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All mages are enemies! Die! Die, die, die, diiiiiie!!!

—Kinggeorge Violae, during his final moments

Kinggeorge Violae
Japanese キングジョージ・アバレー
Romanization Kingujōji Abarē
King George Abare
Race Human
Age / Birth 26 / GI993
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Pentagon, Zeth
Level limit 42
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1 (?), Pro Wrestling Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI


Kinggeorge Violae was the 4th chair of the 8 Knights of the Pentagon, the single largest anti-magic revolutionary group in all of Zeth, during its final year of operation.

Born into a prestigious Zeth noble house, Kinggeorge was something of a black sheep in his family due to his extraordinarily low intelligence and complete and utter lack of any sort of ability in the Magic Arts. After failing to pass the magic exam that determined whether a person became a first or second class citizen at the end of his school career, Kingeorge's family's influence allowed for him to take it three additional times. Despite being given multiple second chances to improve his performance, Kinggeorge failed the test each time, forcing him to become a second class citizen despite his pedigree.

A short while after becoming a second class citizen, Kinggeorge was scouted by Nelson Server, an influential member of the Pentagon who shared his background as a noble who had lost everything due to his lack of magical ability, who believed that Kinggeorge's excellent physical strength would benefit the violent operations he had planned for the organization's future. Deeply moved by the other man's persuasive words, Kinggeorge instantly joined the group, where he became one of the most ardent supporters of Nelson's extremist anti-mage agenda.

During the events of Rance VI, Kinggeorge assisted the other members of the Pentagon during their assault on Zeth's women's prison in order to rescue the captured Elizabeth Lacock. During this time, he fought and killed Hassam Crown, the son of the nation's financial minister Zulki Crown. Later, he, alongside the other 8 Knights, participated on an assault on Zeth's Public Safety Department during the early stages of the operation "Liberate the Motherland", which intended to cripple the power of the Zeth upper class to allow it to be more easily toppled. He encountered the rival revolutionary group Ice Flame's Green Corps during this time, who fought him and his comrade Rodney Rodney. The fight ended in a standstill, and the Green Corps were forced to flee. Later, Kinggeorge led a large group of second-class citizens in the district of Italia to riot, but was stopped by the Green Corps and later restrained by Light Army General Alex Valse. Despite being offered the opportunity to surrender with his life, Kinggeorge's hatred of mages and anger at having Nelson's words questioned caused him to resist and attempt to attack Alex, forcing the young mage to kill him.

Personality and Appearance[]


An unintelligent man who was completely devoted to his master, Kinggeorge served as the Pentagon's top enforcer.

Kinggeorge was a hulking man with a massive and muscular body. He sported long blonde hair and a jagged, leonine beard, giving him a somewhat beast-like appearance. His clothing consisted of a variant of the standard male Pentagon uniform reserved for the group's primary attack squad, with a red color replacing the usual dark blue.

A highly unintelligent man, Kinggeorge spoke in incredibly short and simple sentences and seemed to be incapable of complex thought. As a result of this low mental capacity, Kinggeorge was incapable of performing even the most basic magic spell, leading to him becoming a second class citizen and steadily developing a strong hatred of all mages. Kinggeorge would express this hatred through violent, uncontrollable and animalistic outbursts whenever in the presence of a magic user, causing him to become highly destructive and murderous. This rage proved to be his undoing, as it caused him to refuse to surrender when cornered by Zeth's Light Army. Despite his bloodlust, Daniel Safety believed that Kinggeorge was not in fact a bad man, comparing him to a naive child and claiming that much of his views of mages were simply due to the strong influence Nelson Server's speeches had over him, suggesting that he possessed a softer, friendlier side when around non-mages.

Kinggeorge held an unbending loyalty to his commanding officer Nelson Server, who took him in after he was thrown out of his family's household. He treated Nelson's words as law, and zealously followed his anti-mage teachings at all times. When confronted with the possibility that Nelson's beliefs could be incorrect and unjust, Kinggeorge immediately turned violent, insisting that Nelson was a great man who was always right, further showing his faith in him.



Kinggeorge fought with a pair of spiked plates which, backed by his massive strength, allowed him to gruesomely slaughter his enemies.

Recognized as the single most powerful member of the Pentagon, Kinggeorge was a very talented fighter. He possessed a high Level Cap of 42, giving him a greater amount of combat potential than the vast majority of people on The Continent, as well as talents for both unarmed combat and wrestling. Additionally, Kinggeorge's naturally large body granted him high amounts of strength and resilience, allowing for him to be even more powerful than someone of his ability would normally be. His strength allowed for him to battle on par with the entirety of Ice Flame's Green Corps multiple times and survive each encounter.

In combat, Kingeorge utilized a pair of large spiked plates which he used to smash and gore his opponents. He would often fight alongside his colleague Rodney Rodney, whose debilitating gases would paralyze their enemies, allowing for Kinggeorge to freely crush them.