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Japanese ラムダ
Romanization Ramuda
Funny Bee Lambda
Race Robot
Sex None
Status Alive
World Funny Bee
Affiliation Funny Bee
Appeared in Space Thief Funny Bee


Lambda is a robot found by the Funny Bee team on some prior adventure. It was made by the La・Eli・Mood (ラ・エリ・ムード) which was an ancient technologically advanced civilization. His task is that of guard and mechanic.

It is mostly kept on the ship as the duo go out on their burglaries. It is quite useful when taken with though, as it can be used to hack various things like locks or cameras. It also has an ASS (anti-search system) which prevents surveillance, detectors and trap linked to either from working. It is equipped with various weapons so it can defend itself.

Its A.I. is a bit corrupted after all those years. This causes various bad defects to appear, like speaking like an Osakan and enjoying puns. It does seem to have some interest in Manga, but this is equally corrupted as has a giant databank of yaoi and reads shoujo manga for laughs.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

The bunnytectors are actually hidden inside of it in a small sphere. It needs to eject it so Funny Bee can use it.

This goes wrong once as its ejector gets broken due to all the garbage that was stuffed inside of him, making the burglary in the Space Patrol HQ harder than it needed to be.

He comes to Sati and Kouseiin Shiori's aid on the pirate ship. Just in time as well, but seemingly only because he was watching to make an entrance.

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