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Kenja Keiko
Japanese 賢者 ケイコ
Romanization kenja keiko
Race Apostle
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class ???
World The Continent
Affiliation Hornet, Hornet Faction
Appeared in Little Princess, Rance X


Keiko was one of the 4 Apostles of the Supreme Dark Lord of the Monster Realm and leader of the Hornet Faction, Dark Lord Hornet. Her former race is unknown but her appearance suggests that she was either a Human or a Gal Monster.

Following Gi's death and his choice of Little Princess as the new Demon King, Keiko chose to support her master's endeavour in the War of the Factions. However, it seems that she was personally unhappy with the idea of someone other than Hornet taking the throne, leading to her acting in secret in order to take the life of Kurusu Miki herself. Despite her intentions, she never got far as Miki was able to mostly evade both factions for the entire duration of the war, save for some contacts with its members on occassion. When the outcome of the war was settled and Kayblis came out victorious following Hornet's submission, she along with her master and fellow Apostles, was captured and imprisoned in the Demon King's Castle, where she remained during the first months of the Second Dark Lord War. Eventually, during the events of Rance X, she was taken by Kayblis and brutally raped in front of Hornet in an attempt to break her spirit, suffering a horrific and painful death as a result.

Personality and Appearance[]

Keiko was a slim girl with a pale pink short hair that curls down on the ends. She had blue eyes and a very notable red tattoo on her left eye, coupled with a white hexagram in her pupil. She dresses formally, sporting a black suit with a red necktie and a skirt.

Little has been shown of Keiko's personality, but she's been described as a big admirer of Hornet, displaying an almost possessive and obsessive fixation with her master, rejecting anyone else as a potential candidate for the throne of the Demon King and pushing her as the legitimate heir even if she does not desire it. She's seemingly quite discrete and intelligent, as she prefers to take action directly but without her master's concent or knowledge. She remains loyal to Hornet however, and would never do anything that would harm her in any way. Hornet, despite her dignified exterior, appears to have some level of attachment or sense of responsability for her apostle, as she provoked Kayblis to leave Keiko alone and assault her in her stead.


Nothing is known about Keiko's abilities or skills. However, as an Apostle, she possesses a never-aging body and powers superior to that of humanity.


  • Keiko possesses a unique portrait and even an alternative nude portrait in the game files of Rance X but these never appear in the game itself, as Keiko herself only makes appearance in the CG where she's killed.
  • Keiko is the first apostle to appear in Alicesoft games, though she was not identified as such until the release of Rance X, decades later.