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Kurosu Kenzou
Japanese 黒須賢三
Romanization kurosu kenzō
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Mage apprentice
World Vanish!
Affiliation Fujiyama, Kororoko Swallow

Kurosu Kenzou is the brightest graduate of Roshtoll Kingdom's mage academy. However, because he was tricked into declaring his ambitions of doing H stuff using magic, he has been unable to apprentice with any mage to actually learn magic, until Princess Lene referred to him the legendary witch Kororoko Swallow.

Personal Traits[]

Overall Kenzou is the typical "good guy" protagonist -- very considerate of other people, and willing to suffer sacrifices to help other people. However, he does hold grudges, and as he had be psychologically tormented by various females for two and a half years, his list of people to take revenge with can pile up.

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Kenzou is a bit simple-minded, both in a good and bad way. It makes him prone to be tricked or taken adventage by other people. However, his single-minded desire/dream of learning magic (for H purposes) allowed him to endure all the hardships, and kept him going.

Kenzou is also quite a decent cook.


Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Kurosu Kenzou was originally from the country of Fujiyama. Ever since he was little, when he had heard of a country using magic, he had dreamed of using magic to H things. Powered by this simple thought, he studied hard and eventually went abroad to the Roshtoll Kingdom, enrolling in its elite Mage Academy (which only accepts 40 students each yaer) under the Chair Appointment (the highest honor for a new student).

During the Mage Academy's Entrance Ceremony, a fellow new student named Cyril Pogrom was jealous of Kenzou's achievements. In an attempt to embarass Kenzou, Cyril tricked Kenzou by "informing" him that the New Student Representative's address during the Entrance Ceremony is supposed to be lighthearted, confessing stupid absurd things that he wanted to use magic for. Being a foreigner, Kenzou believed Cyril's claim, and during his New Student Representative address, declared that he had always dreamed of using magic to do H things. This caused great commotion, and the entire Entrance Ceremony was ruined, and earned him various nicknames such as the "Sex Beast".

For the next two years, Kenzou remained in the Academy, studying hard and constantly getting top grades (with Cyril always getting #2). Despite his academic success, Kenzou's reputation as a pervert continued to haunt him, as virtually every female in the kingdom showed open disgust at him. Still, his H desire kept him going, and he did have the sympathy from the male half of the population, such as receiving discounts from the Bankokuya store owner.

After graduating from the Academy, Kenzou needed to apprentice with a mage in order to apply the theoretical knowledge learned at school and really learn magic. However, no mage wanted to take on an infamous apprentice known nationally to be a pervert, and Kenzou futilely visited the Magic Association daily to inquire about any mage who would take him as an apprentice.

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Kenzou (bottom left, behind the chair) watching Kororoko using magic

About half a year after graduating, Kenzou was summoned by Princess Etoile Lene Roshtoll. Princess Lene was untroubled by Kenzou's reputation, and in fact was quite interested in Kenzou. She told Kenzou that the legendary witch, Kororoko Swallow, might be willing to take him as an apprentice. In exchange for giving Kenzou the location of the witch's residence, Princess Lene wanted Kenzou to be her agent in dealing with the witch.

Initially Kororoko ("Roko") was unwilling to take on Kenzou as an apprentice. However, after half being frustrated at how much of a nice guy Kenzou is, and half being persuaded of Kenzou's dedication to his erotic goal, Roko changed her mind and accepted Kenzou. Because Roko's mana has been sealed away, she required Kenzou to H her in order to unlock her powers and teach him.

Despite having learned some spells, Kenzou lacked the mana to use them, notably because during his Academy days due to Cyril Pogrom's schemes, he received a fake magic stone and had not been saving up his mana for the two and a half years. To quickly compensate for the lack of mana, Roko had Lene H Kenzou, through which the mana stored in Lene's body thanks to her Succubus ancestry could be transferred to Kenzou.

Using newly learned magic, Kenzou helped Princess Lene with many issues, including gaining the attention of General Naskin, acquiring Curry for the sake of Lene's younger sister Sasha, helping Lene rehearse for the Knighting ceremony, and discovering why Sasha dislikes Lene. Perhaps above all, he helped Lene build more self-confidence and become more assertive.