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The Republic of Lancelot is a desert nation located in the World of Eve. It was founded by members of King Arthur's pilgrimage that broke off shortly before reaching the neighboring "promised land" of Eden to the southwest. The Kingdom of Arthur had settled around Lake Guinevere, however poor resource management led to the lake's steady drainage. In the face of this, Arthur's friend Lancelot worked with the Witches of the Round Table to develop a desalination process, which allowed them to draw ocean water into the emptying basin and use that as a new water source. Having proved a more capable leader than Arthur, many Arthurites followed Lancelot and settled a new capital on the opposite side of the newly-formed inland sea.

In the present, the republic occupies the largest geographical area of any human nation, and holds more cities and towns than any other, due in part to absorbing the land and citizens of Arthur after its fall. The country is also unique for its system of democratic governance, whereby its leaders are elected ever four years.

Lancelot's desert climate makes it heavily reliant its desalination technology to obtain water. Its military is also notoriously short-handed and the country frequently turns to neighboring Eden for reinforcement when it comes to controlling the monster population. While the nation has a close relationship with Eden, its eastern neighbor, El Quixote and the Kalar Village, are relatively cut off due to the mountain range and labyrinthine jungle that intervenes their territories.

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Major Cities and SitesEdit

Lancelot is home to the most cities of any nation in the World of Eve. Besides the capital of Lancelot, there is also the town of Safere (known until recently for its Nubobo Festival) and the port towns of Lionel and Pankarch. It also includes the city of Hector, a former border town of the Kingdom of Arthur, which was annexed after Arthur's destruction.

Lake Guinevere is a central facet of the country's livelihood and culture, acting as an economic and geographic center point for its people. The lake proper is now little more than a small, isolated pond, while the larger body of water that co-opted its name is man-made. The Purification Plant that provides all of Lancelot's water is located on the western shore near Hector.

The waters near the original lake is occupied by a large sea creature known affectionately as the "Good Doctor," whose habit of groping down passersby with its tentacles to feed on body waste has made it popular with older women.

The deserts also hold several Haniwa landmarks, including the Hanny "love hotel" in the eastern mountains, and the Hanny Tomb west of the ruins of Arthur.

Unbeknownst to people except in legend, Lancelot is also the earthly home of Camelot, a hidden castle that serves as purgatory of the dead and is home to both QD and the soul of King Arthur.


  • Lancelot, Lake Guinevere, Lionel and Hector are all named after characters from the real-world stories of King Arthur. Safere is a reference to Sir Safir.
  • The Haniwa Tomb adds new strains of Hannies as the player encounters them in later chapters. It is the only area in the game to update its random encounters in this fashion.


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