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You are an adventurer right? I really respect adventurers. If I were a little stronger and braver, I might have wanted to become one.

—Kontama, expressing his admiration towards adventurers.

Japanese コンタマ
Romanization kontama
Race Human
Age / Birth 23 / GI0999
Sex Male
Class Civillian
World The Continent
Affiliation Happiness Pharmaceutical
Level limit 9
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.1



Kontama is a pretty average employee that works in the Factory of the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company, not in the Drug Developments Laboratories, but in the manufacture and packaging sections in the factory.

Due to the attacks the company suffered from the monsters that came from a Dungeon below the Factory, the building was temporarily closed and sealed off. Kontama was one of the workers that remained in the building, as he was in charge of keeping an eye out to the Gate that sealed the entrance to the Monsters to prevent anyone from entering or monsters from leaving. He operated a machine to open the gate for the Adventurers hired by the company to exterminate the beasts, and they would ring a bell from the inside whenever they intended to come out, since said gate can only be opened by Kontama from his side.

He's a pretty corpulent man, but his personality is very timid, submissive and faint-hearted. He's completely terrified of Monsters, and holds great respect for adventurers, as they are brave and strong enough to face all kinds of beasts and creatures daily. He admired Rance for his strength and self-conficence, but Rance didn't really care about him and would regularly hit him for fun, as he thought of him as a wimp and a weakling. Strangely, Kontama developed a crush for Athena 2.0 and tried to write her a love letter, but Rance found out about it and exposed his secret before he got the chance to give it to her, though it didn't make much of a difference, as Athena 2.0 was too dense to really understand Kontama's feelings, which depressed him.