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Buildings Edit

The following buildings are available to construct in the capital of Leazas :

  • Hospital (costs 40000K Gold, build time: 3 months)
    • Essential to keep Merim, Milli and Maria alive during events
      • If you talk to Aya twice, you will see a beginning of turn event where Aya rejects a soldier. After that, you can send Rance to fight a purple Okayu Fever on the 10F of Natural Foe Dungeon and kiss it to contract Okayu disease. You can also talk to Ho-Raga and ask him how to contract Okayu disease, but this is not necessary.
  • Magic Research Building (costs 90000K Gold, build time: 3 months)
    • Can research a love potion to obtain a CG with Miki
    • Can research to increase the magic power of mages (Only Asuka, Melfeis,Sill and Shizuka)
      • Time taken is double of the current magic level
    • "Something Manly" does not appear to do anything
    • Can provides a Barrier Blade only after the first flash incident and you must not have Gandhi in the army.
    • When research is done, you must manually go back to the building to get the results. You will not be informed when it is done so you have to keep track of it manually.
  • Maria's Research Building (costs 98000K Gold, build time: 2 months)
    • Can obtain a CG via peeping
    • Can talk to Maria to increase her stats and obtain the T2 Goliath, this requires a lot of visists and is not tied to ingame passage of time
    • Choosing to take a look at the Tulip 100 will cause a game over and Maria's happy end (no CG)
    • Visiting after the T2 goliath is completed will cause Maria to start work on a high speed reactor. This may cause the reactor to explode, causing Maria to be hospitalised (she will die if the hospital is not completed). After she is released, you will get a different CG if you call her in the harem.
      • If she has already started work on the reactor, you can order her to stop it by using the peephole and overhearing the girls talk about how dangerous the reactor is. Then talk to Maria again to tell her to stop the reactor (there is only one option to tell her to stop it, so you cannot change your mind).
  • Girl Officer Academy (costs 60000K Gold, build time: 4 months)
    • Required to get both Rafalia and Arlcoate
      • Regardless of which girl you pick at the final exam, you can get the other girl 19 weeks later by going back to the academy
    • After the first visit, wait 3 weeks
    • Go back two more times to meet Rafalia for a CG
    • Wait 6 more weeks before going back to meet Arlcoate
    • Wait 6 more weeks for the final exam
  • Library (costs 40000K Gold, build time: 2 months)
    • Required to get Bound and a CG
      • To get the CG, you need Kanami, Maria and Haurein. After seeing the ghost, choose to stock the library with bishounen books in a beginning of turn event then go back.
  • SM tower (costs 80000K Gold, build time: 3 months)
    • Required for several CGs and to get Anasel
      • The CGs you can get are Suzume, Haurein, Sill, Lia, Chizuko, Anasel and Wendy. For Suzume, you need to visit the tower directly, for the rest, use the harem option.
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