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Rebellion Phase[]

The Fights[]

The Rebellion is led by Ex, the general of the White Army. Other significant participants including Pegasus (former general of the White Army), Haurein (second in command of White Army, and daughter of Barres), and Melfeis (magic unit). The Rebels have a total of 7 captains, and in general they split into two armies to attack Leazas. Pegasus's army launches from the town of In, and includes Dodge and Melfeis, whereas Ex's army launches from Baranchi, and includes Haurein, Sakanaku, and Jibul.

The rebels retreat easily, typically in one or two rounds of fights, or as soon as one of their captain is defeated. Initially most of the Leazas army will be very short on soldiers (who have joined the rebels), thus inexperienced players are encouraged to start slow and defensively, building up strength at first.

Most of the rebel captains will simply die when defeated, except for Haurein, Melfeis and Ex. Haurein and Melfeis are captured when you defeat them. In order to make Melfeis join, select the option to H with her or she will die. She has a curse that grants her powerful magic abilities, but every two months she has to have sex with a man more powerful than her. Haurein on the other hand will join you after an automatic H scene. Ex if defeated will escape, and show up in the next fight again, until you have captured the town of Oaks, the main base of the Rebellion.

Once the Leazas army attacks Ys, what's left of the two Rebellion forces will join together.

After taking over the town of Oaks, Ex will be captured, and Rance will have 4 choices. The first three are all punishments, whereas the fourth choice is to ask him to join you. If you choose asking him to join, he will respond that he cannot do it, and Rance will simply let him leave. This is needed to obtain him later.

All Rebel territories will automatically come under your control after taking over Oaks, so the fastest way to beat this phase is by going Baranchi -> Ys -> Oaks.

The People[]



Takenaka Mokomoko[]

  • Recruitment: Levy the town of South before she is captured by the DX Association.
  • Harem: Gives 3 experience when summoned.


  • If you levy the town of South you will recruit Mokomoko into the harem.
  • When you conquer the town of Ice, an event is enabled where the DX Association may invite Mokomoko to study with them if she has not been recruited, disappearing from the game and becoming unrecruitable.
    • Destroying the DX Association will prevent this event.
  • After Rance summons her twice, he will kick Mokomoko out of the harem.
    • A few turns later, in a random event, Mokomoko will come back and return to the harem.


  • Fortune: Summon Mokomoko twice, kicking her out of the harem, and then let her return.
  • Misfortune: Let Mokomoko be captured by the DX Association.

Mika Saitou[]

  • Recruitment:
    • Beat the game. (Maria's Fortune Destiny also counts for this.)
    • Immediately before starting a new game, click the Spy item in the menu.
      • This must be done immediately before every game in which you wish to recruit Saitou.
    • Once the town of Baranchi is taken over, Saitou will join as a spy and appear in the harem.
  • Harem: Refuses to attend Rance.

Ninja Information

  • Sabotage Effect: Cannot succeed at sabotage.
  • May Assist in Battle: No one.


  • The Spy item shows up randomly in the Title Screen when the Title Screen is loaded up.
    • Clicking on this item once will lock it to the menu and it will appear in all subsequent visits to the Title Screen.
    • The game may be repeatedly restarted (via Alt+R) to force the Spy icon to randomly show up the first time.

Kichikuou Title Screen
Spy item can be found in the lower left corner.

  • Don't forget to start levying cities starting from this stage to accumulate the 5, 10, 15 girls required for Rance's "special room" CGs.

Optimal Play (Rebellion)[]

Month Week Actions
3 4 Leazas Castle -> Levy (Safety Bonsai)
Construction -> Hospital
Captain -> Leila -> Talk

Harem -> Leila
Defend North (plains), kill Pegasus
Defend Wes (plains), weaken Haurein

4 1 Baranchi -> Force (Defeat Haurein)
Harem -> Royal Guard
Captain -> Leila -> Talk
Defend North (plains) (Defeat Melfeis)
Help Melfeis (bottom choice).
Defend Baranchi (street)
4 2 Captain -> Menad -> Talk
Harem -> Leila

Ys -> Force

(Keep Using Leila And Rick Together x1)
Defend Ys (street)

4 3 Oaks -> Force

(Keep Using Leila And Rick Together x2)
Ex -> Last choice (Join Me)
South -> Levy (MokoMoko)
Harem -> Menad

Captain -> Menad -> Talk
Thief Dungeon -> exhaust top 2 choices (Talk)

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