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To enter the Creator phase, conquer every other city on the map (except Shangri-La, which can be left independent) before conquering the Demon Lord's castle. Note that if you have given up any city to the monster army, you'll need to get it back. Otherwise the game will regard it as being not under Leazas control, and you get the normal ending instead. Rudrasaum the creator god will get bored, and decide to destroy the world. Every turn, 5 units consisting of 2 angel knights with 3500 troops each will attack random locations. The angels are able to pierce the Invincibility Fields of demons, and locations conquered by the angels cannot be taken back. 2 locations will also be hit by earthquakes every turn, reducing their economy and defense to 0 and doubling the battle area.

The angels have 20 attack, 15 defence, 10 magic defense and regenerate troops infinitely. You get no special scenes from killing any angel units or commanders. There will be two scenes after the Creator phase starts where Hornet comforts Miki, and Hornet, Satella and Silky decide to do something to try and stop the end of the world. Despite this, there are no further scenes with any demons, talking to Miki, Kentarou or anyone else will not have any new conversations in the creator phase nor will anyone with the exception of Warg and Kouhime have any special lines in the harem.

If you do not H Kouhime at least 4 times before the creator phase, then you are locked into a generic game over as the angel knights will eventually overrun the Leazas castle, leading to the generic game over where you lose the castle. There is no way for Rance to get the last golden statue from Ho-Raga to meet god and both Ho-Raga and Arc Juliette the fortune teller will not have any special lines despite the impending end of the world. Cafe and British also have no special lines.


You need the 4 golden statues to complete the game, and they are held by the Eternal Heroes (Chaos and his old adventuring band). First talk to Ho-Raga with Rance/Kentarou. When you do, either Chaos or Nikkou will talk with Ho-Raga which enables the option to ask about "the past". This allows you to find out about the golden statues. The golden statues can then be obtained through the following:

  • British: After getting Chaos and hearing about the past, go to the Thieves' Cave directly to the left of Leazas Castle where you will talk to British and receive the first golden statue, along with the whereabouts of the others.
  • Cafe: Find the Lady's Caravan (random occurrence, happens most often in Helman towns, you dont need to levy and you can read the caravan is in this town), you may make it before the creator phase starts. Visit several times after getting Chaos. After learning that she possesses one of the golden statues, either rape Cafe (a.k.a Lady) or uncurse her by bringing her to the last floor of the Uncurse Dungeon (Rance is automatically selected for this) and then talking to her afterwards. She will give you the golden statue.
  • KD: Click the empty spot at the base of the tall mountain in the Kalar forest and enter the dungeon. Every 5 floors, you have to fight a boss battle with a dragon, each one increasing in strength. Dragons are flying beings so use ranged commanders to shoot them down. (Seems like the english translation made combat much easier by upscaling melee damage.) At the top floor Rance will be able to ask about the golden statue. Isoroku and Eleanor Ran shine here.
    • KD will quiz you with 3 random questions selected out of 5. If you fail, you will be sent back to the 20th floor. The answers are : Pink Unyuun, Yodel, Imaamu, Kurupistonians and Pyramid in Rance 2. No further events are available after getting the statue and coming back again to visit KD.
  • Ho-Raga
    • This can only be done if you have H-ed Kouhime 4 times and see the auto-event of Rance thinking about the whale god before the Creator phase. Visit Ho-Raga during the Creator phase with Rance and ask for the golden statue to get it.

Last Dungeon[]

When you place all 4 statues and enter the God's door, you have to fight 4 Kaijuus with 800-900 dragonflies and have to assign units to hold them off. The kaijuus cannot be defeated, so the best thing you can do is set the units to auto-defend. Everytime Rance descends/ascends a floor, every unit has to survive for another 3 turns. If any of the units are defeated, the Kaijuu will collaspe the passage back to the surface and you get a game over after finding the cave in. This also leads to the special game over with no happy endings. Note that if the commander dies right before Rance reaches their floor, they will still count as having survived.

E.G. Right after meeting Rudrasaum, you will ascend to the 5th floor. If the character on the 5th floor loses his battle and dies, they will still count as having survived.

Suggested units to defend : Miki (first floor), Kaijuu Prince/Hanny King, Mill (high level), Cecil (with 5,000 troops, hire at Pluepet's), Cafe (with at least 1,000 troops) and Patton (At least 750 troops) or Seizel Sisters. The Kaijuus have very high magic resistance, so magic using troops do not work well, but the Saizel Sisters have very high hp which helps them tank attacks.

You want to maximise their unit sizes with whatever money you have left over. Ideally, the characters should have high hp as well since they will be able to survive longer if the unit can take out the dragonflies, as commanders deal and take much less damage vs other commanders. Patton can easily tank for several battles by himself if his unit can kill off all the dragonflies as the Kaijuu will only attack with a maximum of 6 attacks per round (and most will fail to wound). It is strongly recommended that you re-assign items like the doping drug, evil statue and crystal swords to help units kill the dragon flies faster.

When you reach Rudarsum, you will have the following options :

  • Charge : Rudrasum swats everyone away with his tail. Everyone dies, game over. This is a special game over that prevents all happy endings from occuring.
  • Think (first time)
    • You will get the option to create chaos. If Sill is not alive, this also leads to a game over as Rudrasaum refuses to believe Rance and squashes them all. If Sill is alive, Rudrasaum takes Sill hostage (CG) and Rance leaves Leazas to start a new brutal empire.
  • Think (second time)
    • If you have Warg AND seen at least one of her dreams, you can choose to leave it to Warg. She will cause Rudrasum to fall asleep and dream about war. If Sill is not alive, you will get the King of the World ending where a lot of places are still rebelling and Lia is pregnant with twins. If Sill is alive, Rance divources Lia and leaves with Sill on another adventure.

If you leave Sill to fight one of the Kaijuus, she is treated as not present for the purpose of CGs and choices when interacting wtih Rudrasaum.