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Kisaragi Katsura
Japanese 如月桂
Romanization Kisaragi Katsura
Mugen Houyou Katsura
Race Human
Age / Birth 15
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 167cm / 48kg
Status Alive
World Mugen Houyou
Affiliation N/A
Appeared in Mugen Houyou


Katsura is a young girl who is a (slowly) rising star in the idol world. She meets Tsuchiya Kuon as he does some related work and she is invited over. Something about her interests him greatly.

She is described as a girl who really only likes to sing. She has a strong personality and is willing to do a lot to be able to do so. She dislikes the idol world and finds it far too sleazy, but she figures she has to pretend to fit in to succeed.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Tsuchiya Kuon either decides to humiliate or help her in her route. He does this because he recognizes the spark of ambition in her eyes, something he lost ages ago. This makes him either want to crush or foster it.

The humiliation route has her being H'd by Kuon and after enduring all she disappears entirely. Her production company even contacts Kuon to ask where she is, but he says it is not his responsibility as she disappeared without his involvement. She most likely ran away from the idol world.

In her good end Kuon helps her further her career. She gets out of the idol world and becomes a singer/songwriter instead. She trades in TV appearances for live houses and builds up her reputation as a singer. The final scene sees her thank Kuon just before she starts her concert at the Budokan. As she goes out on stage, he passes away with his goal fulfilled.

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