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Rance, King of Leazas[]

After the opening, Kanami is seen scouting the Helman-Leazas border due to rumored troop movements in Helman. After finding out that the Helman army was just searching for a fugitive, Kanami was about to report back to Lia. However, before she could, Kanami found a man lying on the ground. As she approached to help him, she discovered it was none other than Rance (who woke up for a short bit asking for her help before passing out again)! Fearing his reprisal if he was to survive this, Kanami reluctantly carried Rance back to Leazas Castle.

For three days, Lia stayed by Rance's side, who remained unconscious. On the third day, Suzume the maid came to ask Lia to rest a little, but the love-stricken and panicked Lia accused Suzume of attempting to seduce Rance. As Lia slapped and yelled at Suzume, Rance woke up.

While eating, Rance told Lia of the exploits of his brave bandit group, which purportedly killed 1,000,000 Helman troops before being forced to retreat (extreme embellishment). When Kanami asked of the whereabouts of Sill, Rance asked Lia to lend him the entire army of Leazas, so he could take revenge upon Helman (while unconvincigly denying any concern he might have for Sill). Of course, the army of an entire nation cannot be mobilized just for the sake of one individual's revenge. However, Lia made a proposal: if Rance was to marry her, then he would become King of Leazas. This would make the army his to command, as a slight to the king can be counted as a slight to the nation. After giving the matter some thought, Rance agrees, and a week later they are married. The people present at the wedding are: Barres, Maris, Kanami, Maria, Shizuka, Rick, Ex, and Sel, each of them with different wandering thoughts.

The next day, Rance was going to make a speech as the new king of Leazas to his citizens from the balcony of Leazas Castle. However, he lost the prepared speech Maris prepared for him, so he made up an honest one clearly explaining Rance's worldview. The next day, rebellion broke out.

The Rebellion[]

At the end of the first turn against the Rebellion, X and Pegasus are seen talking. X will mention he miscalculated, as he had overestimated the number of people who would join the Rebellion, saying he had hoped Kurudoba and Rick would join. However, Pegasus declared he was not to soil the honor of the White army, and that he would give Barres, Rick, and Kurudoba a punch of justice to open their eyes.

Later when it's X's turn to lauch an attack, he is seen distracted as Helen is talking to him. X asked if Helen's father were to show up on the other side of the battlefield, whether Helen would let personal feelings interfere. Helen responds that she might indeed have a few, as her father's eyes have been clouded by Rance and she wants to clear his vision. After Helen leaves, X thinks about the entire Rebellion: "Are we doing the right thing, allies fighting allies? Rance's speech was astounding, and the people are obviously extremely upset, yet wise men such as Barres and Rick have for some reason decided to ally themselves to Rance's cause. Indeed, those two have fought alongside Rance during the Leazas Liberation War. Do they know a side of Rance that I don't...? No matter how much I think about it, I see no redeeming qualities in this King Rance... However, the die is cast, now, as the leader of the Rebel army, it is my duty to fight with all my might. Not just for me, but for all the people that are fighting for me and believe in me.  I have to win, for this country, and for its people."

The next turn, Maris advises Rance to first defend and deal in urban warfare to weaken the enemy forces, before launching a counter attack. Despite Rance openly criticising this strategy as "boring", he deems the strategy to be interesting, as fits an idea coming from the talented Maris. 

Leazas Expansionism[]

After a few fights and Rance's usual method of dealing with enemy forces (men=>kill, women=>assault), Rance manages to assault X's headquarters and put an end to the rebellion. After stopping the Rebellion, Rance wants to immediately assault Helman. However, Maris advises against it. The mountain pass between Leazas and Helman would only allow very few troops to cross at a time, whereas the entire Helman army can wait at the other side. Maris suggests to find some other means against Helman. Rance thought about the possibility to attack Zeth, but Zeth currently has friendly relationship with Leazas, and it's not good to unnecessarily create a powerful enemy. Finally Rance suggest to conquer the Free Cities Alliance. Maris said while it's not a problem to conquer them, they aren't harmful either. However, Rance's goal is to eventually unify the entire continent, so it's decided that the Free Cities should be the next target.

Barres was moved by (what he mistaken to be) Rance's nobel intention: "For the sake of world peace, it is necessary for one nation to rule over all. Rance is willing to carry the forsaken name of the Conquerer in order to acheive world peace. He's definitely a great person."

The AL Church[]

The first week after the Rebellion has been quenched, the AL Church have a meeting. Pope Murararu revealed that the rise of King Rance has already been foretold in the prophecies, and instructed one of his officers, Sarubenaotto, to ask Rance to continue supporting the Church.

Sarubenaotto arrives on the third week after the Rebellion, and asked Rance for Leazas' continual support of the AL Church. Maris informed that the AL Church has lots of followers in Leazas, Zeth, and Helman. If Leazas became enemy of the AL Church, it will have very bad effect on national stability. Top choice continues to pay, whereas bottom choice stops. If player chooses to continue to pay, Sarubenaotto will invote Rance to visit the AL Church to have chats with the pope from time to time (however this requires the player to have conqured Shifteria). Choosing the bottom choice will turn the AL Church into an enemy. Murararu will instruct followers throughout the world to rise against King Rance, and order Baruotto to lead the Temple Knights on a crusade agaist Leazas.

Hunting Little Princess[]

At the end of the turn after the Rebellion, monsters suddenly start attacking the Leazas Castle. After fending them off, La Saizel the Ice Dark Lord showed up at the castle, and demanded Rance to hand over the "Little Princess". However Rance has no knowledge of what she is talking about. La Saizel warned Rance not to interfere with the Dark Lords, attacks, and retreats.

During the battle's debriefing, the issue that Dark Lords cannot be harmed by normal means is brought up. Rance mentioned the Demon Sword Chaos, which can break through the protection field of the Dark Lords, but is currently sealed away. Just then, a soldier reports that three people chased by monsters sought shelter with the castle. As Rance heard two of the three are beautiful girls, he immediately agreed to let them in. The third person, a male who is severely wounded, was sent to the doctor immediately. One of the girls, Nikkou, introduced herself as the protector of Kentarou and Miki. Miki is worried about Kentarou's wounds, and after quick introduction and requesting permission, went to Kentarou's side. Nikkou said she'll explain their story the next day, and exited.

In a hideout on the mountains reside the dark lords of the Kayblis faction sent to capture the Little Princess. Kamilla reprimended La Saizel for her failure, but Rey thinks having wounded Kentarou is already decent result. Lainkokku snapped at Rey, as Kamilla wasn't talking Rey, Rey should just keep his mouth shut. Kamilla forced Laikokku to shut up by clasping her finger against his jaw. Kamilla told La Saizel that instead of apologizing, she should have pride and simply do a better job, especially if she doesn't want to get compared with her younger sister. However, Kamilla said thanks to La Saizel's failure, Kamilla will get to stay in the human realm for a bit longer and have more fun. Rey made fun of Kamilla, saying it's natural for her to want to be here, since over at the Monster Realm there is this annoying ugly one proposing to Kamilla, which drew a chuckle from La Saizel. However, Kamilla countered by reminding the two that they have things to be ashamed of. The meeting ended with everyone being angry.

On week two, Maris reported confirmation that Miki is the Demon King, aka the Little Princess. If Rance decide to assault Miki, it will unleash a strong power within Miki that will cause a huge explosion at the Leazas Castle, inadvertantly killing Kentarou. Miki, in her sorrow, accepted the position of Demon King, hoping the fully awakened power may somehow bring Kentarou back to life. Several weeks later, the fully awakened Little Princess reunited the dark lords, swept through Helman and Zeth via two paths, and came to claim the life of Rance, King of Leazas (whom the Little Princess blames for the death of Kentarou). This is the Demon King end. Picking the bottom choice, "see how it goes", will continue the main story.

At the end of week two, Lainkokku told Kamilla what he did to a man named Scarlet, who was previously brought to Kamilla but married another woman. Lainkokku found three people to rape Scarlet's wife, and made Scarlet watch it. However, Kamilla seemed to be bored by the whole story.

Week 3, the question of what to do with Miki still exists. Both Barres and Maris worry that the constant assault of the monster army, without a good way to counter them, will wear down the strength of Leazas, creating opportunaties for Helman and Zeth to take advantages of. Rance went to his room to think alone. Chaos can damage the Dark Lords, but it's quite an annoying sword (which is why it's sealed away), and the town of Red is quite far away. Then Rance remembered Chaos isn't the only sword he know of that can harm the Dark Lords. There is another sword, the Holy Sword Nikkou that is the counterpart of Chaos... Just when he thought the holy sword's name sounds familar, there's a knock on his door, and Nikkou came in. Nikkou pleaded Rance to not hand Miki over to the Dark Lords. Rance brought up the issue he has, that they have no means to fight the dark lords. Then Nikkou revealed her identity, that she is the Holy Sword, wielded by Kentarou. By letting Rance wield her, Rance would be able to fight the dark lords on equal footing, and thus protect Miki from the Dark Lords. In order to synchronize with Rance, Nikkou needs Rance's DNA inside her body (aka H). With a woman willing to sleep with him, Rance easily agreed to protect Miki.

After H, Nikkou turned into sword form (She can still talk to Rance). When Miki came by and asked Nikkou's whereabouts, Nikkou asked Rance not to reveal the fact that Nikkou is not actually human, and instead told Miki that Rance had sent Nikkou on an errand.

At the end of week 3, Lia asked, even with Rance weilding the Demon Sword, what will happen of all the dark lords attacked at once? Then the dark lords Satella and Megallas visited the Leazas Castle. Satella commented she can't believe Rance actually became a king, and Rance asked how is her "oversensitive" body doing. As the two were about to get into a fight, Megallas stopped Satella, reminding her they are here for more important business. Satella, representing the Hornet faction, wanted to meet with the Little Princess. After Miki shows up, Satella asked Miki to go back with her to Hornet's side. With the chaos over at the Monster Realm, it is necessary for Miki to take up the mantle of the Demon King. However, Miki just want to be a normal girl, and doesn't want to become the Demon King. As Satella gets frustrated and mad again, Megallas stepped in, told Miki they won't force her to go back against her wishes, but there isn't much time left, as the chaos in the Monster Realm will eventually spread and impact the humans. Megallas asked Miki to have resolve before that happens, and until then, they will protect Miki no matter what Miki says. Thus the two Dark Lords joined the Leazas army (but will only fight when Dark Lords are involved).

On week 5 or so Rey will attack again. Regardless of the outcome, Rey will go to Meari's house in Ricci, and Meari will welcome him back, and makes tea for the battle-weary Rey. Rey recalled 37 years ago when Rey was wounded from his fight with Kayblis, Meari was the one who treated him, even though Rey's body was releasing electricity. She was the first one to give so much care to his dangerous body, which even other Dark Lords tend to stay away from. When Rey woke up, her hair and hands were all burnt... then Meari brought the tea and broke Rey's musings. Meari commented that Rey has a suffering expression when he fights, but she doesn't know why he fights. Fighting is something that might cause one to love his life, and also takes away others' lives too. And Meari especially worries about Rey's heart which gets hurt from fighting, and asks if there is any way for Ray to avoid fighting. Rey thought to himself: "it's impossible, if I refuse to fight, Kayblis will kill you, that's how he threatens me". However, Rey simply said to Meari that he's a Dark Lord, fighting is how he lives, thus it's ok, and that Meari would not be able to understand because she is human. Meari thought to herself that Rey is really bad at lying, despite having lived for much longer than she has, he's a very straightforward person. Then Meari said she likes Rey, and asked if Rey gets embarassed. "Don't be stupid" said Rey. Then Meari started coughing. Rey wanted to do something about the unknown sickness that Meari has. However, Meari said she doesn't want to become immune to age and sickness via the powers of the Dark Lords. She is human, and such is her fate, she won't go against her fate. Then she resumed weaving a sweater, and used color that matches Rey's hair. The two of them try to spend however much is left of their precious time together.

The Fall of AL[]

After the Leazas has taken over Temple AL HQ, the pope Murararu runs to an underground room, the "Room of Descent", and invoke a summoning spell to call upon the Angel Knight Reda. He requests Reda to help protect him from Leazas, as he is afraid to die. Reda called him a useless man, and slew him on the spot. "The human king, Rance?" wondered Reda, and disappears. Above ground, Rance leads the Leazas army and begin searching the AL head quarter for hidden treasures. On the fourth floor, Rance found Sarubenaotto hiding. Rance recognized Sarubenaotto from his earlier visit to the Leazas castle. Sarubenaotto hugged Rance's foot and plead for mercy, saying he was merely following the pope's orders. However, Rance doesn't like men, and slew Sarubenaotto. Just then, Maris showed up and reported that the pope Murararu's dead body has been found, but he was killed before the Leazas army found him. Maris warned that no matter who did it, other people will think Leazas performed the deed, and from now on they have to worry about riots from AL followers throughout the country. The player can choose to either

If the player choose the top choice, Rance will strip the outfit of Sarubenaotto (which convinently has a green mask), and dress up in it pretending to be the pope's representative, and turn the AL followers to his side. Then he walked to the Room of the Representative, where lots of panicked church followers ran to. When the people there saw the number 2 person of the Church, they all calmed down. The fake Sarubenaotto said: "Our pope has committed a crime, and King Rance the Holy One has trimmed him!". "Trimmed?" the AL followers wondered. The fake Sarubenaotto continued: "From now on I, as the regent pope, shall continue the operations of the AL Church. Of course, together with Leazas." Then one by one the followers kneeled by the fake Sarubenaotto and prayed at him.

The Shangri-La events[]

In the middle of the desert, there is an Oasis city known as Shangri-La. Attacking it will start the conversation where Rance mentions that it is the perfect location to launch an assault on either Helman or Zeth. However, Maris warns him that in order to reach Shangri-La, a vast desert must be crossed, with only Shangri-La's own inhabitants ever finding a way to make the trek. Indeed, to keep commerce flowing, Shangri-la would send desert guides to lead the way for the merchants, while all invading nations inevitably lose most of their forces to the harsh desert, never coming across the legendary city, famed for its beauty. Rance, undeterred, decides to find a way to invade it nonetheless. Eventually, Rance finds bribes a desert guide to lead the Leazas army to Shangri-La, with some reservations from Maris, finding the guide and his willingness to betray his country suspicious. After the troops enter the desert for a while and seem to walk in circles, 10% are lost to the desert. When Maris advises heading back, a soldier reports a sandstorm, forcing Rance's army tp hide in tents and wait it out, and another 20% of the troops are lost. When Rance complains to the guide that this is taking too long and they are losing people just for being on the march, the desert guide revealed that this is actually a trap, and the Leazas army is surrounded by the Shangri-La guides. After defeating them, Rance orders a retreat back to Leazas.

The week after the Shangri-La incident, a desert guide will appear at the Leazas Castle, inviting Rance to Shangri-La for the "Moon Party", with beautiful woman dancers and delicious wine & food, to celebrate Rance as the new king of Leazas. While Maris warned it might be a trap, Rance still went. Rance said even if it's a trap, he's bringing his own troops, and he can smash any trap.

In the desert, the guide invoked a spell that solidified parts of the desert into a solid path to go into Shangri-La. This is the secret defense that keeps Shangri-La safe from enemies. In Shangri-La, there's a tapestry that took 100 girls 10 years to weave, statues made by famous sculptors out of a "Kanta" rock that is refined from gold, though Rance is mostly concerned about where the beautiful girls are. When Rance saw Deathcoco, he was surprised by how ugly the king of Shangri-La is, which is a big mismatch with the beautiful girls in the hall way. Deathcocco said he was going to greet Rance as soon as Rance became King, but Deathcoco's body isn't exactly fit for travel, so instead he invited Rance here. Then Deathcocco summoned beautiful girls to bring in music, food, and wine. When Rance saw Shyariera, he immediately scored her as 95 points (out of 100?). Rance slapped her rear, and was surprised she didn't get angry. She said it's ok if that is what Rance desires. Rance then groped her breasts, which she didn't mind either. Rance commented this place is like heaven. While Rance enjoyed himself with the food, wine, and girls, he didn't notice Deathcoco keeps holding and touching the golden oil lamp. While Rance found none of the girls seemed very spirited, they were cute so Rance didn't think too much about it.

The second week that Rance is in Shangri-La, Lia start complaining that Rance is taking too long to return. From the reports of desert guides, Maris told Lia that the Moon Party is still going on and Rance is having a great time there. Lia decided to write a letter to Rance telling him to come back, and Maris agree it's not a good idea for a king to be gone for so long. In the mean time, Rance was walking in the hallway, and saw Shyariera (whose name he forgot). Rance told Shyariera they'll have some fun that night, Shyariera asked if Rance really wanted her, as opposed to her other (older) "sisters" (seems she is the youngest there) who she thought are more pretty and elegant. Rance said he's fine with her, and kissed her, and she thanked Rance. Then they went to bathe together. Later Rance is enjoying getting fed various kinds of rare fruit by the girls. Deathcoco is satisified seeing Rance is happy, and continuing touching the golden lamp.

The third week that Rance is in Shangri-La, Lia is getting V-E-R-Y impatient, and doublechecked that Maris did send the letter to Rance. Then she asked if the letter was sent, why isn't Rance back yet. Maris replied that while it's sent, she can't check if it's arrived or if something happened to it. Lia wanted to send out the army, in case Rance is in some kind of trouble. However, Maris think it's premature, and adviced to wait and see a little longer. In the mean while, the Moon Party continues in Shangri-La. Shyariera fell (tripped), and the other girls talked smack about her ("What's that girl's problem?" etc), but Rance said the girls should all be nice to each other, and lifted Shyariera to sit by him and asked her to pour wine for him. Shyariera was surprised that Rance wasn't going to make fun of her, because all the other older girls and Deathcoco all look down on her and bully her. Rance responded that cute girls are cute, and that's enough, so there's no reason to make fun or bully her. Shyariera found that to be incredible.

The fourth week that Rance is in Shangri-La, Lia has resorted to brooding on the throne, and eating lots of snacks. Maris felt sorry for Lia, while Barres wondered what could've happened to Rance to cause him not to contact his wife Lia at all. Korudoba mentioned, but if Rance is having a blast at the party, wouldn't he not want to come back? Lia said that can't be possible, beause she is here! Korudoba immediately apologized and offered to play the Harmonica for Lia. But Lia wouldn't have it, she just wants Rance to come back. In the mean time, Rance is still playing with the girls, and taking a bath in wine. Then Rance thought he out to do this too after he's back at Leazas. Afterall, he is the king so he can do anything. Then suddenly he started wondering how long has he been out of Leazas... Then he went to take a piss, and the girls "cleaned him up". He decided to have sex with the girls in the toilet, however he got tripped by the zippers, causing one of the girl's head to bump into a piller, hard. However, it only produced a dull sound. The girl didn't respond when Rance asked if she's ok. When Rance took a closer look, he found the girl is actually a very delicately made wooden doll! Rance was very surprised, but then he noticed Shyariera wasn't surprised, but looked uneasy, then he grabbed her hand and looked carefully, and confirmed she is also a doll. Rance was angry and charged into Deathcoco's room to confront him. Rance felt very insulted to have been tricked using dolls. When being confronted, Deathcoco didn't deny that all the girls were dolls. He then told Rance that there are no actual human girls in Shangri-La at all. Human girls don't listen to what you tell them. They have free will, which can get inconvinent at times, and they can even betray you. Compared to that, dolls are great, they will retain their beauty forever, obey Deathcoco absolutely, will not try to seduce Deathcoco in order to steal his wealth, will not pretend to be nice before him but insult him behind his back. Thus Deathcoco finds dolls to be wonderful. However, Rance doesn't happy about it at all, and called Deathcoco a fatty. This made Deathcoco really angry. He originally treated Rance as a fellow friend who also enjoyed girls, however Rance didn't want to be friend with him. Then Deathcoco rubbed the golden lamp and summoned Aladjinn to kill Rance. However, Rance has no problem defeating the Aladjinn, and killed Deathcoco.

Then Aladjinn appeared again, telling Rance he is the new master of the lamp, and that Rance should now make his wish. Aladjinn is the genie of the lamp, and exists to carry out the orders of those who found him. Aladjinn then told Rance about how Deathcoco was originally a desert trader and became king via the lamps powers. However, now that Deathcoco is dead, the wishes he made are going to expire too. The wooden girl dolls that have been serving Rance will be turning back to regular lifeless dolls. Then Aladjinn asked again if Rance has any wishes, though Aladjinn can only grant a total of 10 wishes and Deathcoco has used up 9, so there is only 1 left, and Aladjinn will go into sleep for 100 years before he can grant wishes again. Rance's first wish was world domination, so that every living being in the world will obey him. But that was beyond Aladjinn's powers. Then Rance tried to wish for a super body that will not die or age, but Aladjinn can't do it either. Then Rance tried to wish for a body that can go one without sleeping, yet again Aladjinn cannot do it. Then Shyariera came, to confirm that Deatchcoco really died, which would explain why her "older sisters" begin to fell one after the other. Then Shyariera, who was leaning against the wall, collapsed to the floor. With her dying breath (?), she thanked Rance for treating her like the other girls. She felt... happy? it's weird, dolls shouldn't have feelings. She said she's also a doll, so she's returning to the same world as her sisters. She was happy that she has met Rance, and bid him farewell, then closed her eyes. Then Rance made his wish, to turn Shyariera into a human. Aladjinn received the wish, did a countdown, and disappeared. Shyariera woke up (and looked different), and wondered since she is supposed to be dead, why can she see Rance there. Rance told her he used Aladjinn's magic to turn her into human, and Shyariera was moved to tears and thanked Rance. She asked if she could go with Rance, Rance said it's ok, but now that Deathcoco is dead, is there any way to leave this place? All the desert guides served Deathcoco right? Shyriera told Rance that she too know the spell for the road that links Shangri-La with Ricchi.

Back at Leazas, Lia is happy that Rance is back, and Rance celebrated the capture of Shangri-La. The next day, Maris, Lia, and Rance met. Lia said it's a good idea to use Shangri-La as a staging point agianst Helman and Zeth, because there is a harsh mountain pass to get to Helman, and Zeth is defended by a strong fort, whereas using the desert the army can be camaflouged. However, Rance said in order to travel from Shangri-La to the other nations, they need the desert guides. The only surviver from Shangri-La was Shyariera, who only know the path linking to Ricchi. Then Rance said he'll see if Shyariera knows anything else.

The first time the player pick Shyariera, Rance will ask her about the spells. Shyariera will remember there is an underground passage beneath the palace that leads to a secret room. She doesn't know what's in it, but it might be worth looking into. Then at Shangri-La a city event "Deathcoco's secret room" will become available. Visiting it will lead Rance to Houses Nurse, the Holy Girl Monster of Earth who is responsible for controlling the desert secrete passages. Choosing the top option will release her, whereas choosing the bottom option will continue to bind her to Shangri-La. If the player free her, she will tell Rance that because she has been used by humans for countless ages, she is not going to thank him, but she will keep the desert passage working for one more day so Rance can get out. Afterwards Shangri-La will become completely inaccessable.

The Gandhi events[]

Randomly at the beginning of a turn, Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi and his two followers will appear in the town of In, and saw the aftermath of the rebellion. Uichita asks Gandhi shouldn't they head back to their own nation? Gandhi said that Magic and others will take care of things back home, so there is nothing to worry. Kagura wondered if Uichita is worried that their own country might have an uprising also, and said it will be fine because it's their home. Uichita wondered how Kagura can be so optimistic, Kagura replied that because uprisings only happen in a country that is unsatisfied with its king, so they have nothing to worry, as their king is a wonderful person. The Uichita complains it's unfair for Kagura to play cute in front of the king, but Kagura said isn't Uichita the one who was worried about uprisings in the beginning? Uichita felt like a fool. Then Gandhi told the two to stop arguing. Then Gandhi repeated that Magic will take care of the nation, so it's ok. Gandhi has bigger issues to not lose sight of: the world cannot stay as is. While the human nations squabble against each other, there is no way they will be able to win against the monsters who will eventually rise against the humans. That is the purpose of his travel, to help the weak and spread love. Uichita apologized for her shallow thinking, but Gandhi said it's good to think for her people, just need to expand it to include all humans.