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Rance and Sill knew nothing about it, but at that time..... Planet Kurupiston was annihilated by a barrage of nuclear missiles that appeared out of nowhere. The planet died along with its billions of kurupistonian residents, but this was a trivial event that has nothing to do with this story.

Rance IV's narration on the fate of Kurupiston.



Kurupiston (クルピストン星, kurupisuton-sei) was a star-shaped planet located billions of light years away from The Continent, inaccessible with the level of technology currently available to the living beings of Ludo-Rathowm's world. While entirely unconnected to the conflicts of the Continent, much of the planet's history is revealed during the events of Rance 5D.

Unlike the Continent, which is controlled entirely by a group of creator Gods who are directly responsible for all developments that occur on it, Kurupiston appears to have been free of a higher being's control, developing instead through the gradual process of evolution. The predominant lifeforms of the planet were the Kurupistonians, a group of highly eccentric star-shaped individuals with very odd customs and mannerisms. Despite their eccentricities, the kurupistonians were able to develop their society into becoming technologically advanced in a relatively short amount of time, and were capable of creating vehicles for interplanetary travel. The global currency of Kurupiston was known as pancho, and the exchange rate between it and the Continent's GOLD was roughly 3,000 pancho for every 1 piece of GOLD.

Kurupiston initially possessed a very tropical climate, filled with sandy beaches, large bodies of water and sprawling fields. Following the development of large industrial constructs, however, the land of Kurupiston became much more urbanized, gaining several massive buildings and losing nearly all of its previous beauty.

During the events of Rance IV, Rance discovered a mysterious button while exploring Toushin Upsilon that he pressed, to seemingly no effect. In reality, however, this button launched a bombardment of nuclear missiles directly at Kurupiston, destroying it in the process and causing the complete extinction of the kurupistonian race. It is unknown why Toushin Upsilon was equipped with nuclear weaponry targeted at Kurupiston, but it suggests that the Holy Magic Sect was aware of the planet's existence and considered it to be a large enough threat to potentially warrant its total destruction.

Nations Edit

Tempura Nation
A nation founded by the kurupistonian Kamakura. Renamed Sushi Tempura and later Sushi Harakiri Tempura as it grew in size. Presumably the oldest nation in the history of Kurupiston.
Burger Nation
A western nation that became an enemy of Sushi Tempura Harakiri Nation during the great world war.
Beer Potato Sausage Nation
A nation that allied with Sushi Tempura Harakiri Nation during the great world war.
Pizza Pasta Balsamic Nation
A nation that allied with Sushi Tempura Harakiri Nation during the great world war.

History of Kurupiston Edit

The Birth of Life
Kamakura, Rose and Santos, the three Kurupis brothers, are born as the planet's first sentient organisms. While highly intelligent, the three have no real desire to do anything beyond aimlessly wander.
The Creation of Hunting
After wandering the planet for some time, the three brothers grow hungry. After his brothers briefly debate cannibalism, Rose discovers that it is possible to hunt and eat smaller creatures.
The Discovery of Fire
During a storm, a tree is hit by a bolt of lightning, causing it to be lit on fire. Santos, who was out hunting, discovers that meat tastes better when cooked in the flames, sparking a culinary revolution.
The Development of Farming
After careful planning, Rose discovers how to cultivate and harvest rice. While Kamakura and Santos are initially suspicious that the golden rice paddies were a warning from god, they quickly embrace the new food. With the development of agriculture, the food options of the kurupistonians rapidly expands.
The Invention of Pottery
Rose successfully constructs several pots by kneading and drying clay. Kamakura mistakenly believes that he is meant to live inside of the pots, while Santos believes that they are satisfying to smash. Despite the initial confusion, the kurupistonians are able to use the pottery to store food.
The Invention of Housing
During a harsh winter, Kamakura digs a pit in the ground to protect himself and his brothers from the cold. While the pit dwelling is poorly constructed, including having sharp bamboo spears lining its floors and no ceiling, Rose is able to renovate it to be more practical to live in.
The Birth of a Nation
With their society now sustainable, the three brothers begin to develop their own individual dreams. Santos seeks a more stimulating life, while Rose desires a pleasant one. Hearing his brothers' pleas, Kamakura founds the nation of Tempura, declares himself to be its king and rallies them to assist him in conquering the rest of the land to enjoy the spoils of conquest.
The Dawn of the Period of the Warring States
Rose and Santos rebel against King Kamakura after he declares that only he will have access to the "smokin' hot blonde gals" of the territories they have conquered. The curtain rises on a period of war between the three brothers for supremacy.
The Birth of a World Religion
After extensive fighting, the three brothers grow weary and tired of warfare. Kamakura declares himself to be a god in order to sooth the worn out souls of his subjects, and forcefully recruits Rose and Santos as his followers. The first world religion is formed.
The Waves of Westernization Crash Down
While attempting to farm castella, a rare drop from a monster named Perry, the three brothers are defeated and forced to accept Perry's customs into their society. The nation of Sushi Tempura's long period of isolation ends as westernization begins to radically alter its society.
The Age of Industrialization
As science begins to overtake kurupistonian society, all of Kamakura's followers stop believing in him as a god. While complaining to his brothers along a riverbank, he discovers a factory being constructed. The tranquil rural landscapes of Kurupiston begin to be converted into a bustling cityscape.
The Invention of the Automobile
The riverside factory begins producing automobiles. Rose becomes highly interested in the machines and buys one for himself, but it is quickly crashed and destroyed by Kamakura. Automobiles soon become widely used throughout Kurupiston.
Three Sacred Treasures
Rose purchases a television, which Kamakura once again destroys out of fear. Kamakura declares Rose to be an agent of evil due to his support of the device. Technology continues to evolve. Three new inventions, the television, the refrigerator and the washing machine, are declared to be the three sacred treasures and cultivate a large following of faith behind them.
Environmental Pollution
The exhaust fumes from the riverside factories begin polluting the environment of Kurupiston. The air quality is greatly reduced and the fish of the river steadily begin to die off. Santos develops asthma. Kamakura demands that the factories get shut down, but is ignored due to his authority as king being entirely self-proclaimed. The environment of Kurupiston begins to decay.
The Great World War
The western nation of Burger declares war on Sushi Tempura Harakiri, sparking a world war. Kamakura successfully allies Sushi Tempura Harakiri with the nations of Beer Potato Sausage and Pizza Pasta Balsamic to combat the new foes. Kamakura begins planning to use the newly developed Pearl Harbor Stealthy Destruction Bomb, but is told to stop by Rose, who believes that the parody is in danger of becoming culturally insensitive. The world war is called off in order to avoid attracting controversy.
The Invention of the Computer
A device known as the Great Computer, which can make words appear on its screen, draw circles and squares and make noises, is developed by Kurupiston's top scientists. While Santos is dismissive of the computer initially, he quickly changes his mind after Kamakura modifies it with a cassette tape to allow it to draw triangles and stars. The computer is finally introduced to kurupistonian society.
The Dawn of the Otaku
Santos becomes obsessed with an anime series known as Gumdan, and risks his life to obtain a high quality figurine of the super fighting robot Gumpla. Obsessive nerds begin spawning all over Kurupiston.
The Rise of Moe
Santos and Kamakura become fixated on the abstract concept of moe, and get into a fight with each other over which of their favorite anime characters is more moe. Kamakura demands that all anime must become moe. With the exception of handsome bishounen, all male characters are removed from anime. Nothing can stop the rise of moe as it corrupts the minds of Kurupiston's population.
Planetary Collapse
Without any warning, countless nuclear missiles are launched at Kurupiston by the warrior Rance. The entire planet is destroyed in an instant due to one man's carelessness.


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