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Kuchiki Isabella
Japanese 朽木・イザベラ
Romanization kuchiki izabera
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica

Kikuichi Isabella is a recruitable character and admiral in Daiteikoku.


2nd Generation Japanese-Gamerican.

Kuchiki Isabella was born in Gamerica and loves her homeland. However, after the first universal war, her parents were placed in concentration camps. As an Admiral, she leads Japanese-Gamerican soldiers against the Japanese Army. Because of her Japanese bloodline, she (and all of her kind) are looked down upon and distrusted by the Non-Japanese Gamericans.

Real World InspirationEdit

She is likely a representation of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, which was an American infantry regime composed entirely of Japanese and Japanese-American soldiers.


Recruitment: Capture her as she invades from Gamerica. Talk to her once and once more after taking over USJ planet.

Command Points: 300

Skill "Indomitable" - Damage received -50% if damage was taken that round.

After speaking to her in the conversation phase several times, her skill will change to Education.

Skill "Education' - Increases allied experience gains by 40% when deployed alongside Isabella.

Level 0

Hp + 10%
Cannon -30%
Aircraft -70%
Aircraft -70%


  • Growth +6%


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