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This article refers to the main protagonist of the Alicesoft game Dohna Dohna. For information relating to other instances of the name "Kuma", see Kuma (Disambiguation).

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If given the choice... I'd rather be the Sage than the Hero.

—Kuma, reflecting on his role within Nayuta.

Japanese クマ
Romanization Kuma
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
World World of Dohna Dohna
Affiliation Nayuta
Appeared in Dohna Dohna


Kuma is the main protagonist of the Alicesoft game Dohna Dohna. He is a serious and goal-oriented young man and the second-in-command of the Anti-Aso group Nayuta.

Personality and Appearance[]

Compared to his irreverent teammates, Kuma stands out for his dry and taciturn demeanor. He has no interest in engaging in criminal activities without a purpose, and prefers to carefully collect and analyze as much data as possible before taking action to ensure that he produces the most beneficial outcome. For this reason, he is generally left in charge of overseeing much of Nayuta's day-to-day operations by Zappa and is frequently called upon by his other allies to perform tedious or difficult tasks that they themselves don't want to. Though he is often frustrated by these frivolous demands, he nonetheless always carries them out with the same resigned thoroughness that he applies to all other aspects of his life, making him a very reliable friend and comrade. His diligence has bestowed him with an unorthodox charisma that naturally draws others toward him, which has resulted in him being the unwitting target of many of the other members of Nayuta's antics.

Kuma is perhaps most noteworthy for his intense hatred of the Asougi Group. While it is to be expected for a member of an Anti-Aso clan to dislike the organization, Kuma holds a particular grudge against it that is seemingly motivated by vengeance, and desires more than anything else to bring it to its destruction. He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal, and perceives all citizens of Asougi City to be potential casualties in his path due to their blind compliance to the conglomerate. Despite this, he is far from being devoid of compassion, and will rush to the aid of any victims of the Asougi Group's vile practices without hesitation if he is present to witness their misfortune. The cold indifference he shows toward others is largely a coping mechanism done to bury his reservations about the criminal lifestyle he has entrenched himself in, to the point where he will often express a quiet anguish over his deeds when by himself. Kuma has not told anyone the reasons behind his anger, and acts in a guarded way when questioned about his motives.

As a consequence of overseeing matters relating to Hustling within Nayuta, Kuma has been mostly desensitized to all feelings of lust for the opposite sex. While he is still capable of experiencing romantic love and sexual arousal, he is unable to evaluate the appearances of women on a subjective level and can only comment on the popularity of things such as breast size with clients when asked to give his opinion on them. As such, he is almost never the instigator of any sexual encounters he has with his female companions, though he will usually take on a dominant role during the act itself.


While Hunting, Kuma wields a handgun. His fighting style reflects the rest of his clear-headed and practical personality, and focuses on efficiency and versatility over style or skill. He is notable for loading his gun with live rounds; something rarely seen within Asougi City as all members of the police force are ordinarily outfitted with weaponry that uses rubber ammunition. This is done both to optimize the damage dealt by his gunfire and to intimidate his enemies, as many are thrown into a panicked compliance after discovering that he is using actual bullets. While his attacks are highly damaging, he is stated to be a rather poor shot and is unable to accurately fire at anything greater than five meters away from him, forcing him to rely on fighting at a close range to be effective. Outside of direct combat, Kuma is also very strategically gifted and can quickly coordinate joint attacks with his teammates even when in the heat of battle.


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  • Kuma's birthday is February 10.
  • Kuma's blood type is A.
  • Kuma's alias, "Kuma", is the Japanese word for bear. More specifically, it is intended to reference the dark circles that surround his eyes, which resemble the eye markings of a panda bear.
  • Kuma is noted by Porno to be prone to prematurely ejaculating during sex, a habit he occasionally displays in erotic scenes.
  • Kuma came in 4th place in the "Others" category of the Dohna Dohna Popularity Poll, scoring the highest out of the game's male cast.
  • Kuma is voiced by Isuke Natsumura (夏村伊介), who also provides the voices of the Foreigner, Daisuke Kamifumoto, and ten other minor male characters. He is voiced exclusively during battle and, as a possible side effect of this, is the only character featured on the official Dohna Dohna website whose voice actor goes uncredited.
  • According to Ittenchiroku, the director of Dohna Dohna, Kuma was designed with the idea of being a "simple, logical hero". His name was decided very early on into the story's writing process, and was notably one of the few among the game's cast not to change at any point during development. Conversely, Ittenchiroku described Kuma as one of the most challenging characters the staff had to write for when creating the game's story, as careful effort had to be taken to ensure that he would not come across as a "bad guy" to players in spite of his extreme actions.
  • Dice Korogashi, the lead scenario writer of Dohna Dohna, admitted to have had a difficult time writing Kuma's dialogue initially, describing him as someone who speaks primarily in "clerical jargon". He eventually became more comfortable writing for Kuma as he began to emphasize the underlying youthfulness of the character.
  • Gyokai, the lead artist of Dohna Dohna, stated that Kuma was designed with the lower half of his face covered at all times as a subtle visual indicator that he was someone the player was intended to partially project themself onto.
  • He has a late older sister named Amane Nagara.