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Demon Sword Chaos Nikkou Staff of Popularity
N. Writtings S. Writtings L. Holy Sword
By Lord Substitute Ninja Big Boss Pot
Safety Bonsai Snow Charm Barrier Blade
Love potion Contract Canceler Gold Bottle Statue
Gold Monkey Statue Gold Sunflower Statue Gold Bonsai Statue
Clothes (Sill) Crystal Sword Crystal Ring
Ikaseotokozu Wisdom Ring Ultimate Sweet
Supreme Sweet Capsule Kaiju A Capsule Kaiju B
Fog card Happiness Ring Space shell
Super aura shell Alkanoid shell Evil strong statue
Man-head dog ? Corpse of dead bird
Shiranui Mutated bebeta Jugon
Marimo Hawaiian Sword Asuteka Armor
Hirami lemon Ninja glue Key of great battle ship
Alumnium Axe Gold Axe Doping Drug
Charge horn Personal nurse -


Demon Sword Chaos[]

  • Commander Attack +10
    • Acquisition: After defeating Lei, talk to Cell and wait for Sieg to steal Chaos. Then talk to Cell again and fight Sieg with Rance.
    • Can only be equipped by Rance. Cannot be unequipped.


  • Commander Attack +10
    • Acquisition: Automatic, after demons start attacking Leazas.
    • Can only be equipped by Rance (before obtaining Chaos) or Kentarou. Cannot be unequipped.

Staff of Popularity[]

  • When equipper levels up, gains additional troops.
    • Increase is by a factor of 1.083 (e.g.: 100 -> 108, 1000 -> 1083, etc.)
      • Does not stack with Mill's +50 phantom beasts per level up.This Staff only works with the general that their troops can be raised with money.
      • Acquisition: Pluepet store, for 50,000k gold

N. Writings[]

  • Offensive Command Ability +1
    • Acquisition: Pluepet , 80,000k gold

S. Writtings[]

  • Defensive Command Ability +1
    • Acquisition: Pluepet , 80,000k gold

L. Holy Sword[]

  • Commander Attack +2
  • Acquisition: Automatic at beginning of Leazas phase

By Lord[]

  • Commander Attack +2
  • Acquisition: Automatic at beginning of Leazas phase on Rick

Safety Bonsai[]

  • Reduce random encounters in dungeons
    • Acquisition: Levy from Leazas Castle.

Wisdom Ring[]

  • Strategy success probability +20%
    • Acquisition: Hyper Building (201F)

Fog card[]

  • Nothing happens during battle. Disappears after usage.
    • Acquisition: Dangerous Hole (10F)

Evil Statue[]

  • Troop attack +2, but loses troops each turn
    • Acquisition : Stone-Cutter Dungeon (27F)

Tange Dog[]

  • Allow the unit to do 2 actions in a turn (once during your turn, then once in the end phase to defend)
    • Acquisition: Holy gal dungeon (76F)


  • Commander Attack +1
    • Acquisition: comes with Hubert, pre-equipped.

Hawaiian Sword[]

  • Commander Attack +1
    • Natural Foe Dungeon (25F)

Aztec Armor[]

  • Captain defense +1
    • Acquisition : Summit Mouth (20F)

Hirami lemon[]

  • Prevent Miki from turning into the Demon King
    • Acquisition : Buy from Pluepet or explore the tree in western Helman

Doping drug[]

  • Troop attack +3. Doping Drug will kill off some of equipped commander's troops each turn.
    • Acquisition : Ancient Ruins (20F)

Charge horn[]

  • Offensive Command Ability +1
    • Acquisition : obtained from Peach Paradise

Personal nurse[]

  • Increase troop recovery
    • Acquisition : obtained from Peach Paradise

Alumnium Axe[]

  • No use as equipment. Equip a commander with it and use it to explore Tiki Lake (you only need to do this once)
    • Acquisition : Levy at Lazeal

Golden Axe[]

  • Commander Attack +1
    • Can be obtained by taking a unit equipped with the Aluminium axe to Tiki lake, but you will not be able to access the haniwa temple.

Ring of Happiness[]

  • Exp double
    • Acquisition: Dangerous Hole, 50F

Capsule Kaiju A[]

  • Summon Kaiju in battle.
    • Acquisition: Giant Battleship, 20F choose button D

Capsule Kaiju B[]

  • Summon Kaiju in battle.
    • Acquisition: Giant Battleship, 20F choose button E

Giant Battleship Key[]

  • Enters Giant Battleship
    • Acquisition: Levy at Path

Crystal Ring[]

  • +2 magic
    • Acquisition : Dungeon of lies (25F)

Crystal Sword[]

  • +2 troop attack
    • Acquisition : Wait for Mineva to outfit her unit with crystal swords, then capture Lang Bau and levy there.


Substitute Ninja[]

  • Prevent ninja from being caught when failure, once
    • Acquisition: Pluepet , 10000

Demon Overlord Pot[]

  • Use: triggers beginning of turn event with Wendy
    • Acquisition: Monster Cave, 14F

Orgasmic Men[]

  • Use:Trigger H-event with Milli (CG)
    • Acquisition: Orochi's pit (20F)

Space Shell[]

  • 8F of Haniwa temple
    • Acquisition: Tiki Lake after using the aluminium axe
    • Does not appear to do anything

Vevetar Mutant[]

  • 5F of Mos's Dungeon
    • No known use

Alkanoid Shell[]

  • Levy at Alan
    • No known use

SA Shell[]

  • Levy at Sudori 13
    • No known use


  • Levy at Walkland
    • No known use


  • Maid Dungeon (16F)
    • No known use

Bird Corpse[]

  • Ancient Ruins (50F)
    • No known use