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City States Phase[]

After the Rebellion is put down, the player may start taking over other territories. The AL Church will re-request a pledge. Additionally, the Dark Lords under the command ofKamilla will start attacking Leazas. To trigger the most events raise tax in the associated territory (for example: Gandhi in Zeo, choose "Temporary Levy" in Zeo).

The Little Princess[]

At the end of the first turn after the Rebellion, two waves of monsters will assault Leazas Castle. The monsters are easily defeated, but the second wave include the Dark Lord La Saizel who cannot be harmed (even if you kill off all her troops). Miki, Kentarou, and Nikkou will show up at the castle, and the next week the player will be given two choices regarding what to do with Miki the Demon King. The top choice is to H the Demon King, which gives a CG but forces the Demon King ending a few weeks later (and lead to Miki's unhappy end). Thus, the normal thing to do is the bottom choice, "see how it goes". The beginning of week 3 will give Rance access to the Holy Sword Nikkou, at which point Rance's attacks will finally be able to harm the Dark Lords. At the end of week 3 two Dark Lords, Satella and Megallas, will join Leazas to protect Miki, giving you additional captains to fight the Dark Lords. However, the very same turn both Ray and Kamilla will begin attacking separately, so make sure your anti-dark lord resources are spread out.

Note that you'll get an event CG if you take hirari lemon off Miki. She will become the Demon King without access to lemons for long, so don't forget to equip it for her afterwards.

The Fights[]

Except for scripted battles, in general the dark lord army will retreat as soon as the dark lord takes any damage. At most three group of Dark Lords will attack in the same turn, though typically only one attacks. Note that while your troops can damage the Dark Lord's troops, only other Dark Lords, the Demon Sword Chaos, and the Holy Sword Nikkou can actually harm the Dark Lords leading the troops.

After Satella and Megallas have joined, fighting Ray once will cause him to go to the house of his lover, Mary, (an old lady) in Rich. Levy once at Rich to make Mary's house available as a city event. Visit Mary's house and you will get four choices. Taking her hostage allows you to kill Ray without a fight, killing her causes you to fight Lei to the death and fighting fair causes you to fight Ray to the death, after which Mary will kill herself by hugging Ray's corpse. Running away simply runs away. There is no CG for any of these choices.

Sieg will show up after Ray's death, as reinforcement. He will randomly either try to infiltrate the Leazas Castle (and fail) or attack with his troops. Once Rance has visited Sel's church, Sieg will morph into a fake Rance and obtain the Demon Sword Chaos from Cell. From that point on Sieg will only try to infiltrate the castle. Visiting Cell's church again afterwards will let Rance learn from Cell that Chaos has been stolen, and then Sieg will attack again. Letting Rance attack Sieg will let Chaos jump back into Rance's sword. Sieg will still run away at fights, but not at the first sign of damage, and he will not get healed anymore.

Warning : You must obtain Chaos before the battle with the Monster Realm starts. After it starts, Kamilla returns to the Monster Realm and it becomes impossible to obtain Chaos. Sel will still refuses to give you Chaos, although you can kill Ray. Sieg will not appear even if you kill Lei however. There is no special mentionn of Ray or Sieg after Kamilla returns to the Monster Realm if you have not killed them by then. If you do not obtain Chaos, you will not be able to obtain the true ending of the game and the only major difference is that Kamila dies in a different way when you take over her house (but you do not get a CG for this).

La Saizel cannot be killed. However she will stop appearing after a certain battle in the Monster Realm. She attacks Leazas the most often.

Kamilla cannot be killed. However she will stop appearing after the Monster Realm has been unified. She attacks Leazas very sparingly, though more often after La Saizel disappears.

The People[]

Megallas is one of the more useful dark lord allies, unfortunately he will only fight against the dark lord army and the assault on Osaka (see JAPAN section). His special skill guarantees 1 point of damage on enemy general, which means you can typically use him to end the battle in 2 rounds of fighting.

Satella's magic hardly ever harms the enemy demons to force a retreat. And just like Megallas, she will only fight against the Dark Lord army and the assault on Osaka. Thus the best way to play her is to save her in situations where a second Dark Lord attacks in the same turn, and just use her to block the assault (neither side will die, just suffering troop loss).Satella is actually a great direct attacker and can deliver some serious damage to Nobunaga or even Kayblis.To compensate her low HP try to add more of her troops to around 400-600 and she will be almost as useful as Megallas or Kentarou minus special skill.

Both Megallas and Satella can also be used to attack on Mars city,but they will still refuse to fight when Mars the great himself invades Leazas castle directly.

If you allow Pi-R to kidnap Miki and allow Kayblis to become the Demon King, then field Satella against him, she will swap sides and get her unhappy end. If you talk to her twice in the commander screen, accept her challenge, defeat her and H her enough, visiting her in the commander screen will give you the option of becoming the Demon King, which is Satellas happy ending. You will only get this option if you do not have Sill and do have Chaos.

After you get Chaos back (see Sieg's section above), Kentarou and Miki will join.

Miki is very weak in terms of offense. Even if you increase her troop size to a decent amount, her innate magic power still will not produce much damage. However, being the Demon King, there is no normal way to kill her, not even Pika. Thus if a group of powerful enemies attack, and you are short on manpower (or if the city's battlefield size is too big to limit damage), you can just send Miki out on her own to absorb all the damage. Miki will participate in any fights, but will not explore dungeons.

Miki's skill is also a very special one: it will completely wipe one unit worth of enemy troops, and will half the HP of that unit's captain (rounding down). Unfortunately it requires 3 charges and fire on the fourth round (instead of the typical 1 charge and fire on the second), and charging will randomly fail. On the other hand, her normal attacks will also randomly launch the skill. This skill allows the "Miki Nuke" exploit: simply keep reloading the game until Miki's skill sets off and wipes the enemy unit you want to nuke, then in the next fight finish off the enemy captain who's lost all his troops. It is very handy when you need to control which captain you want to kill first, or to quickly weaken an enemy force fresh out on the field.

Miki consumes a Hirami Lemon every three months (but only if she has joined you as a unit). You can obtain a new one by buying it from the merchant, or visiting the mountain in western Helman (there's a fruit tree on the map). If at the end of three months the lemon is not equipped on her (even if it is in your Items menu), she and Kentarou will leave you. If Kentarou dies, Miki will also leave. Once Miki leaves, Satella and Megallas will also leave.

Miki's happy ending is obtained by finishing the game with her and Kentarou alive, while her unhappy ending is caused by raping her when Rance first meets her.

A Miki CG is obtained by researching the Love Potion in the Magic Research Building and then talking with her twice (or three times) in the commander/subordinate screen).

Free Cities[]

The Towns[]

When fighting the cities in the Free Cities Alliance, most of them offer choices of either to "Negotiate" or to "Force" them (and a third choice to cancel). Some cities will offer bribes, some cannot be persuaded, some give you benefits when persuaded or sometimes force . In general, this can be a good opportunity for the player's army to rest and recover from the previous war, while still expanding the territory at a constant pace. On the other hand, the fights in general are not overly challenging, and can be a good way to earn experience for your captains.


Join method


Rockearth Negotiate Negotiate allows visit to the DX to obtain Aoi and you get 50,000k gold as a initial bribe. Subsequent visits get you 10,000k gold as a bribe.
Ice Force No bonus for using negotiate
Diphteria Force Allows visit to the AL HQ, to obtain Elizabeth Des and Gauin. Won't negotiate
Lazeal Negotiate Give them one month grace period to obtain Reirii. Fight can take the place immediately, but no Reirii.
Custom Auto Obtains Eleanor, Maria, Shizuka, Milli, and Mill.
Mars Negotiate Obtains Mars The Great. Then kill him off as soon as possible or prepare to lose some women from harem/generals list.
Red Force Allows visit to Sel's church to obtain Chaos. (You can do this regardless if you use negotiate or force)
Zeo Force Opens option for recruiting Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi and his two ninjas. Not possible to negotiate. Also allows access to the Hanny Building. The password for Orion is AKA1MANA.
Hanna Bribe with 300 Bribe to learn about Gengorou Shinoda (Kichikuou Rance)]].
M Land Negotiate Negotiate to pay 2000 weekly to keep amusement park running, obtain Sayori Unga. If you attack by force, Sayori will be killed in the battle If you refuse to pay for the amusement park, you will have to attack by force.
Shangri-La Force The first time you attack you won't take over Shangri-La. Next week you are taken to Shangri-La, and 3 more weeks pass with one easy fight to conquer it. Obtain Shariela. Contains shortcut to Helman and Zeth.
Portugal Force Opens way to JAPAN. Fight obtains Rebecca.
Toushin City Force Obtains Merim.

The four most important cities are Red, Custom, Shangri-La, and Toushin City. Since Shangri-La forces the player to skip 3 weeks of game time, it's best coupled with the Lazeal wait.

Attacking Custom will get you Mill, Milli, Shizuka, Maria and Eleanor as commanders, making it a very, very good idea. Shizuka is one of the best mage units in the game and has a special bomb, while Maria is a strong unit in her own right.

Mill's happy end is obtained by taking Merim to the 27th floor of the uncurse dungeon, then coming back afterwards and bringing Mill. This will allow you to call her in the harem and obtain her happy end. Her unhappy end is caused by talking to her in the commander screen twice and never taking her to the dungeon. If you field Mill and Asuka together, a series of start of turn events will trigger with Asuka eventually learning a new skill. You cannot get Mills event in the dungeon while this is occurring, and this cannot occur if you don't field them together until after you take Mill to the dungeon.

Milli's happy end is obtained by simply having her alive when you end the game. Her unhappy end is obtained by having her contract genfluenza and die, which is a random start of turn event that will instantly kill her if you haven't build the hospital. If you have built the hospital, you have 20 turns (40 if you visit Cells church) to take Rance to the 33rd floor of the Holy Gal Monster dungeon in Zeth, or she dies. Milli cannot get sick if you have obtained Mill's happy end.

If you call Maria in the harem and talk to her twice, she will give you the plans for a tulip research building, which will power up and create a cannon for you if you visit it enough. On your 7th and 11th visits to the research building, Maria will ask you if you want to see one of her projects. Saying yes is a game over and Marias happy end. If you visit the research building enough times, it will explode and kill Maria if you haven't built a hospital, which is her unhappy end.

When you are at war with Zeth, Shizuka will get challenged to a duel by Ragarl. If you do not have Sill, and you use Rance in the turn before the duel, Shizuka will die and you will get her unhappy ending. If you do have Sill and don't use Rance, you will rescue Shizuka. If you then conquer Nagis tower with Shizuka fielded, pick Shizuka and H her 4 or so times, she will leave your army and you will get her happy end.

If you never call Eleanor in the harem, she will get her happy end. If you call her 2 times and then talk to her from the subordinates screen, you will get an event CG where Rance dissuades her from suicide; you will then not be able to H her again. If you call her 4 times and then stop calling her without talking to her, she will kill herself and you will get her unhappy end.

If you take M Land by negotiation, you will get Sayori in the harem. If you H her once, take her to the M Land amusement park and let her go, you will get her happy end. If you take Hanna by negotiation, visit Shinodas house enough and give him Sayori, you will get Shinoda as a commander and Sayoris unhappy end.

Taking Toushin City by force obtains Merim, who you can have follow you in dungeons. She has a random chance of finding an item that will increase the unit in the dungeons stats, or of getting bitten by a monster and getting injured. If you do not have a hospital and she gets bit, she will die and you will get her unhappy end. If she finds enough items while dungeoning (5?) you will get her happy end.

Conquering Toushin City by force will also get you Sanakias unhappy end, while never conquering it will get you her happy end.

Waiting one month before taking Lazeal will give you Raylee in the harem. You need to choose to negotiate again after the one month is up for Lazeal to switch sides. If you call her twice she will have an H scene in the library, after which Rance will have the choice of punishing her, letting her go or forgive her. If you let her go you get her happy end, if you punish her you get her unhappy end. Nothing happens if you choose to forgive her.

Conquering Shangri-La will give you Shariela in your harem. If you H her once she will tell you about Housenurse's room in Shangri-La. Visiting Housenurse and letting her go will force you to attack Helman through the mountains, but will eventually get you the unit Kaiju Prince. Refusing to let her go will give you easy access to invade both Helman and Zeth. Shariela's happy ending is on by default if you take Shangri-La, but if you do not call her in the harem for a long period of time she will turn back into a doll and you will get her unhappy end. If you choose not to let her go, you can visit her for a CG later and also choose to release her later. Releasing her after you have declared war on Helman or Zeth will not allow you to obtain Kaijuu Prince however.

Letting Housesnurse go has serious consequences for the rest of the game. While you can get Kaiju Prince, one of the strongest commanders for dungeon and small unit battles, you will not get the shortcut to Helman and Zeth which prevents you from obtaining some commanders. For example, it is almost impossible to conquer Log B without defeating Lelyunkov as the defenders will fight to the death, which means you cannot recruit Lelyunkov or Amiram. It is still possible to recruit Lelyukov if attacking through the mountain pass, but it requires you to have Kaijuu Prince (which has a very low chance of joining every turn, although you can reload to try again). Give Kaijuu Prince the charge horn and attack Log B. The defending units should not contain Lelyukov, and Kaijuu Prince has high enough stats to kill all 4 defending units in the time limit. Keep in mind that archers will take counter attack damage if they are attacking a front row unit from the front row.

It also becomes impossible to recruit Rolex as he will defend his HQ to the death which is a chokepoint on the way to the capital. You will also be forced to get Usupira's unhappy ending as there is no way to bypass Adam's Fortress before taking Tapes.

If you have met the merchant and attack Portugal, Pluepet will show up and offer you gold to not attack Portugal (attack it anyway). After the battle, Rance will meet Rebecca in the ruins of Pluepets estate. If you have paid to H her, she will kill herself and you will get her unhappy end. If you haven't, she will join Rance's harem and you will get her happy end.

Taking Rockearth by negotiation will give you the option to visit the DX association. On your first visit they will give you Aoi as a sex slave. Calling her twice in the harem gives you the choice to H her or to rehabilitate her. If you rehabilitate her, you will get an option in the Leazus Castle to visit her, and after enough visits you will get her happy end and she will be removed from the harem. If you never rehabilitate her she will get her unhappy end.


The Fight[]

The week after you obtain Portugal, JAPAN will seek a (temporary) alliance with you. If Leila is still with you, picking the second option will have her married to JAPAN's Nobunaga for temporary peace. If Leila is dead, or if you pick the top option, then you'll enter war with JAPAN.

JAPAN has three distinct armies, and only one capturable captain: Yamamoto Isoroku. Their foot soldiers, while numerous, are very weak, thus fighting in the city give you a major advantage. Their armored samurai are tougher and do more damage, and are best taken care of via magic. Their massive archery units can pose a serious problem to your magic or archery when fighting in the plains, and still a non-negligible threat in the city. Thus it's best to fight conservatively in the city especially in the beginning.

One of the three armies of JAPAN is lead by Nobunaga personally. Note that Nobunaga is considered a Dark Lord, and thus even if you wipe out all his troops, you still cannot harm him without using Dark Lords, or the two swords Chaos and Nikkou. Defeating him outside of Osaka will only cause him to retreat.

After your first attack on Osaka, Nobunaga will sent out his ninjas (Gekkou and Shinobu) to assassinate the top generals including Rance and sabotage your war funds.If they target the general that already has been used in that turn, the hit will success. Letting Shinobu to kill Rance will result in 1 HCG and game over. If she fails around 4-5 times both Gekkou and Shinobu will commit suicide. The best way to handle this is simply to conquer Osaka in one single week. Because JAPAN has a finite number of captains, you can wear his forces down before attacking Osaka. Use the Miki-bombing technique to eliminate the powerful Samurai guarding Nobunaga. Osaka has a fighting field size of 400, so if Rance, Kentarou, and Megallas have more than 399 troops, they need to use their skills to hit Nobunaga.

If you have traded Leila for a temporary alliance, after the fall of Osaka you will see a pic of her, pregnant, standing in the fire that burns Osaka. That is her unhappy ending.

Once Nobunaga is defeated in Osaka, he will die and the JAPAN generals will be gone. So make sure you capture Isoroku before it happens. Note that the town of Sado will still be under JAPAN, but it really functions as an independent state, and will not attack you. It has very high economic power though, so if money is an issue to you, you might want to grab it early.

In the Optimal Play schedule, the fight against JAPAN starts during the expansion period, but it's mostly a defensive war until Helman is mostly taken care of.

The People[]




Kou - Kichikuou.png
  • Recruitment: After the fall of Osaka, choose the top option to add Kouhime to the harem.
  • Harem: Gives 3 experience when summoned.


  • Summoning Kouhime in the harem results in an event where Rance sees a giant being.
    • Doing so 4 times before conquering all territories will be necessary to achieve success in the Creator Phase of the game.
    • Not doing so before the start of the Creator phase results in Kouhime's death.
    • Unconfirmed: To achieve Kouhime's Fortune end, she must not be summoned in the harem.




  • Recruitment: Levy in Osaka.
  • Harem: Gives 5 experience when summoned.


  • Fortune: Do not levy in Osaka.
  • Misfortune: Summon Makoto in the harem.

Tamagushi Fuuka[]



  • Fuuka will eventually have a start of turn event announcing her circumstances and how she'll enter Orochi's cave.
    • If the cave is not visited and Orochi is not slain before 4/1/4, Fuuka will die.
  • Once you've seen Fuuka's start of turn event and visited the shrine in Nagasaki, you may get to the bottom of Orochi's cave and defeat Orochi.
    • If the unit used to defeat Orochi is Rance, there will be a CG with Fuuka.


  • Fortune: Defeat Orichi using a unit other than Rance before Fuuka is killed.
  • Misfortune: Reach 4/1/4 and witness Fuuka's events without killing Orochi.

AL Church[]

The Fight[]

At the beginning of the third turn after the Rebellion, the player may choose to keep paying 6500 every month to the AL Church (top choice), or make them an enemy (bottom choice). The bottom choice will cause battles with the AL Church almost every week, against Temple Knights and regular peasant followers. It will also decrease the maximum troop size of many of your captains, as AL followers defect. While the enemies are not too strong, the constant battles may become a drain on the captains especially during major military campaigns against other nations, not to mention it shuts out the happy end for Sel and Elizabeth Des.

Continuing to pay tribute to the AL Church will allow you to visit the AL Headquarters as a city event if you have conquered the neighboring Shifteria. Starting with the second visit, Rance might randomly encounter Elizebeth, and request the pope to let her into Rance's "service". On subsequent visits, the pope may randomly offer Rance, Gauin, his temple knight, into Rance's service.

At any point in the game you may attack the AL Church, even if you have decided to continue paying them tribute. However, if you cannot take them out in a single week, you will suffer the same defect penalty as when you reject paying them tribute. After the church is defeated, choosing the top option allow you to pretend to be Sarubenaotto, enabling additional events. Picking the bottom option will cause AL followers to attack you randomly.

The People[]

For Elisabeth, having her join your harem is her happy end while defeating the AL Church without having recruited her is her unhappy ending.

For Sel, if you visit the AL Church twice after choosing to pretend to be the popes representative, you will get an H scene with Cell. After this scene, thugs will show up at Cells house. Visiting her in Red directly after that event will have Rance save her, after which visiting the AL Church again will get you another H scene and visiting her church in Red again will get you her happy end. Not saving her from the thugs is her unhappy end.

Optimal Play (City States)[]

3/4/4 Captain -> Menad -> Talk

Zeo -> Force (Usually Need 2x Attack)

(Keep Using Leila And Rick Together x3)

Harem -> Malfeis

Defend Leazas Castle (plains)

Defend Leazas Castle (plains)


if you rape miki the game will and after few turns and u get 1 extra CG

3/5/1 Bottom (Don't Rape Miki)

Red -> Negotiate -> Top (agree not to levy Red)

Red -> Cell's Church

Top, top, top (Kind,Kind,Rape)

Captain -> Cordoba -> Talk

Defend South Town

Defend Camilla army's attack (plains)

(keep using Rick and Leila together x4)

3/5/2 Top choice (Keep Giving Money to Church)

Captain -> Cordoba -> Talk

Harem -> Leila ( Last CG After Leila and Rick become couple)

Lazeal -> Negotiate -> Wait (bottom)

Shangri-La -> Attack

M Land -> Negotiate -> bottom

Defend x3

3/6/2 Portugal -> Force

Harem -> Shariela

Shangri-La -> Descoco's room -> Bottom

Captain -> Satella -> Talk

Defend (reload until Lei attacks)

3/6/3 top, either

(Can Ally With Japan or War Completed Leila CG Already)

Lazeal -> Negotiate

Harem -> Sayori Unga

Captain -> Satella -> Talk -> Top (Challange)

Rich->levy (Lei's event)

3/6/4 (Start-of-Turn Event) Gandhi in Zeo (reload to get it)

Rich -> Mary's House -> 3rd choice

Captain -> Cordoba -> Talk

Custom -> Force

Harem -> Melfeis

Defend against Isoroku (reload to get her):

Fight in streets, need to use range to take her out

3/7/1 Red -> Cell's Church (Help Cell)

Captain -> Maria -> Talk

Harem -> Maria

Toushin City -> Force (Use Mill and Asuka)

Defend vs Sieg using Rance

3/7/2 Zeo -> Levy (Gandhi Event)

Ice -> Negotiate

Captain -> Maria -> Talk

Peach Paradise -> Top -> Rance

3/7/3 Dangerous Hole Dungeon -> 50F

(equip Safety Bonsai if it's hard)

Captain -> Isoroku -> Talk

Harem -> Isoroku

Construction -> Maria Research

Red -> Levy

Diphteria -> Force

3/7/4 (Start-of-Turn Event) Asuka and Mill event(reload to get it)

Captain -> Kentarou -> Talk (Until He Get Rance Attack)

Temple AL -> Visit AL HQ

Hanna -> Negotiate (Pay)

Uncurse Dungeon -> 28F

3/8/1 (Start-of-Turn Event) Asuka and Mill event(reload to get it)

Temple AL -> Visit AL HQ (Elizebeth)

Captain -> Kentarou -> Talk (Until He Get Rance Attack)

Rockearth -> Negotiate -> Top

Uncurse Dungeon -> 28F (Melfis)

3/8/2 (Start-of-Turn Event) Asuka and Mill event(reload to get it)

Temple AL -> Visit AL HQ (Gurwin)(reload until he joins)

Captain -> Kentarou -> Talk (Until He Get Rance Attack)

Temple AL -> Force -> Top (Finish it in 1 Attack)

Continue to Helman