Japanese ラグナスター
Romanization ragunasuta-
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Appeared in Toushin Toshi

Lagunastar is a semi-elderly sorcerer who was a contestant in the 27th Toushin Tournament. His clothes are magically enchanted to be immune to physical attacks. His partner was Nao, his daughter.

Prior to the start of the tournament, when Custom got into a fight with Dogi in the bar, Lagunastar intervened to save Custom. After the first round of tournament matches, when Lagunastar learned Custom was to be his opponent in round 2, he gave Custom a Sorcery Card, allowing Custom entry to a school of magic. While Lagunastar claimed his reason for helping Custom was that he thinks it's no fun to have a fight that isn't a challenge, it was also hinted later that perhaps he was not too opposed to being beaten by Custom since Nao was really into guys like Custom. A strange expression of fatherly love, to be sure!

Lagunastar gave Custom the spell "Ice Arrow" as a present after their match.