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So this is what a wealthy city in Leazas looks like, eh? Guess they're not called the world's most prosperous country for nothing.

Rance, admiring a Leazas city.

General Info[]

Founded 482 years prior to the start of the series, The Kingdom of Leazas is a prosperous nation on the eastern side of The Continent, with a population of roughly 50 million. It was founded in GI0534 during a rebellious split from Helman.

Leazas boasts the most fertile farmland on the entire continent and is a comparatively safe country to live in. Unlike Zeth it does not incorporate slavery into its social structure; unlike Helman it does not have vast territories with constant unlivable cold climates or promote as much of a wealth disparity among the citizens, and unlike either of them it does not border the Monster Realm. It is without a doubt the safest of the three large kingdoms on the continent and the most prosperous due to food production and trade agreements with the Free cities.

It is ruled by a Monarchy, with the child of the Monarch becoming the next leader. Leazas' current ruler is Queen Lia Parapara Leazas after she forced her father to retire early. Her First Adviser and Chief of Maids, Maris Amaryllis, secretly manages both the government and the military, privately removing any threats to Lia's rule as well. Unlike her predecessors, Queen Lia is an absolute monarch and the Leazas nobles have mostly been reduced to irrelevancy.

Leazas was founded in the year GI0534 when Helman was embroiled in a civil war. The leader of the Rebellion, Gross Leazas, wanted to make his own country where the people would not be abused and oppressed in favor of an overpowered military. Leaving Helman's rule behind he conquered the lands to the east and founded the independent nation of Leazas.

Royal Family and Close Servants[]

Living Conditions[]


Leazas enjoys an amiable climate, rich agriculture, and considerable wealth due to their economy's connection with the City States of the Free Cities Alliance to the south. Unlike Helman or Zeth as it does not share a border with the Monster Realm it enjoys relative peace from the Dark Lords and their armies.

Due to its history and origin it is frequently in conflict with Helman. Since it boasts the most enviable land on The Continent but a relatively smaller military, both Helman and Zeth have regularly sought to annex Leazas, which has led to several wars with the Continent's two superpowers. Leazas' northern border is mostly surrounded by impenetrable mountain ranges, however, effectively blocking the massive armies of Helman and its western border is defended by well manned forts that effectively stymie Zeth, making Leazas well prepared against invasion. Aside from infrequent raids from the Helman Army, modern Leazas rarely sees any violent conflict within the country's borders from foreign powers.

The current Queen is a very competent, skilled, and charismatic politician and Leazas has prospered under her rule. However, she doesn't allow other nobles to defy her wishes or speak negatively of her and has executed those that oppose her. Many nobles and wealthy families dislike her and have even attempted a coup d'etat in the past, but this is the only inner conflict Leazas currently experiences.

Leazas Citizens[]


  • The Kingdom of Leazas is the first of the major nations to make appearance in the Rance Series, being the country in which Rance started his adventures.
  • The country takes many inspirations from the history of real-life Britain: from it's architecture, class system, and the fact that it's ruled by a monarchy, to name a few. There's also the reference of the character British being trapped near its main capital.
  • The Leazas Castle where the Royal Family lives is in fact the Demon King Castle used by Gele over 1000 years before the current era, which was rebuilt and changed to its current appearance over the years.
  • In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, there was another Unit in the Leazas Army called the Green Corps, which was the special unit of King Rance himself.