to the Queen as absolute ruler and a specialized group protecting her much like England's Queen's Guard or the Musketeers of the Guard.