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Rance, Chief of Bandits (Prologue)[]

The game starts with Rance leading a group of bandits in north eastern Helman. There are two main ways to play this phase: the normal way and the "Bandit King" ending. You can use Rance Attack after you use Wait in the Battle so you can use it all 2. Turn.

The Bandit King Ending[]

To acheive the Bandit King ending, you need to defeat Ruberan of the Ruins Guard. To defeat her, you need a bit of luck, but a level or two will help a lot. Thus you want to stall for time before she attacks.

Every week raid Vladivostok (the town on the right) using all 4 captains (doesn't matter if one melee group cannot hit enemies), and H with Sill. Save every week. By the time you get to the third week of June, Rance should be at level 3 whereas everyone else should be at level 2.

When Ruberan attacks you, have Soul and Bound on auto-defend mode. Have Sill attack Ruberan every turn. Have Rance use Rance Attack every other turn. If you are lucky enough, Rance will survive long enough, and deal enough damage with Rance Attack, to defeat Ruberan. (It's also possible to beat Ruberan on the second week of March using the same strategy, if you're really lucky)

Once you win, your group of bandits move down south to Zeth. After a few years you gain enough power to be more influential than the nations of the world. Thus you reached the Bandit King end.

The normal way[]

Optimal Play
Month Week Actions
3 1 Harem -> Sill
Raid -> Golak
3 2 Harem -> Anasel
Raid -> Golak

The normal way to play the prologue is to provoke Ruberan and have her defeat you, so you will flee and start the main story. Because some events in the main story trigger on specific the calender weeks, you want to optimally get out of the prologue as soon as possible to be better prepared for the events.

After you have done Harem with either of the girls, raiding Golak (left town) will cause you to capture Anasel. After Harem with Anasel, she will inform you of a girl named Merushi, and at the same time the people of Goraku will request the Helman military to help them out. Ruberan of the Ruins Guard will volunteer to take care of the bandits. The next time you attack Goraku, you will capture Merushi, but at the same time Ruberan's troops will show up and overwhelm your troops.

Rance will escape towards the Leazas border, while Soul and Sill get locked into the prison at Volgo Z. Then the Opening of the game will play.

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