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Leadership is a skill level that defines the ability of an individual to guide others, be it small teams or entire organizations. It is a social skill that involves many traits, but its most important ones are the charisma and the tactical skill required to lead a group.

A good leader can make or break a group and is an invaluable member. The difference between competent and incompetent leaders can be astronomical and decide the outcome of a battle, making it an extremely important skill when dealing with large groups.

Those with Lv1 skills can guide their companions fluidly and serve as inspirational figures. They also tend to be somewhat skilled tacticians as well.

With a Lv2 skill, individuals can rise up above all others and lead sharply, yet casually. They represent imposing figures and have an impressive control and command. They are often beloved leaders and their subordinates tend to be extremely loyal, although this can vary more or less depending on their personality.

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