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Japanese レザリアン
Romanization rezarian
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Detective
World The Continent
Affiliation Kathtom, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 27
Skill levels Espionage Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02



Lathelian was an unfortunate girl from the town of Kathtom that was captured prior to the events of Rance 02 by Eleanor Ran or her subordinates. Following Shizuka Masou's instructions, she experienced horrific torture and was sexually abused by inhuman warriors. 

She was taken to a secret room in Ran's dungeon and repeatedly raped. Her screams of pain and sexual moans were noticed by Sill Plain and Bird Lithfie, who were trapped in Ran's dungeon at the time and realized that the locked room where she remained was being used for torture. The two managed to unlock the door and, outraged by the horrific scenery, fought against the brutal knight in battle, taking him down for good and freeing Lathelian. Unfortunately, she was captured again not long after by Eleanor Ran, defeating Sill and Bird and sending Lathelian to Shizuka's maze.

Later on, she was finally rescued by Rance after he arrived to a room where she kept in an glass case to absorb magical power. After the conflict in Kathtom ended, Lathelian eventually desired to become a detective, showing great talent at the job thanks her Espionage Lv1 skill. Her goal is to help others that experience similar misfortunes to the one she did, saving them from such fates or preventing others from going through such thing again, showing a strong mental fortitude from her part as she was able to recover from her traumatic experience.