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Huh, now here's a lively human. Pretty crazy of him to try and attack me head on.
La Saizel
Japanese ラ・サイゼル
Romanization Ra Saizeru
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth +1021 / GL????
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 163 cm / 32 kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 120
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance X


La Saizel is an Angelic Dark Lord that belongs to the Kayblis Faction, the force of demons of the Monster Realm united under the leadership of Kayblis, as well as the older sister of the Dark Lord La Hawzel. Millenia ago prior to their transformation, Saizel and Hawzel were once a single entity, a Goddess of Destruction named La Vaswald who was meant to participate in large scale annihilations of mortals performed under the orders of the highest authorities of the Gods Realm. However during the Gele era she was deemed worthless and La Vaswald was destroyed by Supreme Gods Planner and Roven-Pan. Following her destruction, the Goddess was split into two lesser Angel Knights, resulting in the birth of the Saizel sisters. La Saizel was apparently the first to be born of the two, as she's called the older sister, though they're generally considered twins. The two of them were then given as gifts from the Gods to Demon King Gele, and they consumed her blood, becoming Dark Lords and pleading absolute loyalty to the Demon King, forfeiting their status in the Gods Hierarchy and living in the continent among the mortals instead. Due to the fact that Hawzel and Saizel were once a single entity, a strong connection between the two still remains to the point that feelings and emotions one experiences are shared by the other, up to and including physical pain.

After the death of Demon King Gi in GI1015, and the great divide between the Dark Lord community that followed over his successor, Saizel decided to side with Kayblis in order to antagonize her sister, with who she shared a deteriorated relationship at the time.

La Saizel's portrait in Kichikuou Rance.

She makes her first appearance during the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, where she's tasked with the mission of capturing the fugitive Miki Kurusu who rejected the position of the new Demon King, attempting to capture her in order to take her to Kayblis so that he can become the Demon King instead. Paired with Dark Lords Camilla and Lei, she effectively pursued her all the way to Leazas, where she engaged in a fight with her guardian Ogawa Kentarou, wielder of Nikkou. During the encounter, she managed to inflict grievous wounds on Kentarou, but Miki managed to escape her grasp and reached the Leazas Castle, where she took shelter under the protection of King Rance. She immediately attacked the Castle, bursting to the throne room and demanding the Leazaian royalties to hand over the Demon King, who behemently rejected her demands. After a brief battle against the Leazas Army, Saizel retreated unable to fulfill her mission, returning to a hideout within the mountains where her fellow Dark Lords, Camilla and Lei, were waiting.

During the following months, La Seizel would continuously assault territories of Leazas along with her peers in an attempt to capture Miki, forcing their army to defend even while at war with other nations. During the desperate battle her sister Hawzel was taking part in the Monster Realm, Saizel was hunted by the continuous pain of her sister's prostitution to her own monster troops. Subjected to it for an extended period of multiple months, Saizel grew increasingly anxious and angered with her sister, believing her to have lowered herself to a slut. Eventually, Saizel decided to get revenge on her sister and, attempting to make her experience the same pain as her, utilized the branch of a nearby tree to perform sexual penetration on her body. While the rough sexual activity brought her great pain, she was euphoric to know that her sister was sharing the same pain. Unbeknownst to her, at the time Hawzel was in the middle of a battle against Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction Kesselring and Medusa, who took advantage of the moment to knock her out. Not long after the event, she would be informed by Camilla about her sister's circumstances and, overwhelmed with regret, decided to hide in a secluded cave, refusing to get out and sharing Hawzel's pain as she's tortured by Medusa.


Her fate, as well as her sister's, varies depending on the player's decisions during the Monster War phase. As long as Medusa remains alive, a beginning-of-turn event can randomly take place in which Saizel will merge with her sister into La Vaswald, taking Medusa's life in the process. Following the fusion, La Vaswald will attack random territories of the human realm until she's killed in battle, reducing both Saizel and Hawzel to Demonic Blood Souls. If the player defeats Medusa before this event occurs, an option to rescue Hawzel from Medusa's dungeon becomes available. Following this, Rance will be able to search the cave where Saizel is hidden and will be reunited with Hawzel, finally coming to terms with her sister. The two will then join Rance's army and proclaim their love for each other, much to Rance's annoyance.

In the canonical timeline she makes first appearance during the events of Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth in the year LP4. Some time prior to the events of the game, she agreed to join Camilla's Zeth Invading Army, taking a major role as a General of the Demon Army. Before the operation to neutralize the Maginot Line, La Saizel had a skirmish near the border of the massive defensive line where she engaged in battle against the Zethan Ice Army, where she was forced to retreat due to the security system's defensive maneuver, though not without inflicting severe damage to the Zethan Military to the point of leaving their general, Uspira Shintou, severely wounded.

When the Maginot Line was successfully deactivated, she participated in the invading force, actively fighting against the human army and toppling over their troops and, as a mass exodus was orchestrated from the Capital by King Gandhi towards the safer Adam's Fort, she led the main contingent pursuing the refugees. As she chased the escapees, her army would eventually clash with the Zeth Escape Force, desperately deployed in an effort to defeat their pursuers. With the human army being vastly outnumbered, her army of monsters quickly surrounded the opposition, and she quickly overwhelmed their troops until she fought against a party led by the adventurer Rance who, wielding the Dark Lord-killing sword Chaos, managed to stall her activity. The battle, however, ended in Saizel's favor after she managed to freeze Rance entirely with a high-level spell before retreating to command her army. Despite her victory, the humans' strategy succeeded as they activated the extremely powerful M Bomb, a magical nuke capable of exterminating all monsters in a radius of several miles, but leaving any living being besides them completely unharmed. Having bulked up her army surrounding the opposing force, it was wiped out almost entirely by the Bomb and Saizel was forced to retreat.

Saizel was unexpectedly stabbed by Chaos.

Following her army's destruction, she returned to the Monster Army's HQ where she was heavily chastised by Camilla for her failure, relegating her to basic surveillance of strategic locations. Some time after her lair was invaded by Rance his team. After her apostle Yuki managed to incapacitate Rance by freezing his Hyper Weapon, she continuously hunted the group throughout the area, where they manage to avoid her multiple times until she was eventually caught by surprise when Rance managed to impale her with Chaos in a fit of rage, leading to her falling into a pit. A wounded Saizel was then groped by Chaos until Rance arrived to her location, where the adventurer decided to force her to perform oral sex in the 69 position in exchange of her life. The warrior then threatened to rape her the next time she saw her again if she continued to be a nuisance, and a scared Saizel fled from Zeth, retiring from the invasion and leaving Yuki in charge of operations. After the conflict in Zeth was over, Saizel didn't return to the Monster Realm and instead her apostle Yuki reported to Kayblis that she was killed in combat.

Personality and Appearance[]

An angelic-looking Dark Lord, La Saizel carries some traits from her previous time as an Angel Knight, the most notable being her feathered green wings. Upon her transformation she gained gray horns not visibly present in other Angels, giving her a more distinct appearance. Much like La Hawzel, her position as a member of a Gods Hierarchy (and later as a Dark Lord) has prevented her from aging despite being an exceedingly elder entity of over millennium old. She has a light purple hair cut short, as well as eyes of the same color, and her attire consists of a blue costume with a short skirt, thigh high socks, a blue cap and white boots. She carries a unique weapon of her own that resembles a short lance, but it is actually a gun.

La Seizel - VI Portrait.png

A sharp contrast with her little sister, La Saizel's personality is strikingly different from her far more composed sister. She's rather brash and childish, displaying a far more immature personality than most Dark Lords, and is usually treated as a dipstick among the Dark Lord community. She's quite scatterbrained and lazy as well, failing to follow instructions and instead doing whatever she feels like with little responsibility. She takes her duties very lightly and is bored by war and complicated large-scale battles, disregarding her role as a commander and taking liberties to act on her own. She's not very intelligent, and makes decisions without thinking things through, throwing all the power at her disposal towards the enemy without much subtlety. She's straight-forward and becomes quickly irritated when she becomes incapable of solving a problem, causing her to grow impatient. She comes off as a far more emotional person than a rational one, and despite her generally unconcerning disposition, she does try to live up to others expectations and is mortified when confronted with undeniable failure. She looks down on humans, seeing her as weaker creatures that can't stand on the same ground as her, and remains fully confident when dealing with them. Despite this, she doesn't particularly hate humans and isn't interested in the ideological division that some Dark Lords have taken due to their stance over human relationships.

Unfortunately for Saizel, her far more collective and dependable sister makes comparisons between the two unkind towards her, causing her to suffer from a rather massive inferiority complex. Her relationship with her little sister is a complicated one. Saizel actually loves her sister very much and cares deeply about her well-being, however, her inferiority complex has led her to grow increasingly self-conscious and frustrated over living in the shadow of her sister, resulting in her acting in a more hostile manner towards her. Her frustration has led her to make decisions solely for the purpose of antagonize her, and reached the point of joining the Kayblis Faction that opposes the Hornet Faction Hawzel joined purely out of rivalry with her.

She has a bizarre relationship with her Apostle Yuki. While the former Frozen is, for all intents and purposes, her subordinate, the two share a strange relationship more akin to that of coworkers than that of master and servant, to the point that the two are often trying to push work they don't want to do on the other. Furthermore, Yuki treats Saizel with little respect (referring to her as "her dumb boss") and the squabble quite often. Despite this, she still shows concern for her boss and regularly tries to assist her when in trouble.


La Saizel's sprite attacking in Rance VI.

As one of the selected few creatures that became a Dark Lord La Saizel is one of the most powerful living beings in the continent, and is powerful enough to single-handedly defeat almost any human in a 1v1 scenario. Her weapon is a unique tool of her own called "Cool Goddess", a strange-looking gun capable of channeling powerful Ice Magic. She has access to all the high-level ice spells, as well as some unique of her own such as the "Revised Snow Laser", an upgraded version of Snow Laser that freezes everything in a straight line. Her magic is powerful and can even change the habitat of a given region, turning an entire dungeon into a freezing environment solely due to her presence. Her fighting style is primarily as a spell-caster, and has been proven to be powerful enough to easily defeat highly talented human armies like the Zethan Ice Army led by Uspira Shintou, and she was capable of freezing even the adventurer Rance on a moment's notice without giving the warrior a chance to react. Additionally La Saizel is also one of the few Dark Lords capable of flight, granting her a far better maneuver and versatility in the battlefield.

While all these traits make her a somewhat formidable opponent for humans, she's not quite as impressive among the Dark Lords, regarded as one of the weakest of her kind. In the former setting, she displayed a Lv2 Magic skill and her current Level was 87, as well as boasting a Level Cap of 120, which are somewhat standard values for Dark Lords.

In Kichikuou Rance, she and her sister had the unique ability of merging once again into the Goddess of Destruction La Vaswald, turning into an extremely powerful entity capable of single-handedly fighting large armies with minimal effort. This, however, essentially resulted in their death, as their consciousness would disappear entirely and they would only split and be reduced to Demonic Blood Souls if La Vaswald were to fall in battle. It is unknown if they still possess this ability in the canonical timeline.


  • Her sprite in Kichikuou Rance was literally the same as her sister's but with a color change. It is unknown if it was done this way to parallel the two characters being sisters, or they simply ran short of time and resources.
  • She didn't have an apostle in the original Kichikuou Rance.