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Japanese ラベルケース
Romanization Raberukēsu
Race Angel
Sex Female
Status Alive
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Gods
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 2, Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT


Toushin Toshi II[]

Labelcase is an Angel residing on the 29th floor of the Ragnard Dungeon. A timid person, Labelcase is easily frightened by anything she perceives as a threat and tries to escape whatever is pursuing her. Seed Cashima can potentially encounter her during his exploration of the 29th floor, guarding a chest that contains an Iceberg Sword. Upon encountering Seed, Labelcase will immediately recognize Seed as an Angel Eater from the aura given off by Angel Eaters, despite Seed denying himself as such. Fearing for her life, Labelcase threatens for Seed to not come any closer, attempting to appear brave despite her obvious feelings of terror, before ultimately teleporting away to another area when Seed momentarily looks away from her.

If Seed chooses to pursue Labelcase, he can encounter her again near the bridge, guarding a Manga Meat. Upon seeing that Seed was able to follow her, Labelcase expresses surprise at the fact, though Seed attempts to deny that he was following her. In response, she screams and threatens him again, before once more teleporting to another area. Upon following her again, Labelcase bursts into tears, begging for Seed to not consume her. At this point, the player can choose to either spare Labelcase or assault her. If the latter is chosen, Seed will force himself upon Labelcase and absorb her, gaining an immunity to fire but also gaining 10 points of sin.

Labelcase is later seen escaping from Seed's body after he is cured of his Angel Eater status.

Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT[]

Labelcase's role is heavily altered in Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT. Here, she is an Angel Knight known by the epithet "Bow Angel" (弓天使), though Labelcase personally considers herself a low-ranking angel. Seed now encounters her in Hell, rather than in the Ragnard Dungeon, where she oversees a group of souls condemned to Hell. Seed is also required to fight her as a boss, rather than sexually assault her. Afterwards, he can choose to either spare Labelcase or absorb her, as in the original game.

Personality and Appearance[]

Labelcase is a timid, cowardly angel who is frightened when she encounters something life-threatening, almost immediately trying to escape whatever this situation could be. Upon encountering Seed, and sensing that he was an Angel Eater, Labelcase threatened for Seed to stay away from her, before ultimately teleporting away multiple times. If she finds herself in a situation where she cannot escape, however, Labelcase will instead beg for her life to be spared, much like her fellow angel Pachikar.

Her personality is dramatically altered in GIRLS GIFT, where she is instead depicted as a calm, stoic angel in charge of controlling the flow of souls. Unlike in the original game, she reacts calmly to Seed's presence, despite knowing that he is an Angel Eater, and calmly explains why Angels are residing in Hell and managing the flow of souls. This is a stark contrast to her original personality, where she immediately reacted with terror upon noticing Seed's presence and teleported away. She is also shown to have a negative opinion of Angel Eaters, calling their existence one of "destruction and hatred" and refusing to submit to Seed.

Labelcase is an Angel with short, blue hair and red eyes, with a large red crystal in her forehead. She possesses a pair of large, white-feathered wings and wears a yellow tunic with a yellow skirt, with a gap exposing her midriff. In Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, her design is largely the same, except her outfit is now white, and resembles an outfit traditionally worn by Angel Knights.


Labelcase's abilities are not properly explored in the original Toushin Toshi II, though she does seem to possess some ability to teleport.

Her skillset is greatly expanded on in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift. Known by the epithet "Bow Angel", Labelcase used a bow as her weapon of choice, though she could cast potent magic as well. Unlike in the original game, she does not appear to be capable of teleportation.


  • Labelcase bears a strong resemblance to the Kalar race, possessing many of the race's signature features (blue hair, pointy ears, and a jewel in her forehead). She may even be a former Kalar herself, like Craia, though this is not made explicit.
  • Labelcase is voiced by Tomoko Nakamura (朋子中村) in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, who also voices Sayaka.