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The Fights[]

Zeth is being run by the Four Lords who reside in each of the four towers. When you remove all four lords from power, all of Zeth will fall and you automatically gain any territories Zeth has remaining. It is ok to capture a tower first and let Zeth take it back, it still counts.

Zeth forces either belong to one of the four armies (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Light), or one of the four towers. Additionally, each of the towers has a separate offensive force and a defensive guard.

Usually each turn only one or two towers send out their offensive force, and only one of the armies attack. However, on occasion all four armies will attack in the same turn, and multiple towers might attack.

All units of the four armies will not die when defeated, and will reappear once they have regenerated enough troops. Each of the armies will also run away when any of their units is hurt badly (or defeated). The only way to defeat the armies for good is to capture their respective bases where they won't run away (or remove all four lords from power):

  • The Fire Army is based in Adam's Fortress.
  • The Ice Army is based in Tape. However, capturing Tape will also elimate the Fire Army if you haven't defeated it yet.
  • The Light Army is based in Old Zeth.
  • The Lightning Army is based in Amber Castle.

Annis will stop attacking you once she has been reduced to 0 hp once or until the Flash has been made. She will no longer attack you afterwards even if Shizuka was used to make the Flash.

Initially the four towers will be protected by a magic field, which prevents you from attacking them. On week 6 of the Zeth war, Zeth will attempt to capture Shizuka to use her as meterial for their magical bomb named "Flash". To avoid losing Shizuka, Sill must be with you on week 5, and you can't use Rance to attack or explore on week 6. Regardless of whether you lost Shizuka or not, Flash will be complete by week 8 (Zeth found someone else). Then starting week 8, sending two or more units to attack any Zeth territory will cause all units to be eliminated by Flash (except for Miki who won't die). The Flash will also reduce the entire city to rubbles (0 economic power, 0 defense, 2000 field size, cannot commandeer). Afterwards if you have Gandhi as your captain, you will be able to directly attack the four towers. Otherwise, visiting Ho Raga's Tower, the Palace Island, or the Magic Research Building will allow you to obtain the Barrier Blade. As long as one of the captains you send in is equpped with that sword, your army may attack the towers. There is no way to attack the towers without having the Flash go off.

As the city afterwards will not be available for events, pick the city carefully. The best city to sacrifice is probably Adam's Fortress, if you use Shangri-La to bypass it and come back later. You can avoid losing any important commanders by using mercenaries and Miki.

The lords themselves will not die even if you defeat them in combat. You will have to defeat all the forces defending the tower in order to capture it and remove the lords from power.

Magic's Tower will normally be defended by the Light Army instead of the regular tower defense. Defeating the Light Army there will remove Magic from power. If the Light Army has already been defeated before hand at Old Zeth, then you will fight the tower defense instead. If you attack the tower defense but don't conquer the tower in the same week, Magic will remove herself from power to sign a contract with a devil, leaving only regular city defense, so you don't have to conquer it anymore (since she is already removed from power). You still have to fight the tower defense to take it over and access Magic's tower though (unless it is the last tower). If you conquer the tower the first time you attack it, Magic will die.

The Devil will attack a random troop of yours every week, and if you defeat it it'll just come back the next week, until a total of 800 of your soldiers are killed. The devil will not be stopped even if you have taken over the entire Zeth. To stop the devil early, enter Magic's tower to see Magic on a chair. Then use Rance or any eligible male character to visit Ho Raga to obtain the Contract Foreclosure. Afterwards visit the top of Magic's Tower again, and use the Contract Foreclosure. You must have Gandhi or Magic will kill herself after being rescued from the tower.

Four weeks after capturing Papaya's Tower, a second Flash will go off in the Zeth Palace, reducing it to rubble. The second Flash will go off even if you have taken over the entire Zeth. To prevent the second Flash from going off, you need to visit Papaya's cell in the prison twice, then look for the Flash in the Zeth Palace (must be under your control).

The People[]

Martina lives in Sabasaba. After visiting Sakura & Pasta once, subsequent visits will trigger cooking competitions between one of your people against Martina. No matter which girl you pick, she will lose against Martina, and you get to choose whether to go home (top choice) or to H Martina against her will (bottom choice). The latter will result in her unhappy end. After three losses, you will gain a fourth choice, and send Rance to compete. Doing so will cause Rance to win and H Martina with consent. This is needed for her happy end, which is caused by recruiting Galtia in the monster phase.

Uspira's happy end is reached if you conquer Tape without taking over Adam's Fortress. If you take over Adam's Fortress first then take over Tape, you get an H scene with Usupira as well as her unhappy end.

Gandhi, Kaoru and Wichita will no longer be available in the Free Cities if they have not join you by the time the first Flash, the magical bomb, goes off. This will lead to the happy end for Kaoru and Wichita. To get Wichita's bad end you must kill Gandhi after the first Flash goes off, to get Kaoru's she must get kidnapped by Medusa as a random event when at war with the monsters.

Shizuka will receive a challenge to a duel at the beginning of Zeth's turn 5 weeks after war begins. The actual duel will take place at the beginning of Zeth's turn on the 6th week. The story is scripted so that it doesn't matter how the two fights of the duel turn out, Shizuka will lose. If Sill is with you when the challenge was issued on week 5, and Rance didn't participate in any battles or explorations in the 6th week, then Rance will go help Shizuka. Otherwise Shizuka will be captured and get her unhappy end at the beginning of Zeth's turn on week 7.

To get Nagi to join you as captain and in harem, Shizuka must have been rescued by Rance and is in the attacking force when you capture Nagi's Tower. Make sure Shizuka is in the last fight that actually takes over the tower, so don't send her in prematurely. If Shizuka is not in the attacking force for any reason, Nagi will die when the tower is taken over. When the tower is captured, you will have a choice to recruit Nagi by sending Shizuka away, or keeping Shizuka and let Nagi go free. Nagi has mostly higher stats than Shizuka's except for strategy in which case Nagi's is 0% while Shizuka's is 5%. In addition, Nagi uses the special attack "Black Destruction Beam", while Shizuka uses "White Destruction Beam." Recruiting Nagi is her happy end. If you keep Shizuka, you will finally be able to H her. If you H her 4 times she will leave you and go on a journey, which is her happy end. Keeping Shizuka will also eventually lead to Nagi's unhappy end, which occurs if you defeat Kesselring in the monster phase before seeing Nagis event with him.

To get Magic to join you as captain, you have to get her to summon the devil (see previous section), and Gandhi has to be in your army. Once you break her contract with the Devil, she will join you after seeing Gandhi and appear in the harem. However you can never actually H her in the harem. To get Magic's happy end, conquer Tearing Forest in the monster phase using Magic after having talked to her at least once. For Magic's unhappy end, let the devil kill 800 of your soldiers.

To get Chizuko to join you as captain and in harem, make sure Gandhi is in the attacking force when you capture Chizuko's Tower. Make sure Gandhi is in the last fight that actually takes over the tower, so don't send him in prematurely if you want to take over the tower within one week. Then at the beginning of the following week (might be bumped back later if other events are triggering at the beginning of the week), Chizuko will join. Capturing Chizuko's Tower without ever having recruited Gandhi, or having killed him after the first Flash goes off will lead to her unhappy end.

To get Annis to join the harem (she cannot join as captain), you must not rescue Shizuka on week 6 of the Zeth war. Then after capturing Chizuko's Tower and have Chizuko join you, commandeer at Chizuko's Tower, and she'll enter the harem. To get her happy end, first you need to see one event at the beginning of a week between Annis and Chizuko, then visit the Library, talk to Aya at the Hospital, and the Magic Research Building in that order. To get her unhappy end, rescue Shizuka on week 6 of the Zeth war and it'll happen on the beginning of Zeth's turn on week 7. Note that for the library, the ghost events (up till the point with Haurein) will take precedence. For the magic research building, the scene where Curtis tells you a research has been finished will also take precedence.

For Papaya, her happy and unhappy end are both after the second Flash incident (whether it's found or if it goes off). If the Magic Research Building is built already, you will have the choice to send her there as a free research, which is her good end. You will also always have the choice to have her "comfort" the Leazas soldiers, which is her unhappy end.If you conquered her tower way too fast, she will not has enough time to creates a second Flash and will just simply die.This will block both of her destiny paths,but the good thing is you don't have to waste turns trying to defuse the bomb in Zeth palace.

Optimal Play[]

  • Main goals:
  • Get Magic, Nagi, and Chizuko to join
  • Delay conquest of nation for more experience

*Y/M/W !!

  • Action

*3/10/4 ||

  • Captain -> Kentaro -> Talk (Keep talking until he gets Rance Attack)
  • Ho Raga's Tower -> Kentaro -> Top x4 -> Bottom
  • Sabasaba -> Force
  • Lady's Cavaran->1->3->2 (Buy,Talk, Buy Whore)
  • Harem -> Kouhime

*3/11/1 ||

  • Bandit Dungeon
  • Italia -> Force
  • Lady's Cavaran->3->4 (talk, return to normal)
  • You can rape Lady and lock her in dungeon for 1 Extra CG
  • Defend -> Focus on Sai

*3/11/2 ||

  • If you take over Adam Stronghold first then take over Tape second,
  • you get an H scene with Usupira as well as her unhappy end
  • Tape -> Force:Use Miki Nuke to help
  • Lady's Cavaran->4 (return to normal)
  • Uncurse Dungeon 28F ->Top (Go into Spring)
  • Captain -> Talk -> Cafe (Get the Monkey Idol)
  • Harem -> Kouhime

*3/11/3 ||

  • Old Zeth -> Force: Use Miki Nuke to help
  • Prison -> Lelyukov's Cell
  • Harem -> Kouhime
  • Orochi's pit -> 38F

*3/11/4 ||

  • Maria Research -> Top
  • Laurengrad (West Helman) -> Force
  • Harem -> Kouhime
  • Gal Dungeon - >33F (Rance)

*3/12/1 ||

  • Maria Research -> Top
  • Walkland (West Helman) -> Force
  • Gal Dungeon - >33F (Rance) to cure Milli

*3/12/2 ||

  • Maria Research -> Top
  • Ikoma (West Helman) -> Force
  • Don't use Rance
  • You need Shizuka to die to get Annis into your harem and remember
  • to use Gandhi when defeating Chizuko's Tower and levy that
  • tower after you get Chizuko

*3/12/3 ||

  • Maria Research -> Top
  • Great Wall of Helman A (West Helman) -> Force

*3/12/4 ||

  • Adam's Stronghold -> Attack (Use Leila and Miki) -> Top (Observe)
  • Magic's Tower -> Attack
  • Use small unit, immediately retreat (For Magic's Devil Summon)
  • Great Wall of Helman B (West Helman) -> Force
  • Maria Research -> Top

*4/1/1 ||

  • Magic's Tower -> Force
  • Don't use Kentaro
  • Magic's Tower -> Magic's Tower -> 1,2,3,4
  • Ho Raga's Tower -> Kentaro -> 1,1,1,1,2 (How to Free Magic)

*4/1/2 ||

  • Nagi's Tower -> Force (x2ish Attack)
  • Bring Shizuka for the final conquest
  • You can get Nagi by choosing her instead of Shizuka
  • Magic's Tower -> Magic's Tower -> 4 (Get Magic)

*4/1/3 ||

  • Chizuko's Tower -> Force (x2ish Attack)
  • Bring Gandhi for the final conquest (to get Chizuko)
  • Nagasaki -> Shrine (To meet Fuuka)
  • Construction -> Magic Research

*4/1/4 ||

  • Serpent Cave -> Resume (Use Rance For Fuuka CG)
  • Leazas Castle -> Officer Academy
  • Sado -> Force

*4/2/1 ||

  • Sabasaba -> Sakura & Basuta
  • Mars -> Force (You Will be Attacked by His Large Army Later)
  • Mars -> Negotiate (Bottom)
  • If you negotiate you get Mars The Great. you will need
  • to kill him off as soon as possible or prepare to lose some
  • women from harem/generals list
  • Captain -> Julia -> Talk (need her army to be twice the size for H)

*4/2/2 ||

  • Sabasaba -> Sakura & Basuta -> any 3x
  • (4th times when using Rance, you win)
  • After this you can do free Roaming
  • Don't forget to:
  • 1. 1 CG Osaka->Levy (Makoto)
  • 2. 1 CG Golak ->Levy (Merci)
  • 3. 1 CG Golak ->Levy (Annasel if you have S&M Tower)
  • 4. 1 CG The flower selling girl (Elena) you need to event pop
  • up with Maris at the beginning of turn and do event
  • 5. 3 CG from the Kalar Forest (Talk to Somita to make her promise
  • to have sex when she become an Angel, by choosing the first option
  • in Subordinate -> Talk). Pastel's happy ending requires 3 visits.
  • 6. 8 CG From S&M Tower:
  • Huarin, Lia, Chizuko, Suzume, Wendy, Kanami, Annasel, Sill,
  • 7. 1 CG from Levying Parunasu (Helman)
  • 8. 2 CG of miki when you let miki almost change into demon lord
  • (not equipping her with hirami lemon) and use Love potion crafted
  • in magic academy
  • 9. 3 CG from Rance's Special Room (Depends on the number of the
  • girls inside the room the CG change. The thresholds are 5, 10, 15.)
  • 10. 1 CG of Aya by talking to her twice, waiting for her start-of-turn
  • event and then contracting Okayu fever in the Natural Foe Dungeon.
  • 11. CG from Kapala by first levying in Oaks and then go to Pretteria.

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