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Koshuin Hazuki
Japanese 甲州院葉月
Romanization Kōshūin Hazuki
Race Human
Sex Female
Affiliation Leazas
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01, Rance 03
Mentioned in Rance Quest


Hazuki was a former receptionist of the casino "Hong Kong Macau" in Leazas. She is nice and welcoming on the surface when persuading the customers to gamble with her, and when she loses she would remove a layer of her clothing. However, she actually loses the first 2 to 3 rounds on purpose, after which she starts cheating to incur heavy losses on the customer's side, showing her true nature.

After losing to her in the beginning, Rance was able to see through her tricks, play fair and eventually win all the way through so as to force her to remove all of her clothing, much to her dismay. In the end Rance raped her in the bathroom of the casino, revenging her for the previous deceit.

After being humiliated by Rance in the casino, she switched job to work at a Chinese shop in Red. However, there she encountered Rance again and was again humiliated.

Her character is apparently a satire to the common deceptive practices in the gambling industry.