Lark Pikespeak
Japanese ラーク・パイクスピーク
Romanization rāku paikusupīku
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Keith Guild, Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03
Mentioned in Rance IX
Cameoed in Rance IX


Lark defeated by Satella.

Lark Pikespeak was once a famous hero and adventurer from the Keith Guild. partnered with Noah Sailing. He formed a team with Noah Sailing, and they were well known as an impeccable duo. One of his greatest feats, along with Noah, was the defeat of a powerful Monster known as Kas A before.

He is a confident and powerful warrior, quite handsome and hard-working, but he's also pretty proud of himself and his skills. He's also been shown being pissed off over some situations with relatively ease, but he's not a bad person. He protected and fought to his best with his partner, always making sure to protect her from harm.

In LP0002, he and Noah took a quest to find the missing daughter that had been kidnapped by a Monster in the Lis Cave near the town of Ice. However, the small party had the misfortune of coming across Dark Lord Satella, who was searching for the hero that had received the Holy Items from the Princess of Leazas very recently. Thinking it was Lark, she easily defeated the duo and had her golem Isis brutally rape Noah to force him to reveal the location of the items. Actually being oblivious to it Lark admitted his lack of knowledge on the matter, but a distrustful Satella only ordered to intensify the sexual abuse until Noah passed out just before Rance arrived.

After being defeated by Satella in the Lis Cave, he left Noah behind and went on a journey to train himself.

During his journey he re-encountered Rance and helped him face a larger version of the Kas A he and Noah defeated in the past. With help from Aten, he and Rance manage to defeat the monster.


As the former top ranked mercenary in the Keith Guild, Lark is a talented warrior and adventurer. While his level cap and skill ranks are currently unknown, his perfect mission success rate and ability to defeat high level monsters suggests that he is significantly above average.

Despite this strength, however, he was incapable of defeating the Demon Satella due to his inability to pierce her Invincibility Field and he was easily defeated by her Golem Guardian Isis.

His strength and reputation were enough to earn him a spot on Miracle Tou's theoretical team of elite commanders the Twelve Knights, suggesting that even after his defeat he retains much of his great reputation. Though he was most likely the weakest of the group, as even Miracle herself stated that she values his "courage" much more than his actual abilities.