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Kobayashi Yoshihito
Japanese 小林善人
Romanization Kobayashi Yoshihito
GakuenKing Kobayashi
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
World Gakuen KING
Affiliation Amatsugami family
Appeared in Gakuen KING


Kobayashi is Amatsugami Hidehiko's butler and seems to have been serving him for quite some time. He accompanies him on his current task as well.

He is always ready to give some advice or to help in line with his master's wishes. He protects him with his life and without hesitation. Despite his rather middle aged appearance, he is very fast and agile.

He is married to a beautiful English wife named Catherine and he has one son named Mitsugi who is in his third year of junior high. his wife seems to handle some type of political affairs (currently in Berlin), most likely in service of the Amatsugami as well.


He can best be described as overcompetent. He is seemingly capable of anything, from regular butler tasks to brain surgery. There are many mysteries surrounding his capabilities, he seems to carry everything found by Hidehiko (including carried people) in his breastpocket.

He says himself that he stopped counting his levels after 255, so he is ridiculously powerful even if he doesn't bother. He could most likely take care of Kunlun by himself with relative ease. His regular punches serve as Hidehiko's special attack.

His only known weakness, apart from Hidehiko, is his love of blueberry gum. He starts to smell of it quite badly when he eats it, so he only does it when he truly relaxes.