Old Chatlog[]

This guide is taken from the logs of #Alice_in_Hgameland, Dalnet. It covers the very beginning portion of the game, and shows you how to work with most of the commands/menus.

If anyone would like to clean the log up a bit, feel free, and please send a copy of your revision to me. (-:

Afker, #Alice_in_Hgameland, Dalnet last updated 8/2 2002.

12:00:01am	<@Afker> first on some background:
12:00:26am	<@Afker> this game has been dubbed as Rance 5 before, cuz it came after rance 4, but technically it's not Rance 5
12:00:45am	<@Afker> the main character, Rance, is known as the "Darkness Hero"
12:01:13am	<@Afker> pretty much a mercenary/detective for hire, all he thinks about is sex
12:01:44am	<@Afker> at the beginning of the game,
12:02:13am	<@Afker> you are the leader of this group of bandits, and you raid cities
12:02:48am	<Serkai_afk> k
12:02:53am	<@Afker> until the guard force of Bellerman (the big country in central north) got annoyed
12:03:18am	<@Afker> and wiped you out (actually, it is possible to defeat that force w/o cheating, and get one of the alternative endings)
12:03:28am	<@Afker> so, all you ran away from them
12:03:52am	<@Afker> and passed out in the mountains which serve as the natural border between Bellerman and Recess
12:04:04am	<Serkai_afk> afker - that force if a chick+soldiers with 800hp right?
12:04:08am	<@Afker> Recess is the big country on the North East of the continent
12:04:12am	<@Afker> yeah
12:04:23am	<Serkai_afk> k
12:05:05am	<@Afker> The country Bellerman first occured in Rance 3, and the country Recess first appeared in the first Rance game
12:05:47am	<@Afker> in the end of the first Rance game, you took away the virginity of the princess of Recess (Lia)
12:06:07am	<@Afker> ever since then, Lia wants to be married to you, and you've been running from her
12:06:32am	<@Afker> in Rance 3 Bellerman attacked Recess, and you kinda helped her out (not sure of the details cuz I didn't finish the game)
12:06:56am	<+Cyath> this sounds like Rance alright..,.
12:07:00am	<@Afker> anyways, Kanami, the ninja in Lia's direct service, discovered you on the border
12:07:37am	<@Afker> you were unconcious from days of hiding and no food
12:08:06am	<@Afker> so kanami took you back to the Recess palace
12:08:19am	<@Afker> Lia took care of you until you woke up 3 days later
12:08:35am	<+Cyath> of course, i am known to be rather optimistic...^_^
12:09:11am	<@Afker> you told Lia, Kanami, and Maria (Lia's secretary/adviser/maid/prime minister) about what happened
12:09:31am	<@Afker> and wanted to borrow Recess's army from Lia to attack Bellerman
12:09:48am	<@Afker> however, the army of an entire nation isn't something you can just borrow
12:10:06am	<@Afker> besides, Bellerman is known for its military might
12:10:57am	<@Afker> Lia gave Rance a condition: marry her, then he'll become the King of Recess, and therefore he can do whatever he wish to the army
12:10:59am	<@Afker> with the army
12:11:11am	<@Afker> Rance reculently agreed, so they got married
12:11:36am	<@Afker> the morning after, Rance was to make a speech to the Recess citizens, as their new King
12:12:25am	<@Afker> well, Rance basically said "I'm your new King. You are my servents. Do my biddings or die. Send all beautiful girls my way."
12:12:42am	<Serkai_afk> ^^
12:12:43am	<@Afker> the next day, a rebellion broke out
12:12:59am	<Serkai_afk> obviously ^^
12:13:06am	<@Afker> (you see like 6~8 cities changed its flag)
12:13:08am	<+Cyath> hahah
12:13:12am	<+Cyath> rance is not too smart
12:13:21am	<+Cyath> he should do all this in secret
12:13:27am	<+Cyath> but of course, he is rance...
12:14:00am	<@Afker> so before you can to take on Bellerman and have your revenge, you need to stop this rebellion first. afterall, almost half of your military joined the rebellion
12:14:16am	<@Afker> that's about it for the background
12:14:30am	<@Afker> other countries on the contenent include Japan
12:15:04am	<@Afker> Zeus, a magically very advanced nation (centural south)
12:15:18am	<@Afker> the Independent states (east south)
12:15:27am	<@Afker> and the Demons (far west)
12:15:53am	<@Afker> Daemons are split into two factions at war, over who should be the next King of Demons
12:16:32am	<@Afker> the northn faction supports the girl appointed by the prevoius King, where as the southern faction's leader wants to be king himself
12:17:24am	<@Afker> each turn is a month
12:17:40am	<Serkai_afk> afker - is there a total time limit in the game?
12:17:50am	<@Afker> during each month, you may do one city event (click on a city and menu pops up)
12:17:55am	<@Afker> there's no strict time limit
12:18:00am	<@Afker> but your enemies act also
12:18:04am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oki
12:18:30am	<@Afker> the biggest facter is the demons
12:18:42am	<@Afker> if you wait too long, the demons would've united, and invade the humans
12:18:53am	<@Afker> and they'll easily take over cities
12:18:57am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oki
12:19:18am	<@Afker> so you might lose some story there, cuz you are supposed to fight some humans, but if demons take over, the plot is lost
12:19:40am	<@Afker> each turn you can do one city event, you can take over one city (but can fight unlimited battles until you win)
12:19:46am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i see... Not that I (who can't read japanese, care much for the plot ^^;;)
12:19:55am	<@Afker> hehe
12:20:27am	<Serkai_afk> afker - so... what, in a city-battle, must i do to take over the city, if i can fight unlimited times ?
12:20:46am	<Serkai_afk> !AliceSoft, Goddess of Hgames!!!
12:20:50am	<@Afker> either eliminate the defending army
12:20:58am	<@Afker> or fight until they widthdraw
12:21:19am	<@Afker> if battle lasts over 5 rounds, then it's aborted
12:21:27am	<Serkai_afk> afker - I see...
12:21:53am	<@Afker> also, some generals have special attacks
12:22:19am	<@Afker> like Rance has his "Rance Attack", which deals damage directly to the enemy general, regardless of the number of troops there are
12:23:04am	<@Afker> to enable special attack, you must do nothing the previous turn (when it's his turn, right click, select one of the options that means "wait")
12:23:19am	<Serkai_afk> afker - speaking of attacks, how do i controll my units during the battle? I've only plader it until that beller force comes to whipe you out, but I've never managed to controll my units -.-;
12:23:19am	<@Afker> then next turn right click again and you'll see a new attack
12:23:55am	<@Afker> first, you decide who to send out to battle
12:24:00am	<@Afker> at moust four groups are possible
12:24:10am	<@Afker> but you don't need to send out four groups
12:24:19am	<@Afker> the first two groups will always be in the front line
12:24:21am	<loserass> (Afker): u better create log for this
12:24:27am	<@Afker> (-:
12:24:29am	<loserass> in case elemenstats ask u again lol
12:24:38am	<@Afker> and the 3rd and 4th groups are in the back line
12:24:41am	<Serkai_afk> loserass - I have auto-log on mine, so if he don't, i do ^^
12:24:49am	<loserass> lol
12:24:54am	<@Afker> back lines can only do range attacks like bows or magic
12:25:16am	<@Afker> and you can only attack enemy backline via ranged attacks
12:25:25am	<@Afker> if one group gets wiped out, every group below moves up
12:25:29am	<Serkai_afk> oki...
12:25:34am	<+Cyath> i feel sorry for afker
12:25:42am	<+Cyath> i should start playing more alicesoft games
12:25:47am	<+Cyath> so i can answer questions
12:25:48am	<loserass> lol
12:25:51am	<+Cyath> but my ps2 is very tempting
12:25:55am	<loserass> i feel sorry for myself
12:26:04am	* loserass doesnot have Ps2
12:26:05am	<Serkai_afk> cyath - do so, then I can pesture you just as much as i pesture afker ^^;
12:26:06am	* loserass is poor
12:26:21am	<@Afker> a usual formation would be 2 physical groups paired with 2 ranged groups
12:26:31am	<loserass> Serkai
12:26:37am	<loserass> u need
12:26:41am	<Serkai_afk> afker - how do i know if a group is ranged of physical ?
12:26:54am	<@Afker> because range groups usually have weaker defense, a stragety would be to wipe out one front group first, which exposes one range group, and kill that
12:26:54am	<loserass> incomplete walkthrough of kichikou rance?
12:27:22am	<@Afker> under general status, there's one place where it displays "front row/back row"
12:27:25am	<@Afker> your slave is back row
12:27:42am	<@Afker> other ppl are front. (this is when you are with the bandits)
12:27:52am	<Serkai_afk> loserass - i have a incomplete walkthrough already, but it sux -.-
12:28:07am	<+Cyath> pester you mean ^_^
12:28:09am	<+Cyath> i will
12:28:15am	<@Afker> when you are controling Recess, there is a tiny short guy who is back row, the other generals are front row
12:28:15am	<+Cyath> once i run out of ps2 games to play ^_^
12:28:33am	<Serkai_afk> cyath - oki
12:28:38am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i see
12:28:44am	<loserass> (Serkai_afk): ok ... i got walkthrough created by avatar paladin
12:28:45am	<@Afker> can you find that indicater?
12:28:46am	<loserass> before
12:28:55am	<loserass> but i never read it
12:29:05am	<Serkai_afk> loserass - send it here, anything is welcome ^^
12:29:16am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i think so...
12:29:34am	<loserass> (Serkai_afk): too bad... just deleted
12:29:40am	<loserass> u said no before
12:29:53am	<@Afker> you can only see it when preparing for battle
12:29:59am	<Serkai_afk> losesass - you ass -.-
12:30:15am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i'm gonna go see if i can see it, hold for some seconds...
12:30:22am	<@Afker> front row displays as "<characters> / --" where as back row displays as "-- / <characters>"
12:30:24am	<loserass> (Serkai_afk): my IRC died too
12:32:24am	<Serkai_afk> ォAfkerサ <symbol/--> for rance while <--/symbol> for slave-girl. I found it, i think ^^
12:32:49am	<@Afker> yup (-:
12:32:55am	<@Afker> now enter the battle
12:33:17am	<Serkai_afk> k, i did so...
12:33:36am	<@Afker> ok, who's turn is it to attack?
12:33:51am	<@Afker> go by the number of troops and number of characters int he htame
12:34:24am	<Serkai_afk> ranged, i think... (she's yellow, while the others are grey...)
12:34:38am	<@Afker> yellow just means it's that person's turn
12:35:03am	<@Afker> does the person have troops?
12:35:22am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oki, so how do i see who goes first?
12:35:26am	<@Afker> if not, then you are using the ranged slave girl, Sheel
12:35:37am	<@Afker> you can't see who goes first, only who goes now
12:35:48am	<@Afker> the who goes now is the yellow/green text person
12:36:39am	<@Afker> so, let me know who is going now
12:36:39am	<Serkai_afk> afker - Well Sheel is the one who is yellow. The only things in her frame is her name...
12:36:43am	<@Afker> yeah
12:36:49am	<@Afker> ok
12:36:56am	<@Afker> by default her attack is "magic attack"
12:37:29am	<@Afker> serk: right click in the pink box
12:37:48am	<@Afker> this brings up other commands
12:37:59am	<@Afker> find someway to recognize them
12:38:10am	<@Afker> (maybe take a screen shot and add notes on the pic)
12:38:22am	<Serkai_afk> afker - pink box? you mean the one in the middle?
12:38:25am	<@Afker> yeah
12:39:01am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oki, it brought some commands... what do they do/mean?
12:39:34am	<@Afker> serk: the pop up commands, from top to bottom, are: regular attack (not ranged), defend (enemy deals less damage that turn), auto attack (keep hitting the first enemy group), auto defend (keep defending), and finally retreat
12:40:03am	<@Afker> also
12:40:19am	<@Afker> rightclick again to cancle that popup
12:40:25am	<Serkai_afk> oki
12:40:31am	<@Afker> you can also right click on other inactive tropps
12:41:10am	<@Afker> forexample, if you rightclick on the enemy, an extra option (second to last) appears, taht's "enemy info"
12:41:17am	<@Bewareofnickthieves> Ohh cool a guide hour..awesome
12:41:23am	* @Bewareofnickthieves sits and listens patiently
12:41:29am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i get 6 menues when i right-click in the pink box...
12:42:03am	<@Afker> it'll show HP, tropp #, troop attack (with modifiers), troop defense (with modifiers), magical power (attack and defend together), and finally number of attacks
12:42:39am	<@Afker> rightclicking on own guy brings up: manual attack, autoattack, autodefend, ally info
12:42:46am	<@Afker> manual attack cancels autoattack
12:42:57am	<@Afker> so if you set one person to auto, you can cencel it later
12:43:08am	<@Afker> but if you turn everyone to auto, then you won't have a chance to cancel
12:43:27am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oki, but i still get 6 choices in the pink box, not five ^^;
12:43:37am	<@AliceChan> (Chan News) Project:(Battle Of The Haniwa. If you know how to write scripts for mIRC, message me.) ォ~{UPP}~サ
12:43:40am	<@Afker> yeah
12:43:54am	<@Afker> regular attack, defend, wait, autoattack, atuodefend, retreat
12:43:59am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^
12:44:08am	<@Afker> retreat will make your entire army retreat
12:44:24am	<Serkai_afk> k
12:44:28am	<@Afker> for this turn, let's have Sheel "wait"
12:44:35am	<@Afker> ie, the third command
12:44:57am	<Serkai_afk> a big yellow box appeared. What's that ?
12:45:12am	<@Afker> it probaby said Sheel concentrates
12:45:19am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^;
12:45:25am	<@Afker> who's next
12:45:51am	<Serkai_afk> a battle started with the female close-ranger -.-
12:46:36am	<@Afker> you are fighting the big guard force?
12:46:37am	<@Afker> or just the city millitia?
12:47:06am	<Serkai_afk> dun know... how do i check?
12:47:27am	<@Afker> just asking if you are fighting the 1000ppl group or the 10ppl group d-:
12:47:28am	<@Afker> the enemy
12:47:37am	<Serkai_afk> 10 ^^
12:47:41am	<@Afker> ok
12:47:56am	<@Afker> so after the enemy hit you, whose turn is it?
12:48:07am	<@Afker> tell me number of characters and number of troops
12:48:16am	<Serkai_afk> why did it get into a battle ? was it the enemies turn or saomething ?
12:48:20am	<@Afker> yeah
12:48:26am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i see
12:49:16am	<@Afker> serk: who's turn is it now?
12:49:16am	<Serkai_afk> afker - dun know character number (where do i check?) but it has 30 troops, and it's the female ranged one...
12:49:26am	<@Afker> ok
12:49:38am	<@Afker> not asking char number. asking the number of japanese characters in the name d-:
12:49:45am	<@Afker> Soul, she's a theif
12:50:00am	<@Afker> is she in the front or back row?
12:50:07am	<Serkai_afk> front
12:50:19am	<@Afker> then click on the enemy attack
12:50:24am	<kagura17> !AliceSoft, Goddess of Hgames!!!
12:50:26am	<@Afker> or you can set her on auto attack
12:50:34am	<@Afker> do whatever you want with her
12:50:46am	<Serkai_afk> right click in the pink box, and just regular attack?
12:51:05am	<@Afker> no
12:51:18am	<@Afker> just click on the enemy
12:51:18am	<@Afker> and it'll do the defaut attack
12:51:22am	<Serkai_afk> oki
12:51:24am	<@Afker> and her default is regular attack
12:51:47am	<@Afker> if you right click, top choice for her is actually defend
12:51:56am	<@Afker> cuz she only has one type of attack,unlike sheel
12:52:01am	<@Bewareofnickthieves> Is everyones default regular attack?
12:52:06am	<@Afker> no
12:52:08am	<Serkai_afk> oki
12:52:13am	<+Cyath> !AliceSoft, Goddess of Hgames!!!
12:52:16am	<@Afker> magic users default magic attack
12:52:21am	<@Afker> bow users default bow attack
12:52:28am	<@Afker> who's next?
12:52:48am	<Serkai_afk> rance, i think... only one left to move...
12:53:20am	<@Afker> you only have 3 ppl out?
12:53:29am	<Serkai_afk> afker - ya -.-
12:53:32am	<@Afker> k
12:53:36am	<@Afker> have rance on wait also
12:53:48am	<@Afker> it'll be the second option
12:54:32am	<Serkai_afk> afker - k, i waited. a big yellow box with numbers in poped up...
12:54:41am	<Serkai_afk> *pink
12:54:45am	<@Afker> k
12:54:46am	<@Afker> that one says
12:55:02am	<@Afker> the top row shows the name of the city
12:55:14am	<@Afker> the second row tells you if it's a city battle or field battle
12:55:19am	<@Afker> the thrid line shows how many ppl on each side can fight at a time
12:55:31am	<@Afker> then, left is you, right is bellerman
12:55:41am	<@Afker> with battle effect bonuses
12:55:56am	<@Afker> on my screen bellerman has +3 bonus while rance has +0
12:56:09am	<@Afker> click on it, and it says 4 rounds left
12:56:24am	<Serkai_afk> rance +10 bellerman +4 here...
12:56:31am	<@Afker> then the next round starts again
12:56:31am	<@Afker> haha nice
12:56:50am	<Serkai_afk> k, next round started
12:56:56am	<@Afker> have sheel defend again
12:57:02am	<@Afker> I mean wait
12:57:11am	<@Afker> Soul do whatever
12:57:13am	<Serkai_afk> k
12:57:17am	<@Afker> but when it's rance's turn, right click
12:57:49am	<Serkai_afk> afker - it didn't come to rance's turn ;_; enemy attacked soul, and she killed them -.-
12:57:58am	<@Afker> arg
12:58:15am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i'll go into a new battle, with only rance in it ^^
12:58:24am	<@Afker> well, after you win, it shows how many ppl died on each side, and how many exp each of your generals get
12:58:27am	<@Afker> don't
12:58:35am	<Serkai_afk> oki, i don't ^^
12:58:47am	<@Afker> exp in this game is not distributed among ppl
12:59:06am	<@Afker> ie, if you get 15 exp, then every one get 15, not split among who were fighting
12:59:17am	<Serkai_afk> afker - okay...
12:59:22am	<@Afker> so more ppl fighting, the better from the perspective of exp
12:59:32am	<@Afker> after you exit battle
12:59:36am	<@Afker> right click
12:59:42am	<@Afker> should see 5 choices
12:59:49am	<@Afker> 1. harlem
12:59:52am	<@Afker> 2. followers
12:59:58am	<@Afker> 3. move map to base
1:00:03am	<@Afker> or, center map on the base
1:00:08am	<@Afker> 4. load/save
1:00:13am	<@Afker> 5. round end
1:00:20am	<@Afker> go to harlem
1:00:33am	<@Afker> and you can pick a girl to H
1:00:40am	<@Afker> do you see 2 or 3 girls?
1:00:46am	<Serkai_afk> 3
1:00:55am	<@Afker> ok
1:00:59am	<@Afker> don't pick one yet
1:01:05am	<@Afker> move mouse over one
1:01:25am	<@Afker> and it'll show how many times you have H-ed her, and the last time you h-ed her (important in some cases)
1:01:48am	<@Afker> now, h the girl you captured recently (the one on the right column, with red dress and blond hair)
1:02:01am	<Serkai_afk> oki... when i H a girl, am I s'posed to get an image?
1:02:09am	<@Afker> after you h a girl, you gain exp from it
1:02:19am	<@Afker> usually
1:02:36am	<@Afker> h-ing her, however, triggers the Bellerman gaurd force
1:02:43am	<+Cyath> WTF?
1:02:50am	<+Cyath> you gain exp through h-ing?
1:02:56am	<@Afker> so next time you attack the town on the bottom, you'll run into the guard force
1:02:57am	<Serkai_afk> oki, well, i Hed the first girl 4 time, the second girl 3 times and the third girl 2 times now, and I agint got any image at all -.-
1:03:10am	<@Afker> Cyath: what do you expect from Rance?
1:03:10am	<+Cyath> hahahah
1:03:12am	<@Afker> d-:
1:03:15am	<+Cyath> serkai is disappointed...
1:03:18am	<@Afker> different girls give you differen texp
1:03:19am	<+Cyath> i know, i was just commenting
1:03:28am	<@Afker> eh
1:03:38am	<@Afker> you should still get a pic
1:03:58am	<@Afker> anyways, go to next turn, and attack the town to the south
1:04:00am	<Serkai_afk> afker - so, always h a girl once every turn?
1:04:04am	<@Afker> yeah
1:04:30am	<@Afker> you might want to keep track of who gives more exp, though I usually don't care as much
1:04:33am	<Serkai_afk> k, i picked it
1:04:44am	<@Afker> ok, send everyone out
1:04:50am	<@Afker> put rance in front row
1:04:54am	<@Afker> sheel in back row
1:05:12am	<@Afker> when it's Soul or Bond's turn to move, have them autodefend
1:05:18am	<Serkai_afk> meaning i chose her as third or fourth member, right ?
1:05:20am	<@Afker> have Rance and Sheel wiat a turn
1:05:25am	<@Afker> yeah
1:05:35am	<Serkai_afk> afker - bond is the other guy, right ?
1:05:39am	<@Afker> yeah
1:05:42am	<@Afker> he's the other theif
1:05:47am	<@Afker> Soul's older brother in fact
1:06:04am	<Serkai_afk> +0 +3 this time >_<
1:06:45am	<@Afker> have rance and sheel wait once
1:07:06am	<@Afker> the others defend, and let me know when the next roud comes up
1:07:10am	<Serkai_afk> k, i did autodefence with soul, and the yellow box said something more than it usualy does...
1:07:21am	<@Afker> yeah, it's ok
1:07:33am	<@Afker> something about defense bonus
1:07:56am	<Serkai_afk> k, next turn is now... sheel in posistion to fight XD
1:08:05am	<@Afker> have her wait again
1:08:22am	<@Afker> until Rance's turn
1:08:24am	<Serkai_afk> enemy attacks bond...
1:08:48am	<Serkai_afk> k, rance is ready to go...
1:08:58am	<@Afker> right click in pink box
1:09:07am	<@Afker> you'll see a new option at the top
1:09:12am	<@Afker> this is the Rance Attack
1:09:29am	<@Afker> pick it, and the middle of pink box say something different
1:09:42am	<@Afker> use it to hit the enemy
1:09:52am	<Serkai_afk> rance is really good at making names for attacks, isn't he?
1:09:58am	<@Afker> (-:
1:10:42am	<Serkai_afk> k, the middle box says something in red now, and the usualy yellow marker is red -.- I just click on the enemy now?
1:10:51am	<@Afker> yeah
1:11:13am	<@Afker> you should find rance dealing direct damage to enemy, bypassing the troops
1:11:36am	<@Afker> this attack is especially useful where enemy have lots of troops, but only very little can fight at once
1:11:41am	<Serkai_afk> WOW! That was SO powerfull -.-
1:11:49am	<@Afker> cuz it'll take forever to kill all the troops
1:11:56am	<@Afker> the damage is kinda random
1:12:06am	<@Afker> my rance only do 1 damage this time d-:
1:12:07am	<Serkai_afk> afker - like against her with 800 troops ?
1:12:16am	<Serkai_afk> afker - mine did 2 -.-
1:12:17am	<@Afker> yeah
1:12:28am	<@Afker> though you need some luck also
1:12:36am	<@Afker> cuz she outhumber you so much
1:12:49am	<@Afker> and it's a field battle
1:12:53am	<+Cyath> he has had rance attack ever since...
1:12:55am	<@Afker> anyways
1:12:55am	<+Cyath> the first game i think
1:12:55am	<Serkai_afk> afker - oh well, on with the story.
1:13:10am	<Serkai_afk> sheels turn again...
1:13:19am	<@Afker> just kill him
1:13:39am	<Serkai_afk> k, done
1:13:55am	<Serkai_afk> -.- 900 solder-chick is here -.-
1:13:56am	<@Afker> now the guard force should come and get you
1:14:06am	<@Afker> have sheel attack
1:14:12am	<@Afker> Soul and Bond defend
1:14:23am	<@Afker> Rance use his rance attack
1:14:29am	<@Afker> (one wait builds up one attack)
1:14:56am	<Serkai_afk> afker - sheel = magic attack?
1:14:59am	<@Afker> if you are lucky (the chick keep attacking others and not rance, letting rance use his attacks), you might win
1:15:04am	<@Afker> yup'
1:16:08am	<Serkai_afk> -.- 1 damage -.-
1:16:23am	<@Afker> hehe
1:16:44am	<@Afker> just keep fighting
1:16:55am	<@Afker> keep having rance doing rance attacks
1:17:07am	<@Afker> everyone else defend to stall for time
1:17:25am	<@Afker> arg, I only needed one more turn to kill her
1:17:43am	<Serkai_afk> i need 6 more turns -.-;;
1:17:48am	<@Afker> haha
1:18:05am	<@Afker> anyways, so after you lost, you began your escape
1:18:08am	<Serkai_afk> she didn't give me 6 turns -.-
1:18:15am	<@Afker> and you see the Rance Intro
1:18:22am	<@Afker> it depends on luck
1:18:47am	<@Afker> usually it takes 2 or 3 hits to take out Soul, and anotehr 2 or 3 for Bond, etc
1:19:01am	<Serkai_afk> Aha, so that's an intro ^_^;; I though it was the credits or something, that are shown if you lose ^^;;;;;;
1:19:05am	<@Afker> so it is possible to win (if she doesn't hit on rance)
1:19:09am	<@Afker> haha
1:19:26am	<@Afker> do you have the music cd in?
1:19:29am	<@Afker> the Rance CD
1:19:52am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i dun have the cd in, since a friend borrowed it ^^
1:19:59am	<@Afker> too bad
1:20:12am	<@Afker> the music is quite nice, esp the intro
1:20:30am	<Serkai_afk> oki, I'll listen to it sometime ^^
1:20:52am	<@Afker> gotta watch the intro with the music (-:
1:21:10am	<+Cyath> afker = alicesoft purist
1:22:02am	<@Afker> haha, didn't like daiakuji music that much though
1:22:42am	<Serkai_afk> afker - who's the kid-chick with the big hammer?
1:23:02am	<@Afker> some weird thing in the desert
1:23:10am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^;
1:23:24am	<@Afker> lemme know when you are doen with intro and in the first month of ruling recess
1:23:38am	<+Cyath> daiakuji music was quite boring
1:23:48am	<Serkai_afk> well, the intro is passed, and they're talking now...
1:24:15am	<@Afker> fastforward it
1:24:28am	<@Afker> the 4th thing on the manubar is fast forward
1:24:58am	<Serkai_afk> no... the fourth thing is exit, and the second thing is fast forward
1:25:12am	<@Afker> oops, different version of system3
1:25:45am	<Serkai_afk> anyh00, they stopped tallking, and I see the map, centered on some big-ass castle...
1:26:07am	<@Afker> yeah
1:26:09am	<@Afker> that's Recess
1:26:19am	<@Afker> the red flags
1:26:25am	<@Afker> the white flags are the rebellion
1:26:32am	<@Afker> the 3 color flags are independents
1:26:36am	<@Afker> to the right on the island is japan
1:27:00am	<Serkai_afk> k, so what do i do?
1:27:05am	<Serkai_afk> attack da rebels?
1:27:38am	<@Afker> not the first month
1:27:49am	<@Afker> you ahve to wait for them to attack first, for somereason
1:28:00am	<@Afker> anyways
1:28:08am	<Serkai_afk> btw, what's that ugly thing on the island north of my palace?
1:28:36am	<@Afker> that's a temple or something
1:28:40am	<Serkai_afk> oki
1:29:37am	<Serkai_afk> so, what do i do?
1:29:37am	<@Afker> now, right click anywhere in the map
1:30:28am	<Serkai_afk> done
1:31:29am	<@Afker> from top down, the choices are: Special buildings in the capital, harlum, treasur/item, merchant, followers, center map on the castle, load/save, various data, think, turn end
1:33:52am	<@Afker> the yellow box shows your money as 7770 (*10000) Gold
1:34:02am	<@Afker> with a total of 5324 troops
1:34:14am	<@Afker> and it's the second week of April (April = 4th month)
1:36:06am	* Serkai_afk is back!
1:36:16am	<Serkai_afk> Stupid comp. locked up -.-
1:36:38am	<loserass> ahahaha
1:37:18am	<@Afker> anyways, you can access various options here
1:37:33am	<@Afker> the 5th option, followers, is especially important
1:37:35am	<@Afker> so go there
1:38:04am	<Serkai_afk> oki, i did. Doesn't the option look different now? Also, I'll get the others back later, right?
1:38:19am	<@Afker> depends on how fast you move d-:
1:38:27am	<Serkai_afk> -.-;;
1:38:28am	<@Afker> yeah, the option now has 2 circles
1:38:42am	<@Afker> you'll see different followers
1:38:46am	<@Afker> going across
1:38:49am	<@Afker> row 1 is you again
1:39:26am	<@Afker> row two we have Leia the captain of Imperial Guard, and Bales the caption of Black Army
1:39:57am	<Serkai_afk> my wife dun fight -.-
1:40:08am	<Serkai_afk> or?
1:40:14am	<Serkai_afk> does she?
1:40:39am	<@Afker> row 3 is Rick the caption of Red Army,
1:40:45am	<@Afker> no Lia doesn't fight
1:40:48am	<@Afker> she's not a general
1:41:21am	<Serkai_afk> okay
1:41:38am	<@Afker> in the middle is Kuludoba, captain of Blue Army (super big guy), then Kinket, second in command of blue army
1:42:24am	<@Afker> 4th row is Menad, second in command of Red Army, and Asuka, a mage
1:42:31am	<Serkai_afk> rick's the dude with the red sword, who looks like a samurai?
1:42:47am	<Serkai_afk> asuka is tiny -.-
1:42:54am	<@Afker> Red Army is known for its strong attacks. Blue for high defense. not sure about black (might be balanced), and White is good at tatics (increase battle bonuses)
1:43:09am	<Serkai_afk> ok
1:43:21am	<@Afker> the entire White Army rebelled
1:43:34am	<@Afker> infact, the captain of the white army led the rebellion
1:43:47am	<Serkai_afk> k, so it's a she?
1:43:57am	<@Afker> he
1:43:59am	<Serkai_afk> aww ;_;
1:44:11am	<@Afker> let's pick on Korudoba
1:44:15am	<@Afker> the blue captain
1:44:26am	<@Afker> middle column, 3rd row
1:44:28am	<Serkai_afk> BIG guy, right ^^
1:44:48am	<@Afker> you see he has 9/9 hp, and 422 out of 1000 troops
1:45:11am	<Serkai_afk> ...he's got pink hair @_@
1:45:16am	<@Afker> there are 5 optons: info, fill up troop vacancy, add max troop, talk, and cancel
1:45:44am	<Serkai_afk> who's the green-head?
1:46:01am	<@Afker> yah, that's Maris
1:46:20am	<@Afker> Lia's secretary/maid/prime minister/adviser
1:46:37am	<Serkai_afk> i dun like her -.- she reminds me of setsuna, from sailor moon -.-
1:46:48am	<@Afker> hehe
1:46:56am	<@Afker> anyways, she's your information master
1:47:02am	<Serkai_afk> k
1:47:19am	<@Afker> now, the 5 choices, the bottom one is cancel, doesn't count
1:47:22am	<@Afker> then there are 4 left
1:47:31am	<Serkai_afk> k, so what do i do?
1:48:00am	<@Afker> info is "free", whereas "fill vacancy" and "increase max troop" belong to "troop management",
1:48:14am	<@Afker> each week you can only do one "troop management" action
1:48:33am	<Serkai_afk> week? wasn't it month b4 ?
1:49:02am	<@Afker> seeing he only has 422 ppl, let's fill vacancy for him
1:49:04am	<@Afker> my mistake
1:49:12am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^
1:49:30am	<Serkai_afk> that's the second choice, right?
1:49:32am	<@Afker> now Maris informs you that you are filling 578 vacancies, costing 110, and want you to confirm
1:49:34am	<@Afker> pick the top to do so
1:49:37am	<@Afker> yeah
1:49:44am	<@Afker> choice two is fill vacancy
1:50:04am	<Serkai_afk> 544 troops / 100gold -.-
1:50:13am	<@Afker> ok
1:50:24am	<@Afker> pick top to proceed
1:50:31am	<Serkai_afk> so, now what?
1:50:40am	<@Afker> then you go back to the big map agin
1:50:47am	<Serkai_afk> k
1:50:54am	<@Afker> righ click, and now you only see one circle next to follower
1:51:05am	<@Afker> that's becasue oout of the two allowed actions, you used up one
1:51:16am	<Serkai_afk> i see ^^
1:51:22am	<@Afker> each week you can do one troop management, and talk to one follower
1:51:26am	<@Afker> let's go to harlem now
1:51:43am	<Serkai_afk> second choice, right ^^
1:51:48am	<@Afker> yeah
1:52:03am	<@Afker> right now you may h only Lia, Maris, and Kanami
1:52:05am	<Serkai_afk> hohoho the bedroom changed -.-
1:52:26am	<@Afker> the two maids would randomly appear for the first time, then will always be there
1:52:29am	<Serkai_afk> so, who should i h ?
1:52:33am	<@Afker> jsut take a look, then exit
1:52:39am	<@Afker> you see only 3 choices right?
1:52:47am	<Serkai_afk> yah
1:53:14am	<Serkai_afk> k, i exited
1:53:36am	<@Afker> go to follower again
1:53:45am	<Serkai_afk> k
1:53:57am	<@Afker> let's talk to a girl
1:54:00am	<@Afker> Leia
1:54:11am	<@Afker> the captain of imperial guard
1:54:22am	<@Afker> or rather, personal guard
1:54:30am	<Serkai_afk> ^^;
1:54:45am	<Serkai_afk> her with the white cape, right?
1:54:50am	<@Afker> you'll see "fill vacancy" and increase max troop are both disabled now, cuz you alrady did one troop management
1:54:54am	<@Afker> she's the golden armor
1:55:00am	<Serkai_afk> k
1:55:09am	<@Afker> golden armor is personal guard
1:55:21am	<Serkai_afk> k
1:55:26am	<@Afker> I forgot to mention the Green Army. Green Army is led directly by the king
1:55:26am	<@Afker> d-:
1:55:33am	<@Afker> so pick the talk option
1:55:40am	<@Afker> and Rance will try hitting on her
1:56:13am	<Serkai_afk> How'd it go?
1:56:18am	<@Afker> not well
1:56:20am	* Serkai_afk used fast forward
1:56:22am	<@Afker> anyways
1:56:25am	<Serkai_afk> ^^
1:56:29am	<@Afker> go to harlem again
1:56:35am	<Serkai_afk> The circle turned into a triangle...
1:56:40am	<@Afker> yeah
1:56:49am	<Serkai_afk> she's there ^^
1:56:49am	<@Afker> now if you go you can only check follower's info
1:56:54am	<@Afker> (-:
1:57:12am	<@Afker> go try and h her
1:57:21am	<@Afker> but it won't work
1:57:26am	<@Afker> she refuses to do it
1:57:27am	<Serkai_afk> i noticed ^^
1:57:43am	<@Afker> nonetheless, it uses up your one harlem action for the turn
1:57:43am	<Serkai_afk> so, now what ?_?
1:58:00am	<@Afker> let's go check out the treasures/items
1:58:19am	<@Afker> right now you only have 2 swords
1:58:36am	<@Afker> both increases captiain attack power by 2
1:58:42am	<Serkai_afk> the one in columb 1 is long...
1:58:43am	<@Afker> pink indicates it's equipped
1:58:55am	<@Afker> yeah
1:59:07am	<@Afker> Rick is wearing that one
1:59:11am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^
1:59:20am	<@Afker> you can take it off by clicking on it, and pick top choice
1:59:31am	<Serkai_afk> I wonder if he's the reincarnation of Sephiroth...
1:59:37am	<Serkai_afk> Should I take it of ?
1:59:42am	<@Afker> pratice
1:59:42am	<Serkai_afk> *off
1:59:45am	<@Afker> then put it back on him
1:59:58am	<@Afker> Rick is the red armor guy
2:00:07am	<Serkai_afk> oki, done
2:00:45am	<@Afker> ok, we can exit now
2:00:52am	<@Afker> visit the merchant
2:01:12am	<Serkai_afk> wait a min... what does the middle option do ?
2:01:25am	<@Afker> that just switches to the follower page
2:01:30am	<@Afker> so you can see who you have
2:01:36am	<Serkai_afk> oki
2:01:44am	<@Afker> and the followerstatus shows what item if any is equipped
2:02:59am	<Serkai_afk> oki, so i'm at the merchants place now
2:03:02am	<@Afker> top choice is buy item
2:03:14am	<@Afker> the next to is to h rebecca and to buy rebecca
2:03:30am	<@Afker> then it's to hire mercenary A, and hire mercenary B
2:03:36am	<@Afker> last is go home
2:03:44am	<Serkai_afk> what do i do?
2:03:46am	<@Afker> nothing
2:03:52am	<Serkai_afk> just leave?
2:03:59am	<@Afker> for now, yes
2:04:07am	<@Afker> merc are useful
2:04:07am	<Serkai_afk> k
2:04:14am	<@Afker> but they leave after one battle and you need to rehire them
2:04:20am	<Serkai_afk> i see
2:04:49am	<@Afker> right click again, to see that merchant also become triangle (should be x actually, sicne you can't access it anymore)
2:04:55am	<@Afker> top choice is buildings
2:05:08am	<@Afker> go there, pick top choice again to build
2:05:38am	<Serkai_afk> i k, so what do i build ( if anything ) ?
2:05:47am	<@Afker> you may build "female officer school", New Library, Hospital, SM Tower, Magic Research Building
2:05:51am	<@Afker> pick hospital for now
2:05:57am	<@Afker> 3rd cholice
2:06:18am	<Serkai_afk> 'female officer building' ? wazzat?
2:06:27am	<Demitron> heh SM tower
2:06:31am	<@Afker> trains officers for the army
2:06:43am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i got a choice...
2:06:53am	<@Afker> yeah
2:06:53am	<Serkai_afk> afker - yes/no choise?
2:07:09am	<@Afker> first, bottom shows it'll take 3 months to build
2:07:15am	<@Afker> and it coths 4000
2:07:26am	<@Afker> and finally shows your total money
2:07:29am	<Serkai_afk> k
2:07:33am	<@Afker> so it takes more than half your national budget
2:07:39am	<@Afker> but we are just experimenting, so it's ok
2:07:51am	<@Afker> top choice to build, bottom to pick something else
2:07:52am	<@Afker> let's build
2:07:57am	<Serkai_afk> aight
2:08:09am	<Serkai_afk> k, now what?
2:08:15am	<@Afker> variosu data is just for reference
2:08:30am	<Demitron> build up a SM tower too
2:08:36am	<@Afker> "think" gives you hint on what you can do in the game (plot or special event related)
2:08:36am	<Demitron> hehe
2:08:53am	<Serkai_afk> demitron - not enough cash ^^;
2:08:53am	<@Afker> Demi: save that for later. should buld the girl officer trainig first
2:08:55am	<@Afker> to get tirls
2:09:12am	<Demitron> lol just kidding ^^
2:09:23am	<@Afker> now click any city that's yours but not the capital
2:09:42am	<@Afker> this brings up the city event popup
2:09:50am	<Serkai_afk> well, various data, think = usless for me, since i can't read jap -.-;
2:10:06am	<@Afker> yeah
2:10:10am	<@Afker> click on a city
2:10:15am	<Serkai_afk> done
2:10:38am	<Demitron> which rance game you guys are talking about all this time?
2:10:45am	<Serkai_afk> got three choises to chose from...
2:10:59am	<Serkai_afk> demitron - kichikuou rance
2:11:10am	<@Afker> bottow shows name of city, who controls it, then econ power on the left, defense power ont eh right, and battle field on the last row (how many solders each side per turn)
2:11:42am	<Demitron> hmm...i'll get it anytime :-)
2:12:05am	<@Afker> the coices are: pop-tax, defense structure, and cancel
2:12:20am	<Serkai_afk> what should i do ?
2:12:26am	<@Afker> nothing yet
2:12:34am	<Serkai_afk> just cancel?
2:12:59am	<@Afker> the top choice sends your soldiers to raid/pillage the city for money, and see if there are interesting items/treasures or beautiful girls
2:13:11am	<@Afker> the second chocie increase the city's defense power
2:13:36am	<@Afker> so if you choose to fight int he city, your troops get more bonus
2:13:52am	<Serkai_afk> what happens if i raid a city?
2:14:20am	<@Afker> you can only do one city event per turn
2:14:24am	<@Afker> you jsut get stuff
2:14:29am	<@Afker> nothing bad really happens
2:14:45am	<Serkai_afk> afker - so the city doesn't get mad at me? strange ^^
2:15:01am	<@Afker> you are the king
2:15:14am	<Serkai_afk> afker - true... the demonbeast king ^^;
2:15:22am	<@Afker> those who are brave enough are in the rebellion
2:15:35am	<Serkai_afk> ^^
2:15:59am	<@Afker> if you click on your castle instead, you'll see an additonal optoin, the prison
2:16:03am	<@Afker> don't visit it
2:16:10am	<Serkai_afk> why not?
2:16:11am	<@Afker> cuz it uses up your action
2:16:16am	<Serkai_afk> oh
2:16:18am	<@Afker> and you have noone imprisoned
2:16:27am	<@Afker> let's tax in the capital city
2:16:42am	<@Afker> I got 2000 gold out of it
2:16:48am	<Serkai_afk> upper choice, yes ?
2:17:01am	<@Afker> and one blue soldier discovered a special item
2:17:18am	* loserass is surprise that these two ppl really intend to solve rance in one go
2:17:29am	<@Afker> yes
2:17:49am	<@Afker> after you are done, go to treasure/item again
2:17:52am	* loserass is impressed how Serkai keeps synchronising with Afker
2:17:57am	<Serkai_afk> afker - i got 100 gold, and some blue solderier doing something -.-;
2:18:00am	<@Afker> you'll see the "safty plant" below that really long sword
2:18:09am	<@Afker> yeah
2:18:13am	<@Afker> the solder found the plant
2:18:31am	<Serkai_afk> afker - looks like a windmill-tree -.-;
2:18:40am	<@Afker> haha
2:18:51am	<Serkai_afk> so, how gets it? if anyone ?
2:19:06am	<@Afker> lets equip it on... the black captaion for now
2:19:22am	<@Afker> this plant decreases random encounters in dungeons
2:19:32am	<Serkai_afk> oki ^^
2:19:48am	<Serkai_afk> there are dungeons too ? kewl ^^
2:19:50am	<@Afker> now,
2:19:52am	<@Afker> yeah
2:19:57am	<@Afker> one week one dungeon
2:20:01am	<Serkai_afk> now ?
2:20:11am	<@Afker> or rather, one week one "far places"
2:20:19am	<Serkai_afk> oki
2:20:22am	<@Afker> including dungeons, mountains, caves, shrines, etc
2:20:42am	<@Afker> there's one dungeon on the map that is next to one of your towns
2:20:44am	<@Afker> it's to the left of the castle
2:20:56am	<Serkai_afk> i assume we'll come to the 'far away place' later?
2:20:59am	<Serkai_afk> oh, oki...
2:21:04am	<@Afker> do ousee that one
2:21:18am	<@Afker> it's connected to one city by a path
2:21:36am	<@Afker> kinda on the top right of a lake
2:21:37am	<Serkai_afk> close to a mountain range, with a sring at the end ?
2:21:42am	<@Afker> yeah
2:21:53am	<@Afker> click on it
2:22:01am	<@Afker> and pick top choice to explore
2:22:17am	<Serkai_afk> k, choose explorers...
2:22:18am	<@Afker> and send the black captaion in
2:22:23am	<Serkai_afk> only ?
2:22:24am	<@Afker> (only one person in dungeon)
2:22:36am	<Serkai_afk> k
2:22:36am	<@Afker> only one allowed
2:22:40am	<@Afker> he has the plant
2:22:45am	<@Afker> so he'll be relatively safe
2:22:49am	<Serkai_afk> k, im in it...
2:22:56am	<@Afker> choice 1 is to decend
2:23:08am	<@Afker> but when you are in level 2
2:23:19am	<Serkai_afk> ?
2:23:24am	<@Afker> choice 1 is asend (up), 2 is down, and 3 is exit dungeon
2:23:31am	<Serkai_afk> k
2:23:32am	<@Afker> dungen goes downwards
2:23:35am	<@Afker> so just keep going down
2:24:08am	<Serkai_afk> enemy on level 5 -.-
2:24:20am	<@Afker> and kill monsters on the way
2:24:23am	<@Afker> in this cave, only 80 soldiers can fight at a time
2:24:29am	<@Afker> just fight
2:24:36am	<@Afker> actually
2:24:40am	<@Afker> always pick "defend"
2:24:48am	<Serkai_afk> oki...
2:24:56am	<@Afker> your purpose is to mininize loss of troops
2:25:10am	<@Afker> and if after 5 turns no result, fight aborted and you can move on
2:25:10am	<@Afker> so defend is best
2:25:33am	<@Afker> watch out if your troops go fewer than 80
2:25:37am	<Serkai_afk> but this guy only has 10 hp -.- I think i can kill him -.-
2:25:45am	<@Afker> defend is still better
2:25:54am	<Serkai_afk> oki, then defend i'll do ^^
2:26:00am	<@Afker> unless when he attacks you, your tropps don't fight back (happens if enemy use range)
2:26:14am	<Serkai_afk> that's what happens -.-
2:26:26am	<@Afker> d-:
2:26:26am	<@Afker> then kill him
2:26:33am	<@Afker> at lv14 you'll find an item
2:27:10am	<@Afker> then ou can't decend anymore, so just exit dungeon
2:27:26am	<Serkai_afk> oi, something happened here... I can't attack him, and I just keep defending -.-
2:27:51am	<@Afker> the 10 hp guy, or some random monster?
2:28:03am	<Serkai_afk> the 10hp guy -.-
2:28:08am	<@Afker> you turn on autodefned?
2:28:23am	<@Afker> >_<""
2:28:27am	<Serkai_afk> no, i just clicked on his name -.-
2:28:39am	<@Afker> and you can't attack?
2:29:02am	<@Afker> does the middle of the pink box show a 4 word japanese?
2:29:07am	<Serkai_afk> i didn't attack, and from the moment i clicked on the dudes name, i can't do anything, juyst defend -.-
2:29:38am	<@Afker> ...
2:30:21am	<@Afker> i don't know what happened
2:30:25am	<Serkai_afk> first thing that happens after a battleturn is a yellow box with three rows of japanese in it, and it always ends with a number.
2:30:56am	<@Afker> are you offered a choice of what to do again?
2:31:07am	<Serkai_afk> second thing is a big pink box, with where i am, who i fight, and battle bonuses
2:31:09am	<@Afker> or does it look like autodefend got turned on?
2:31:20am	<Serkai_afk> no, no choice, just goes to the battle again, and i can't do anything -.-
2:31:31am	<@Afker> then autodefend is on...
2:31:39am	<Serkai_afk> so, how do i fix that -.-
2:31:44am	<@Afker> try <esc>, <space>, <ctrl>...
2:31:47am	<@Afker> or something
2:31:51am	<@Afker> or let him die
2:32:06am	<@Afker> I never figured out how to turn off autodefend when everyone uses it
2:32:47am	<Serkai_afk> this is gonna take forever -.-
2:33:01am	<@Afker> turn on fastforward
2:33:23am	<Serkai_afk> i have 500 soldiers, and he takes 2-3 each turn -.-
2:36:35am	<Serkai_afk> afker - what happens when he dies?
2:37:02am	<@Afker> he would be gone for good
2:37:11am	<@Afker> but that's ok, we can always load a previous game
2:37:45am	<Serkai_afk> afker - ;_; oh well
2:40:11am	<Serkai_afk> only 97 soldiers left ^^;
2:45:02am	<Serkai_afk> ARG -.- I must watch that intro again -.- Can't i bypass it somehow ?_?
2:45:22am	<@Afker> just remember ot save next time
2:45:54am	<Serkai_afk> afker - sure ^^;;;;;
2:46:27am	<@Afker> also, every week the game auto saves
2:46:33am	<Serkai_afk> it was different this time -.-
2:46:57am	<@Afker> the starting week when you rule Recess, and another week, are two exceptnois,
2:47:09am	<@Afker> cuz yu enter the week via special event
2:47:12am	<@Afker> what is different?
2:47:46am	<Serkai_afk> the intro was different -.- it didn't show me the same stuff -.-
2:47:53am	<@Afker> o_O
2:48:34am	<@Afker> i think it's always the same
2:48:37am	<Serkai_afk> oi, i have a maiden accessable in the harem... What do i do?
2:48:40am	<@Afker> you just didn't pay attention the last time
2:48:47am	<@Afker> doesn't matter
2:48:49am	<@Afker> you can h her
2:48:52am	<@Afker> or not
2:48:53am	<Serkai_afk> might be true...
2:49:21am	<Serkai_afk> will she be always availabe even if i dun h her now? or will she vanish again?
2:49:29am	<@Afker> she won't vanish
2:49:33am	<Serkai_afk> k
2:50:26am	<@Afker> anyways, that covers most of the commands
2:50:31am	<@Afker> I'll teach you ninja next time
2:50:40am	<@Afker> it's 3am now, i better sleep
2:50:40am	<Serkai_afk> ninja?
2:50:45am	<@Afker> yeah
2:50:50am	<@Afker> you start with one
2:50:55am	<@Afker> you can get a few more
2:50:57am	<@Afker> up to 5
2:51:03am	<@Afker> serve as spy
2:51:12am	<Serkai_afk> ok ^^ Well, we'll speak of that next time ^^
2:51:27am	<@Afker> (-:
2:51:37am	<Serkai_afk> I'll finish that dungeon, and then crush the rebels now, then save and wait till next time ^^
2:51:51am	<@Afker> k
2:51:58am	<@Afker> save often, and use different slots
2:52:07am	<Serkai_afk> i have 5 new games to test, so i won't be bored ^^
2:52:12am	<@Afker> (-:
2:53:37am	<Serkai_afk> oh, one more thing... do all comanders have special attacks ?
2:53:56am	<@Afker> no
2:54:07am	<@Afker> right now only Rance and Rick
2:54:14am	<Serkai_afk> oki, which ones do? is there anyway to check ?
2:54:45am	<@Afker> kinda
2:54:58am	<@Afker> look at their description in the "follower" section
2:55:09am	<@Afker> the right bar with tons of tex
2:55:10am	<@Afker> text
2:55:17am	<@Afker> toward the end
2:55:27am	<@Afker> look for similarity beetween rance and rick
2:55:31am	<Serkai_afk> oki