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Monster Realm[]

The war against the Dark Lords can only be started after the Monster Realm is unified under Kayblis' flag. If the player doesn't provoke the Dark Lords, the Dark Lords will still attack after a while, near the end of LP4.

The Dark Lord Offensive Forces[]

Each Dark Lord counts as a separate army. Each army will attack twice unless they have conquered a city. Unlike the harassment earlier, these Dark Lords will not retreat as soon as they get hurt, though some of them will retreat after an entire unit gets wiped out. Defeating the Dark Lord will destroy the entire army. Most of the attacking Dark Lords have a fixed attacking route. Even if you have advanced past the Maginot line (It's impossible to take Grief Valley or the Tower of Evil until you reach Silky's castle), the first 4 offensive armies will always attack the Maginot line, bypassing any territories you have captured.

Territories conquered by the Dark Lords are protected by generic monster troops. Dark Lords only appear when they are attacking, or if they are defending certain home bases.

Most Dark Lords may be defeated by brute force, though many can be killed via certain tricks.

Note that to get into the Creator Phase, you have to conquer back the cities you've given up to the Monster force, before you kill Kayblis. Otherwise, even if you defeat Kayblis, the game will still regard those cities as not being under Leazas control, and you will get the normal ending instead.

Monster units[]

They are generic monster generals and often have ~500 troops. However, they are much stronger individually than basic human troops without command bonuses (they are as strong as Helman Knights). They will also defend on the plains so you should bring large sized units to take advantage of the field sizes. They always fight to the death when defending.

They will always instantly regenerate all troops after defending (even if you kill their commanders), so don't bother trying to use multiple attacks to wear them down. However, dark lords do not instantly regenerate their troops this way.


Against Babora the blue giant, use one of the strategist captains to fight against Babora. The following week an additional city command (dig a giant hole) will be available at every city under your control. By digging a giant hole at the next city he attacks, he will be defeated without further fighting.

You can also kill him by just defending. You can use Miki to divide his life 4 or 5 times and finish him off with other units. This is far from optimal though, since Miki should be reserved for defending against other Demons, and beating him with a tactician is much faster.


Against RedEye, there are several approaches:

  1. Use Freak to attack Red Eye twice. After a few turns, Freak will leave the party. A few turns later, Freak will return piloting Toushin Omega and intercept Red Eye. Red Eye will not die even if you defeat him here, but will be severely weakened so that brute force is easier later. Rona will be brought back by Kanami. Two of the choices will kill Rona, leading to Red Eye's death. The other option will keep both Rona and Red Eye alive, but Red Eye will be weakened by Freak so it's easier to kill him via brute force. If Red Eye takes over one more territory, Rona will commit suicide, killing Red Eye.
    • Note that Red Eye will still have his regular army, which has 3 other units, each with very large (4000+) sizes. Blocking his attacks with Miki before Freak leaves is highly advised as that gives you more chances to try and nuke the meat shields away. Redeye will regenerate HP every turn even after the fight with Freak, so you want to kill him ASAP or the advantage will be lost.
  1. Let Red Eye progress all the way to Log B. Then using the nature of the mountains, only Red Eye's own force can pass through the mountain to attack Maunes. Kill him via brute force there (Miki Nuking helps quite a bit).
  2. Fight Red Eye a few times until you get a scene where Kanami is sent to spy on Rona Then when he launches from Log B to attack Mounes, you will have the option to send a ninja to assassinate Rona, which in turn kills Red Eye. The scene is slightly different depending on which ninja is sent

If you defeat Redeye using Freaks method and do not kill Rona, she will get her happy end. If you kill him normally without Freak and without assassinating Rona, she will get her unhappy ending. If Silky is not yet captured, she will consume his demonic blood soul (but only if Redeye does not manage to possess Rona).


Against Garutia, after letting him conquer your cities twice, a new option (poison food) will be available in all cities you control. Put poison in the cities he is going to conquer next. After having him eat poisoned food twice and not killing him, and if you have defeated Martina at cooking competition (see Zeth section), Martina will offer her help.  Martina will also help you if you raped her after losing the cooking competition, forcing her to leave. The next time Garutia conquers a city, Martina will cook for him and get him to join your side. However, Garutia costs 4500k gold every week in upkeep. Garutia is not strong and he has a permanent unit size of 0, so if you are not intending to use him to block attacks solo, it might be faster to kill him with brute force.

note: you don't need two poison two cities just reclaim the first city you poisoned after he conquers it


Against Kite the muscle demon, there will be several end of turn events where he visits the Green Village. After the one where he tells Calory his story, you will learn from Maris about his visits to the Green Village. Visit the Green Village during exploration to H the girls there and Kite's army will automatically disband. Defeating Kite in this way will get you Calory's happy end, while killing Kite in combat will get you her unhappy end. Note that you need control of the Maginot stronghold next to the Green Village in order to explore it, which can be hard if you are still fighting Zeth.


Pi-R the boy scientist dark lord will start attacking random locations after the previous dark lords have been defeated. He may also appear if you have defeated Babora,RedEye and Kite, but notGarutia. Defeat his troops PG-7 and PG-9. In both cases pick the top choice to H them right there (the bottom choice, to bring them back, will give them a chance to escape). After having H-ed both PG-7 and PG-9, you will be able to explore his hideout north of tearing forest and H his sister. Rance will then stab him to death. If Silky is not yet captured, she will consume his demonic blood soul.

If Miki is used to fight against Pi-R, he will be able to capture Miki, offer her to Kayblis, and turn Kayblis into the Demon King, completely changing his looks (2 girl sitting on a guy's shoulder). Demon King Kayblis has 60000 HP and will attack you 4 times per week. Every week he will recover 3 HP. He is extremely hard to defeat. If you send out Satella against Demon King Kayblis, you will get her unhappy end. Every demon that you send to intercept him will betray you, with the exception of the Seizal sisters who have no special scenes or lines. The turn after Satella betrays you, Kayblis will order her to have sex with him (no CG). If you manage to kill Demon King Kayblis, the game treats it as the normal ending where you kill Kayblis at the castle, and Miki will still be shown as being alive, but you won't get any characters happy Destiny regardless if you get the unification or any of the creator ending.


If you manage to take over Kamilla's house before Kayblis kills her, you will get a CG of Rance raping Kamilla. She then kills herself, leaving Reincock alive. Whether or not Kayblis kills her, If Silky has not been captured, she will absorb Kamilla's demonic blood soul. Either way, Reincock will no longer appear.

If you do not have Chaos before taking over Kamilla's house, then Kamilla will kill Reincock before dying herself. You do not get a CG for this.


Medusa is located at Kayblis's castle and will randomly abduct Milli, Isoroku and Kaoru (in that order if you have them all) as an end of turn event. You can reload to stop this from happening, but you can only get Isoroku and Kaoru's unhappy ends if they are abducted. No mention is made again of any girls that Medusa abducts nor can you find their corpses when you take over Kayblis's castle. Medusa can only be killed through brute force, and will not attack you herself. If Medusa is defeated by Rance, she turns into a snake, enters Alefgard's rectum, then turns into a demonic blood soul. If Medusa is killed by La Vaswald forming, then her demonic blood soul is consumed by Alefgard but he is not shown turning into a dark lord and no further mention is made of Medusa after this.

Medusa's unit is 5000 strong and she has two other monster unit that will instantly regenerate all troops after every defending attempt. Due to the small battle size, Rance, Kentarou and Megalass will likely need to use commander abilities to hit her directly. An easy way to defeat her in one turn is to use Miki to nuke her down to half hp then attack with Rance, Kentarou or Megalass, and Satella.

If Silky has not been captured, she will consume Medusa's demonic blood soul. If Rance killed Medusa, then Silky also kills Alefgard in the process.


If you attack the Tower of Evil, your troops will be sent back by Warg without having fought anything. You can capture it by failing to attack the Demon Lord's Castle (you don't need to have attacked the Tower of Evil). Next turn, an event will trigger where Warg abandons Kayblis and joins Rance's harem, allowing you to take the tower. You MUST do this, and talk to Warg in the harem screen enough to order her to give you a dream,  in order to beat the creator phase.


Kesselring, the blonde vampire demon, will start attacking once you get near his castle. While he has a fixed attack route, he flies so the route is a dotted line. Defeating him in combat will not kill him, and if you take over his house he can regain control over it without a fight. You need to defeat Kesselrink at least once, then talk to Satella, Megallas, or Ho-Laga to learn his secret. Then when Kesselring is already attacking South, defend against his attack without killing him and without having used Rance to do anything that week. After the fight pick the choice to race into his house and fight him. When you defeat him this way, he will no longer resurrect. You must wait till Kesselring attacks a territory far enough from his castle (South) or he will come back in time to stop Rance. Even if you defeat him in his castle after he comes back, the maids will still resurrect him (despite Rance's presence).

If you end up fighting him before Rance can smash the coffin, you will fight a 20 hp Kesselring with only Rance's unit and be forced to retreat due to lack of time. Even if you can somehow kill him during the time limit, he will still be resurrected. However, you can keep sneaking back into his castle infinitely every time you fail to defeat him there and Kesselring will always react as if it is Rance's first time doing it. Kesselring's unit only has 500 monsters and they are pretty weak, and Kesselring himself does not have high hp. However, every time he is defeated, he will gain 200 more troops and 10 more hp.

His movement path is Papaya's tower -> Tape -> Diptheria -> Red. -> South. Once he attacks South, choosing to sneak in will give Rance enough time to smash the coffin. Kesselring will have 2 hp after the coffin is smashed and can be easily killed. After Kesselring is killed, the maids will try to commit suicide when Rance says that he wants to take them back. Choosing to take them will cause them to jump off the balcony and die, Leaving them will cause them to stay behind and look after Kesselring's demonic blood soul. Neither choice has any CGs or any impact on the ending.

If you saved Shizuka in Zeth and did not pick Nagi, she will eventually become one of Kesselrings maids. When Rance sneaks into Kesselring's castle to destroy the coffin, he will find her and restore her memory, and she will run away (there is a CG for this). If you kill Kesselring before that event happens, Nagi will get her unhappy end where she eventually collapses in the forest and is killed by monsters (no CG).

If Silky has not been captured, she will consume Kesselring's demonic blood soul. Regardless of whether the maids have been left alive, they will not appear in this scene.


Kayblis will start sending assault groups to attack after the event where he kills Kamilla, each comprised of two front melee and one back magic monster unit. Initially only the 1st Assault group will attack. Eventually as several weeks pass, more assault teams will be added to attack cities. The assault leader's unit has 5200 troops while the other two units have 500 or less. They do not retreat and will fight to the death. If their numbers are too low, they will usually stop attacking for a few turns to regain their troops. Killing the Assault Leaders' commanders will not cause the armies to disband, they will just stop attacking for a while to regain their troops. It is possible to be attacked by several Assault groups in the same turn if the game length is extended too long. You need to take advantage of small battle field sizes or demons (especially Miki) to fight the initial 5200 strong units or they will quickly kill your commanders on a plains battle.

If you try and capture Grief Valley first, Kayblis will send infinite groups of very small (100 or less) monster melee units to take it back. This forces you to either go through the land of death or trigger Kesselring's attacks by going through the red house. If you capture Silky's castle before Grief Valley, there will be a scene where Kayblis will recall his guards from the valley and tell them to attack Silky's castle. The guards are a 5200 strong monster melee unit called "Lis's guards" and you only need to defeat them once.

Every turn fighting in the land of death causes damage to all units in the battle, so you need to capture Silky's castle ASAP or be forced to defend the land of death.

Kaybwan, one of Kayblis's apostles, is located in the blue house. After defeating her there, she will turn into a stuffed animal to hide from Kayblis and send a monster general to Rex's Dungeon with a password. You need to descend to the 50F of the dungeon to get the password and then search the blue house to find Kaybwan and get a CG. Kaybnyan will do the same at the red house and you have to find the password on the 50F of Mos's dungeon. If you search the houses without the password, there will be a end of turn event where Kayblis comes to the houses to find his apostles but fails. The monster general in the dungeons only appear after you search the houses at least once and fail to find the apostle.

Attacking Kayblis at the Demon Lord's Castle is a fairly straight forward fight with large troop sizes. Kayblis has no units guarding him and he will not leave the castle to attack. None of his units will regenerate troops either, so you can keep attacking with Miki or Maria's great cannon to nuke their troops away.

Defeating Kayblis at the Demon Lord's castle without conquering all other territories before hand will give you the normal game ending where both Helman and Zeth are plotting rebellion and Arios Theoman will challenge Rance to a sword fight as he is leading the world to ruin. If Satella is still with Rance, then she will introduce Hornet to Rance and she will join Leazas. If Silky has been captured, she will also join Leazas (but they do not command any units, join your harem, and you cannot talk to them directly). If Satella is not with Rance for any reason, then both Horney and Silky escape on their own (even if Silky has not been captured)

In the normal ending, Miki and Kentarou will also leave because Rance won't allow them to leave to look for a way to return Miki to a human. There will be some minor variations in the ending scenes depending on which characters live (Magic won't appear if she dies, etc).

Note that if Miki somehow dies normally in combat (even against Kayblis), the game will not consider it as a real death and will still treat her as being still alive, so all further scenes will still proceed as if she is with Rance.


You cannot interact with her in any way, however she will support you from behind the scenes. She will show up in some scenes to consume the demonic blood souls of some of the defeated demons. She can consume up to five blood souls: Camilla, Medusa, Pi-R, Redeye (only if he does not possess Rona) and Kesselring. About 3 months after consuming the first blood soul, she will attack Kayblis as her body is about to wear out from the excess power, whether she has consumed all 5 souls or not. If she has consumed all 5 souls, she will attack Kayblis next turn regardless of how much time is left.

If Silky has not consumed all 5 souls, there will be a scripted fight in which Kayblis always defeats her in one hit while she does 5 damage to Kayblis, after which she'll be captured and thrown into the dungeon. Kayblis will always start this fight with 40 hp even if you had reduced his hp to a lower number in the same turn. If Silky manages to consume all five blood souls before the 3 months turn limit ,she will gain the power to fight Kayblis on even terms (no actual fight scene) but will die in the process. If Satella is still with Rance, Silky will meet her before the fight and ask her to rescue Hornet afterwards, but Satella will not mention it to Rance and there is no way to ask her about it. After this, Kayblis will be at 2 hp but will heal 3 hp per turn. Due to the time constraint (you have roughly 3 months after Silky consumes the first soul, typically Camilla's), taking full advantage of this and conquering every territory before killing Kayblis is quite difficult. You may get the normal ending by directly attacking Kayblis without having conquered every territory, but you won't get to the Creator phase if you do so.

If Satella is still alive and Silky has been captured before you defeat Kayblis, then she will join Leazas and appear in the creator phase (but you still cannot interact with her and she does not command a unit). If Satella is not alive when you defeat Kayblis, the game still assumes that both Hornet and she escape on their own and they are not seen again. If Silky is killed fighting Kayblis, or if she hasn't fought Kayblis at all since Rance killed him first, there is simply no mention of her again and Satella will only mention Hornet in the scene at the demon lord's castle.


Three months after the war against the Dark Lords start, every turn there is a random chance that La Saizel will merge with La Hawzel into La Vaswald, killing Medusa in the process. La Vaswald is technically not a Dark Lord, but a God of Destruction, but territories she conquer will count as being conquered by the Dark Lord. Every week she will fly to a random city to attack. She must be killed via brute force. To prevent La Vaswald from showing up, you can try reloading to avoid the random occurrence, and defeat Medusa early. This is La Seizel's unhappy end, while rescuing Hawzel in Medusa's dungeon, and then rescue the other clearing the dungeon on the northern path through the Helman mountains (In the trail to Log A, a bit below the white settlement and a bit above the "z" way. 30F) , will get you the Seizel Sisters as a unit and La Seizel's happy end.

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