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Hick*...*sob*...I don't like this...

—Miki, in battle.

Unit Description[]

The Demon Lord known as Little Princess.

Her true power that's sometimes unleashed is tremendously terrifying, and her stamina is infinite. Her unit is made up of Leazas mages, and as her commanding ability is low, you shouldn't expect much out of them.

Uses the special attack Kiechae Bomb.



  • When Miki and Kentarou first approach you, if you choose to try and rape Miki, some turns later you will get a game over and Miki's Misfortune Destiny.
  • If she is fielded against a PG unit, she will be captured, and Kayblis will kill her and become the Demon King.
  • Miki will come with a Hirami Lemon and consume it after some time, at which point you should get a new one. Hirami Lemons can be bought from Pluepet , or if you've conquered far enough into Helman there's a tree on a mountain that you can search for free Hirami Lemons. If Sill is still alive, there is a CG for going on a picnic to the tree. You can only search for Hirami Lemons if Miki isn't holding one.
  • If Kentarou dies or she isn't holding a Hirami Lemon when she needs one, she will leave (along with Kentarou, Satella and Meglass if they are still alive). There is a CG for the warning event the turn before she leaves if she runs out of Hirami Lemons.
    • Kentarou's survival is Miki's Fortune Destiny.
  • If you create the love potion at the Magic Research Building and talk to Miki, Rance will attempt to rape her when you talk to her in the commander screen. This results in a CG but no game over.
  • Note that Miki is practically unkillable, even though demons and angels can hurt her. If you do somehow get her killed, Kentarou and other characters have no reaction to her death, you can still access the demon king's room and see her alive, and she is still alive in all scenes from then on (such as the end game scene at the demon king's castle).


  • If deployed with Kentarou, Miki will receive a "+1" bonus on defensive battles.
  • She's the only unit that will survive if deployed against the magical nuke designed by Papaya Server, the Flash.
  • She refuses to head on Dungeon Explorations.

Kiechae Bomb[]

An obscenely powerful attack that can completely destroy the entire enemy army of the opponent, while also dealing damage to the commander, and also works against Dark Lords and deals around 3 to 6 points of damage. There are 2 ways to trigger it, but neither is very reliable:

  • Miki will have a 50% chance of charging or failing each time you wait. She must successfully charge 3 times before she can use the skill in a fourth round.
  • Miki has a 10% chance of using the skill instead of her basic magic attack each time she attacks.