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This page details Knights from the World of Eve. Traditional knightsalso exist in a number of other Alicesoft franchises, but are typically portrayed in a semi-historical fashion as a title of nobility.


Knights are an important element from the world of Evenicle. While most humans, Poppins and dragons are bound by the commandments of Mother Eve if they wish to retain her blessing and not become Outlaws, knights are specially empowered to operate outside of these commandments to help protect the faithful, both from monsters and the aforementioned Outlaws. To this end, knights are empowered to kill members of species under Mother Eve's Blessing. As Knights are seen as exemplary members of their species, they are also allowed to marry more partners than the average person, in hopes of passing on their genes.

Knights are ennobled with the help of a sacred artifact. Some members of the nobility possess minor artifacts that can create a standard knight, but these are limited in their number of active uses. Riche Eden possesses a dagger with the power to ennoble one person, which she used on Aster. The rulers of each nation possess relics that can promote them to further levels. Croix Eden, who possesses a great deal of spiritual power, was also able to create knights all the way to the level of Zero Knight.


Soldiers are not typically considered a knightly rank, but play a similar role in that they are excepted from one of Mother Eve's commandments, namely the commandment against killing. Soldiers are deputized by an existing Knight, after which they can continue in training as a knight, or can go into dangerous careers where they might come in contact with Outlaws, like that of an Adventurer.

Notable SoldiersEdit


Base-level knights are the first "true" level of knighthood. As a knight, they are empowered to marry two spouses instead of one, but are also expected to serve under a direct patron (the noble that created them a knight in the first place) and in turn to the nation their patron serves. They may also be expected to serve under the command of knights belonging to higher ranks. Base-level knights are far and away the most common kind of knight, to a degree that the Snake Crest was able to gather a large number of Outlaw Knights to their banner.

Notable KnightsEdit

Ten KnightEdit

A Ten Knight is the second level of knighthood. It is so named because a Ten Knight is expected to perform the duties of ten individual knights, but in some cases, a Ten Knight is sent to command exactly ten knights. This structure continues for later ranks of knight. A Ten Knight is empowered to marry four spouses instead of two.

Hundred KnightEdit

A Hundred Knight is empowered to marry six spouses instead of four. Like the Ten Knight, the class is named for the expectation that they can perform the duties of one hundred knights, and may suggest that they would be placed in command of one hundred knights in larger battles.

Notable Hundred KnightsEdit

Thousand KnightEdit

A Thousand Knight is empowered to marry eight spouses instead of six. Similar expectations to Ten and Hundred Knights may apply.

Notable Thousand KnightsEdit

Holy KnightEdit

Holy Knights are a special class of knight, exclusive to the Church of Eve. It may be assumed that the only holy artefact capable of creating a Holy Knight is the Pope's own artifact, the Evenicle itself. The title is awarded to those who have done special services to the church, and does not simply die out if the bearer becomes promoted to Zero Knight. Unfortunately, it is hard to do a special service to the church without living full-time in the Hamlet Region, and hard to be a Zero Knight without working internationally. As a result, a certain church rite, permitted only to Holy Knights who are also Zero Knights, has all but died off, due to the international level of experience required of Zero Knights.

A Holy Knight that has not yet achieved the rank of Zero Knight can marry nine spouses instead of eight.

Notable Holy KnightsEdit

  • Asterisk

Zero KnightEdit

Zero Knight is the highest level of knight, and is typically awarded to a person of international renown. The rank enables a person to marry ten spouses, but further promotions are possible which would allow the knight to marry more partners. The particulars of these promotions are unknown.

Notable Zero KnightsEdit


Nobles are also given an exception to Mother Eve's commandment against killing, but the number of spouses they can marry is unclear. It would appear to be higher than one: Louin Eden, for example, was able to marry two women, while Emperor Viaries married at least two. It may also be possible for someone to be a noble and a knight, but it is unclear what this would entail.


Knights are further subdivided based on their combat style. Only a few subclasses (namely, those of Aster and his family) are described in detail, though others presumably exist, such as whatever class is associated with Barro Roan's iaido-based fighting style.

Notable SubclassesEdit


  • While a Poppin could theoretically become a knight, no Poppin is mentioned to have done so.
  • Ten Knights are the least common level of knight encountered in Evenicle. Aster never encounters a Ten Knight during his journey, although he becomes one himself. Kathryn Lapucelle was a Ten Knight several years before the events of Evenicle, during the Arthur Tragedy.
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