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Japanese くそがき
Romanization kusogaki
Fake Woo
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance 03


A bratty young boy that lives in the Free City of Ice. He can be recognized for his sleazy grin and the crude halo ornament that he wears when impersonating Wuu.

He is a rather typical juvenile delinquent that spends most of his time causing trouble and doing perverted things, not unlike Rance when he was of a similar age. Despite this, he's generally little more than a harmless annoyance, and the despicable antics he gets into are only a result of Rance's manipulations.

During the events of Rance 03, he was encountered by Rance's party, who were searching for Rola Indus' fiance Wuu, as she would only give away the Leazas Holy Shield that she had in her possession if he was brought back to her. Due to his messy white hair bearing a slight resemblance to Wuu's fur, Rance, who didn't want to go through the effort of looking for the real Wuu, decided to present him as Wuu having successfully turned into a human to trick Rola into giving him the shield more quickly. While the plan was heavily protested by everyone else in his party, Rance went along with it anyway. Kusogaki was very easy to convince to go along with the plan, as Rance only had to promise him that he would get to have sex with a cute girl if he came with him, which he immediately agreed to. He was then brought before Rola, who fell for the lie that he was a human Wuu, and the two went off and had sex in a nearby bathroom soon after, which he reacted to with a combination of amazement, nervousness and utter joy.

He is not seen following this incident, and as Rola is reunited with the real Wuu during the epilogue, it is likely that she realized that he was a fake and beat him up.


  • Kusogaki literally means "Little Shit".
  • In the Rance 03 Popularity Poll, he was ranked 21st among male characters, which is surprisingly high for his minor role.