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Japanese クドルシュチス
Romanization Kudorusuchisu
AmbivalenZ Kudorusuchisu
Race Duendy
Age / Birth 10
Sex Female
Status Dead
World AZ World
Affiliation Duendy
Appeared in AmbivalenZ


Kudorusuchisu is the final of the Six Stars. She is the youngest, only being 10 years old and she seems to like seeding doubt in people's hearts.

She is a powerful illusionist who uses the power of her evil eye to captivate or drive people into despair. She is also a good swordfighter and fire mage.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

She was the one who ate Karin's parents after they witnessed her devouring Asako. She was created to devour Asako and then pretending to be her for a short while to kidnap Karin and then eat her as Shura comes to rescue the girl.

Deirdre decided to seal her memories and powers due to the mess with Karin's parents so she would be Asako in earnest. The seal would only be removed if the other Six Stars have died. A computer Duendy was there to help her, thought it is unclear if it was to prevent information access or just to seed further doubt.

As Shura killed the other 5, the plan went into action. The seal was broken and she kidnapped Karin whom she took to the chapel on the schoolgrounds. She also killed Urano Tetsuya in a similar fashion as Karin's parents, but only to seed doubt.

As she is confronted by Shura, she tries to cast doubt on him. She says he can't truly love her if he ever doubted her. Karin completely ignores this and just pleads for Asako to calm down and act normal. At some point this angers Kudorusuchisu who then tries to use her evil eye on her to no effect. This reveals that Karin has angelic powers. With the help of those powers Shura overcomes Kudorusuchisu and destroys her much to Karin's initial dismay.

She says something interesting will happen in 3 days from now, seemingly not being bothered by her demise.


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