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Suzume is considered the greatest kunoichi to ever live.

Kunoichis are a special type of assassin seen mostly in JAPAN trained inninja clans. Unlike ninjas, who can be either male or female, Kunoichis are exclusively female. It is a special course taken among ninja clans, but not all the females get it. Ninjas mostly kidnapp kids at a very young age and, if they show apptitude for the skill, they are trained thoroughly. Some Kunoichis also become Ninjas, but the two classes are independent of the other.

Kunoichis are specialised assassins. They are always beautiful women, experts in seduction and with very voluptuous figures. Their main job is to seduce men and kill them during sexual intercourse. Their bodies are secretly filled with poisonous traps that can kill any incautious man that unknowingly ventured into copulation with a kunoichi. This is a lethal poison that can kill any regular human, but Kunoichis bodies are trained from a very young age to develop resistance over all these different type of poisons. However, the constant use and harbor of these dangerous poison greatly shortens the lifespan of Kunoichis, and their average Life expectancy is of around 18 years old. They also have several specialised tecniques to kill men during sexual intercourse, some of which can be extremely painful.

Like explained earlier, Kunoichi skills are entirely independant and different from Ninja skills. You can be a top ranked female ninja and have no apptitude for being a Kunoichi, or be an incredibly skilled kunoichi with no fighting ability or skill as a ninja at all. Mostly just a beautiful and sensual body is required to be a kunoichi, although their personality can somewhat influence as well.

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  • Typically, Kunoichis are mistaken to be "Female Ninjas" but are a completely different class oriented solely as female assassins.
  • Shinobu is an exception among Kunoichis since her body is like that of a kid but she's still considered a "perfect beauty" among pedophiles.
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