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CG list from the Japanese Wiki.

Page 1[]

Sill in Harem (Bandit Era) Soul in Harem (Bandit Era) Soul tortured by Madam Golch Auto (Opening) Auto (Opening) Auto (Opening)
Lia in Harem (Normal) Maris in Harem Leila in Harem (Normal) Kanami in Harem (Normal) Kanami Mission Failed Scene Sayori in Harem
Rebecca in Harem Papaya Torture Anasel in Harem (Bandit Era) Merci in Harem Auto (Helman) Auto (Helman)
Shila in Harem Kichiku Plan with Shila (Shila paraded in public when attacking Helman) Shariela in Harem Event in Shangri-la Isoroku in Harem Kouhime in Harem
Melfis in Harem Haurein in Harem (Normal) Cream Bad Ending Event Cream in Harem Aoi in Harem Saulnia and Katyusha in Harem (3P)

Page 2[]

Katyusha in Harem (Alone) Saulnia in Harem (Alone) "Asasinated by a Child" Ending Ruberan in Harem Auto (Helman) Mokomoko in Harem
Makoto in Harem Menad and Zarak's Event Menad in Harem Auto (Nikkou) Shizuka (Lost the Duel) Auto (Resistance against Dark Lords)
Lia's Present Wendy in Harem Suzume in Harem Lia SM H Elizabeth in Harem Prank on Housesnurse
Sill tortured by Madam Golch Peephole at Tulip Research Center Amiran in Harem Ruberan Volleyball Event First Visit to the Kala Forest First Visit to the Kala Forest
H with Miki Auto (Papaya makes the Flash) (with Shizuka or Anise) 3rd Visit to Green Village Nagi in Harem Nagi as a Maid in Kesselring's House Sel Rape Scene when Obtaining Chaos

Page 3[]

3P with Sel and Chaos Event with Sel while Impersonating the Pope Chizuko in Harem SM H with Chizuko H with Kapala Kapala's H Photos
Magic's Contract with Zakaria H with Magic Royal Guards in Harem Merim Recovering from Injuries Merim in Harem Conquer Toushin City
Conquer Lazeal by Negotiation Reiri in Harem Aoi's Rehab Event Mill Becoming an Adult/in Harem Milli in Harem (with Sill) Elenoa in Harem
Sill in Harem Sill in SM Tower Sill Random Event Soul in Harem Haurein in SM Tower Kinkaid Event in Helman
Rafalia Event Rafalia in Harem Buy Girl from Lady's Caravan Arlcoate in Harem Satella in Harem Maria in Harem

Page 4[]

Maria in Harem after the Explosion in Tulip Research Center Event Stopping Elenoa from Committing Suicide Julia in Harem Aya Healing Rance of the Okayu Fever H with Martina Milli Caught by Medusa
Isoroku caught by Medusa Kaoru caught by Medusa Rape PG-7 Rape PG-9 Pi-R Auto Event Pi-R Event
Auto event (Camilla) Defeat Camilla (varies depending on whether Chaos is present) Imprison Lady Return Cafe to her original form Kaoru in Harem Wichita in Harem
Shizuka in Harem Demon King Rance Ending Maris dancing in front of the final gate Arriving at Ludo-Rathowm with Sill alive Silky fighting Kayblis without collecting all blood souls within 3 months >= 5 girls in the special room
>= 10 girls in the special room >= 15 girls in the special room Harem event when Leila and Rick are lovers H with Somita Miki event when lemons are out of supply Rape Fururu

Page 5[]

Peach Paradise Picnic Scene Anise in Harem Elena in Harem Rape Fuuka Use Aphrodisiac on Miki
Anasel in the SM Tower Milli with men Suzume in the SM Tower H Event with Ghost in the Library Levy in Parnas (Milfi) H with Kaybwan
H with Kaybnyan Warg Event with Ludo-Rathowm "Ludo-Rathowm's Puppet" Ending "The World is Mine" Ending (with Lia) "To Adventure Again" Ending (with Sill) Wendy in SM Tower
Alice Command Random Event after Conquering Zeth Random Event on Month 1 Week 1, LP4 Auto (Resistance against the Monsters) Auto (Resistance against the Monsters) Auto (Resistance against the Monsters)
Catch Freya Uspira Unhappy Event Defeat Kesselring Kouhime's Dream Saizel/Hawzel sisters join Defeat Gunagan