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Sill Lia Maris Magic Nagi Makoto
Suzume Wendy Kanami Kaoru Wichita Elizabeth
Leila Menad Haurein Isoroku Merci Kouhime
Melfeis Soul Anasel Rebecca Annis Elena
Maria Shizuka Ran Aya Aoi Aviator
Milli Mill Mokomoko Uspira Kapala Cafe
Sayori Merim Raylee Calory Sanakia Sel
Shariela Amiran Katyusha Somita Pastel Papaya
Saulnia Satella Julia Fuuka Fururu Freya
Rafalia Arlcoate Cream Martina Miki Library Ghost
Ruberan Sheila Chizuko Rona Hanty La Seizel

Sill Edit

  • Happy: Rudrasaum was put to sleep, bringing peace. Then she went on another journey with Rance.
  • Unhappy: Madame Gorch took her out of Volgo Z and she died in a fit of insanity.

Lia Edit

  • Happy: Rudrasaum was put to sleep, bringing peace. Then she and Rance ran the world together.
  • Unhappy: Rance abandoned his country to go on an adventure with Sill.

Maris Edit

  • Happy: Lia was happy.
  • Unhappy: Lia was unhappy.

Suzume Edit

  • Happy: Was able to part with her father that was using her body to get ahead.
  • Unhappy: Still taking orders from her father and letting men she doesn't know use her body.

Wendy Edit

  • Happy: From being abused in the S&M Tower, she could be the abused maid she longed to be.
  • Unhappy: While continuing to be a maid, feels like there's one thing missing.

Kanami Edit

  • Happy: Ran off in a flight of love with Code, a Zeth army spy.
    • This ending is difficult to achieve. When interacting with Kanami, you will have a random chance of calling Kanami when she is using the toilet, on her period (harem screen) or asking her to get you a burger (ninja maneuver). You will have "good" and "bad" choices, bad choices involving mistreating Kanami. Send Kanami to do a mission in Zeth, where she meets Code, a Zeth ninja. Next turn, you will get a beginning of turn event where she meets Code again. Send Kanami to Zeth again. The next turn, you will get another beginning of turn event. If you have mistreated Kanami enough, she will let Code assassinate Rance and then leave Leazas to start a new life. This leads to a game over (no CG).
  • Unhappy: Due to screwing up a job, she was captured by the enemy.

Leila Edit

  • Happy: Confessed to Rick and got in a relationship with him.
  • Unhappy: Married off to Nobunaga Oda, ruler of JAPAN, as a tool to create an alliance.

Menad Edit

  • Happy: Freed herself of Zarak, the man that manipulated her, and moved on with her life.
  • Unhappy: When the world was in danger, Zarak betrayed her and she learned she'd been deceived.

Haurein Edit

  • Happy: After gaining much experience, her father approved of her when they fought together.
  • Unhappy: Impregnated by Rance in the S&M Tower, she ran away, unable to face her father.

Melfeis Edit

  • Happy: The Uncurse Spring returned her body to normal. She later happily married a subordinate.
  • Unhappy: Fucked by Rance, holding off her fits for a time, but later died from another fit.

Soul Edit

  • Happy: After being rescued by Rance, she reunited with Bound. They lived in Leazas together.
  • Unhappy: She was taken from Volgo Z by Madame Gorch and died in a fit of insanity.

Anasel Edit

  • Happy: She was rescued when the thieves were exterminated and went on to live in peace.
  • Unhappy: Freed once only to be recaptured, her days of being abused in the S&M Tower went on.

Maria Edit

  • Happy: Launched into space by the Tulip 100, but the rest of her life was spent with Rance.
  • Unhappy: Caught in an explosion caused by an accident during research and tragically died.

Shizuka Edit

  • Happy: Defeated Ragarl and lived aimlessly for a while, then left to find a new purpose.
  • Unhappy: Lost to Nagi and was captured. She was then raped by Ragarl and used to create the Flash.

Ran Edit

  • Happy: Even though she came to Rance, everything ended without him having sex with her once.
  • Unhappy: In order to escape from being toyed with by Rance, she ended her own life.

Milli Edit

  • Happy: Even as Rance's subordinate, she kept having sex with both men and women every day.
  • Unhappy: Contracted the strange disease genfluenza and met a silent end.

Mill Edit

  • Happy: Gained an adult body thanks to the Fountain of Growth and entered Rance's harem.
  • Unhappy: No matter what she tried, Rance wouldn't accept her as a partner.

Mokomoko Edit

  • Happy: Passed her days happily in Rance's harem.
  • Unhappy: Captured by the DX Association while she was wandering around town.

Sayori Edit

  • Happy: Gave herself to Rance to protect M Land. She was freed later and ran it again.
  • Unhappy: Married Shinoda, a man she doesn't love.

Merim Edit

  • Happy: From exploring dungeons many times, she made numerous discoveries.
  • Unhappy: Bitten by a monster while searching a dungeon. She died because there was no hospital.

Raylee Edit

  • Happy: Flirted in the library to disgust Rance. After being freed she returned to Amuro.
  • Unhappy: For Lazeal and for Amuro, she gave herself to Rance.

Shariela Edit

  • Happy: Became human thanks to Aladdin's power and happily spent her time in the castle.
  • Unhappy: Because Rance gave her no attention for a long time, she turned back into a doll.

Amiran Edit

  • Happy: Reunited with her father after Helman fell. Her husband died, but she lived happily.
  • Unhappy: Worried about her father after he was captured, she gave herself to Rance, too.

Katyusha Edit

  • Happy: When the Helman Fifth Army was destroyed, she escaped with war funds and hid away.
  • Unhappy: Despite her efforts to suck up to Rance, she was sold off to the DX Association.

Julia Edit

  • Happy: The Royal Guard's numbers doubled, and she powered up thanks to the Hanny King.
  • Unhappy: When the Hanny King came to Leazas, she was given to him as a pet.

Saulnia Edit

  • Happy: When the Helman Fifth Army was destroyed, she escaped with war funds and hid away.
  • Unhappy: Despite her efforts to suck up to Rance, she was sold off to the DX Association

Satella Edit

  • Happy: Reigned over the world with Demon Lord Rance. It was now a world of monsters.
  • Unhappy: Unable to defy Demon Lord Kayblis, she became his slave.

Rafalia Edit

  • Happy: Successfully graduated from the military academy and joined the Leazas Army.
  • Unhappy: Lost to Arlcoate and put through reeducation. She never joined the Leazas Army.

Arlcoate Edit

  • Happy: Fell in love with Rance after receiving encouragement from him numerous times.
  • Unhappy: Raped by Rance.

Cream Edit

  • Happy: Was able to freely exert her tactical abilities in the Leazas Army.
  • Unhappy: Killed by Nero and his subordinates' surprise attack.

Ruberan Edit

  • Happy: After the fall of Helman, she reunited with Merim. She swore to work for her fallen nation.
  • Unhappy: Captured by Rance and sent to the dungeon.

Sheila Edit

  • Happy: Happily lived with Aristoles, who betrayed Patton and ran to her.
  • Unhappy: Rance used drugs on her and continued fucking her, making her addiction worse.

Chizuko Edit

  • Happy: When her tower fell, Gandhi stopped her suicide. She came to Leazas and loved Rance.
  • Unhappy: Died as her tower fell.

Magic Edit

  • Happy: Rance broke her contract with the devil and she came to Leazas. Later she reunited with her lover Alex.
  • Unhappy: Her contract with Xacalite was completed and her soul was stolen.

Nagi Edit

  • Happy: She was chosen by Rance and found a new place for herself.
  • Unhappy: Lost her place of belonging. Died in the wilds.

Makoto Edit

  • Happy: Lived happily with her family in a teahouse in Osaka.
  • Unhappy: Captured by Rance and forced into his harem, never able to return home.

Kaoru Edit

  • Happy: Continued to wander with Gandhi on a journey to reform the world.
  • Unhappy: Captured by the demon Medusa and used as her toy until she died.

Wichita Edit

  • Happy: Continued to wander with Gandhi on a journey to reform the world.
  • Unhappy: Tried to kill Rance after he executed Gandhi, but was killed by a soldier.

Elizabeth Edit

  • Happy: Caught Rance's attention as he frequented the AL Church and entered his harem.
  • Unhappy: When the AL Church fell, she was thrust away by Muralaloux in the chaos and killed.

Yamamoto Isoroku Edit

  • Happy: She was impregnated by Rance as she desired and gave birth to a healthy boy.
  • Unhappy: Captured by the demon Medusa and used as her toy until she died.

Merci Edit

  • Happy: Was once captured by Rance, but later happily lived her life without incident.
  • Unhappy: Was once again found by Rance and ultimately captured.

Princess Kou Edit

  • Happy: The world fell into chaos again, but she rebuilt JAPAN with Isoroku and her child.
  • Unhappy: When Osaka Castle fell, she burned to death with the castle.

Rebecca Edit

  • Happy: Rescued by Rance from Pluepet's estate and entered his harem.
  • Unhappy: Unable to believe in Rance, who paid for sex with her, she killed herself.

Annis Edit

  • Happy: Rejected the magic research institute's offer so she could keep being Chizuko's disciple.
  • Unhappy: Used to make the Flash, her blood was drained from her body and she died.

Elena Edit

  • Happy: Separated from her abusive stepmother and came to Rance.
  • Unhappy: Continued to sell flowers in Helman and be abused by her stepmother every day.

Aya Edit

  • Happy: Able to flaunt her skills at Genius Hospital, she cured many patients.
  • Unhappy: Unwillingly gave her first time to cure okayu disease.

Aoi Edit

  • Happy: Rehabilitated after some time. She was adopted by an old couple and lived normally.
  • Unhappy: Continued to drown in pleasure as a sex slave for the rest of her life.

Aviator Edit

  • Happy: Able to aid the Leazas Army by getting two excellent students out of the academy.
  • Unhappy: Her return to commanding the Royal Guard put her marriage in danger.

Uspira Edit

  • Happy: Able to die with Saias.
  • Unhappy: Lost to Rance and disappeared after being raped.

Kapala Edit

  • Happy: With Rance's support, she was able to place 1st in the rankings.
  • Unhappy: Because of the photos Rance took, she was forced to retire. She then disappeared.

Cafe Edit

  • Happy: With the power of the Uncurse Spring, she was able to return to her true body.
  • Unhappy: Captured by Rance as Lady and imprisoned in the dungeon in Leazas Castle.

Calory Edit

  • Happy: Greening Disease was cured, but she continued to wait for Kite at Green Village.
  • Unhappy: Knowing her greening disease would eventually kill her, she helped other with the same.

Sanakia Edit

  • Happy: Continue to protect the fallen Toushin City.
  • Unhappy: Toushin City was conquered. She was once again toyed with by Rance.

Sel Edit

  • Happy: Unaware Rance tricked her, she was happy to be approved by the Pope's representative.
  • Unhappy: Deceived by land sharks, she was sold off to pay excess debt.

Somita Edit

  • Happy: Became an angel as she desired.
  • Unhappy: Despite dreaming of being an angel, she became a devil due to all her fighting.

Pastel Edit

  • Happy: Now able to trust humans, she even had a child with Rance named Reset.
  • Unhappy: Still unable to trust humans, she lives quietly in a closed off forest.

Papaya Edit

  • Happy: Captured by Rance and made an unpaid researcher, so she can engross herself in research.
  • Unhappy: Continued to be used as a sexual outlet by soldiers in the Leazas Castle dungeon.

Fuuka Edit

  • Happy: Rescued by Leazas army and live as a normal girl.
  • Unhappy: Sacrificed to Orochi.

Fururu Edit

  • Happy: Live the rest of her life happily with her husband, Cordoba.
  • Unhappy: Cordoba dies in battle, Rance will attend the funeral and H her.

Freya Edit

  • Happy: Succeeded at spreading poison around Leazas. Her reward made her rich.
  • Unhappy: Switched to Leazas' side, but caught spying on Helman and executed by Stessel.

Martina Edit

  • Happy: Tamed the demon Galtia with the cooking she takes pride in and befriended him.
  • Unhappy: Rance lost his temper and raped her, even though he didn't win the competition.

Miki Edit

  • Happy: Regardless of what world it was in, she always stayed with Kentarou.
  • Unhappy: Killed Kentarou when Rance raped her. Became the Demon Lord to try and revive him.

Library Ghost Edit

  • Happy: Finally able to read the bishounen manga she sought, she was able to pass on.
  • Unhappy: Still not having found the book she wants to read, she still wanders the library.

Rona Edit

  • Happy: With Redeye killed and her being taken in by Rance, she was able to escape her curse.
  • Unhappy: After Redeye was killed, she was controlled by his blood crystal and disappeared.

Hanty Edit

  • Happy: Forever watched over Patton.
  • Unhappy: Disappeared with Patton.

La Seizel Edit

  • Happy: She made peace with La Hawzel when Rance rescued her. They entered the Leazas Army.
  • Unhappy: Fused with La Hawzel and became La Vaswald.
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