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I just wanted to be strong...
I was a tiny, cowardly, weak little squirrel, but... at the same time... I wanted to be like Khukul'Khukul.
That's it!! Stronger than anyone! Stronger than anything! The strongest!!
Who am I? Supreme Fiend Kayblis? No!
The strongest in the world...
The man who will surpass Khukul'Khukul!!

—Kayblis, reflecting on his lifelong ambition.


Japanese ケイブリス
Romanization Keiburisu
Race Fiend, Lis (former)
Age / Birth 6020+ (Transformed KuKu0200)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 595cm / 7800kg
595cm / 1010kg (Kichikuou Rance)
Status Demonic Blood Soul
Class Dread Fiend
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 255
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2 (?), Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 03, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Kaeru nyo Panyon


Kayblis is the oldest-living and most powerful Fiend in the history of The Continent, the leader of the Kayblis Faction and the main antagonist of Rance X.

A remnant of the KuKu Era, an ancient and long forgotten age, Kayblis began life as an ordinary Lis; a cave-dwelling subspecies of the original incarnation of the Planner Scenario's Protagonist Race the Round Ones. Minuscule scavengers with close to no natural combat ability, the round ones lacked the power necessary to provide sufficient entertainment for the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm and were quickly supplanted as protagonist race by the far more impressive Dragons. No longer the dominant species on the Continent, the round ones were reduced to mere fodder for the terrifying creatures that now roamed the land and were swiftly hunted to near-extinction.

Trapped at the very bottom of a chaotic world governed entirely by strength, Kayblis spent every day in a constant state of fear, uncertain that he would live to see the next. To evade predation, he learned to live with extreme caution, tunneling beneath the earth to hide whenever he sensed another creature approaching him and avoiding associating with others of his kind to prevent attracting the additional attention that traveling in a group would cause. While these techniques allowed Kayblis to stay alive, they did nothing to alleviate the anxiety that he felt at all times, and he would often go several days without sleep out of sheer horror over his circumstances.


The indomitable Khukul'Khukul inspires Kayblis to strive to become the strongest.

In the year KuKu0200, Kayblis was abducted by the Archfiend Khukul'Khukul, a godlike being in possession of transcendent strength. Desiring to test the varying effects that transferring its power into other organisms would have, Khukul'Khukul arbitrarily chose to give a small portion of its blood to Kayblis, transforming him into a Fiend in the process. Kayblis, who had expected Khukul'Khukul to kill him, was left in awestruck confusion by the Archfiend's gesture, stunned that something so powerful was even capable of existing, let alone taking interest in an insignificant lifeform such as himself. Gazing upon Khukul'Khukul, the creature who stood at the top of the world with strength so magnificent that it could effortlessly crush all that opposed it, Kayblis quietly resolved to use the newfound power he had been given to one day stand by its side as its equal and live without fear. In an instant, Kayblis, who had up to that point thought solely of surviving day-to-day, became filled with an inextinguishable drive to become the strongest.

Despite having become a Fiend, Kayblis remained too weak to reliably fight against even other small creatures, and continued to spend most of his time in hiding. While hidden, he would often watch as Khukul'Khukul waged war against the dragons. Though the dragons had both high physical abilities and a considerable numerical advantage, they were thoroughly eclipsed by Khukul'Khukul in terms of pure strength, and were killed by it en masse on a daily basis. These frequent displays of power captivated Kayblis even more, and inspired him to train constantly in the hope of strengthening his body enough to eventually match Khukul'Khukul. Little by little, Kayblis’ diligence, along with the round ones’ natural ability to evolve their bodies, caused him to grow stronger. While the changes were marginal at best, they were enough to motivate him to continue working hard and further push his limits.

Kayblis' reality came to a crashing halt in the year KuKu2014, where the seemingly invincible Khukul'Khukul was finally felled in battle. The sight of the being that he had long believed to be invincible dying before his eyes shook Kayblis to his very core and caused him to realize that all creatures, regardless of their strength, were capable of dying. Not wanting to be killed himself, Kayblis immediately swore total allegiance to Abel, the dragon that had inherited the title of Archfiend from Khukul'Khukul after defeating it.


The scheming Abel warps Kayblis' idea of what strength truly means.

Serving under Abel radically altered Kayblis’ outlook on what was needed to become the strongest being. Despite being responsible for ending Khukul'Khukul’s life, Abel was not particularly strong for a dragon, and was instead merely craven enough to have avoided fighting throughout the final battle against the Archfiend before seizing his chance to deliver the finishing blow to it. Furthermore, rather than fight them head-on after becoming Archfiend, as Khukul'Khukul had before him, Abel attempted to gradually exterminate the dragons by kidnapping Camilla, the sole living female of the species, and rendering them incapable of reproducing. To avoid detection, Abel created several hideouts in discreet locations across the Continent, which he would move between periodically in order to throw his enemies of his trail. Abel’s actions proved to Kayblis that the very same cautious cowardice that he himself possessed could be used to obtain the absolute power that he sought, validating his fearful approach to living. Abel's success also caused Kayblis to become enamored with Camilla, whom Abel had transformed into a Fiend, due to perceiving her to be the ultimate symbol of the draconic Archfiend's triumph.

In the year AV0056, just 56 years into his tenure as Archfiend, Abel was defeated and permanently incapacitated by the Dragon King Magiihoa, ending the millennia-long conflict between Monsters and dragons in the process. Though nearly all of Abel’s other remaining servants were slaughtered in the aftermath of the dragons’ victory, Kayblis managed to escape death once again through the use of the numerous hiding places that Abel had left behind. Kayblis spent the next several centuries hiding himself from the rest of the world, but was not at all dissuaded from his goal of becoming stronger, and used whatever means he could find while hidden to continue strengthening his body.


After years in hiding, Kayblis returns with a much stronger body.

Kayblis finally emerged from hiding some time near the beginning of the SS Era, over 700 years after Abel's defeat. To his surprise, the dragons, which had dominated the world when he had last left it, had seemingly vanished from existence, with a new species known as Humans taking their place as protagonist race. Kayblis, confused how such a weak species could have overcome the dragons, was unsure what to think of humans upon first encountering them, but immediately swore total allegiance to Ssulal, the human who had assumed the position of Archfiend. The lengthy amount of time he had spent training in isolation allowed Kayblis’ power to have risen substantially, with his body taking on a much larger and more bestial form to match it. With this strength, Kayblis was able to stand on equal footing with other Fiends, which caused him to gain a high standing within Ssulal’s forces soon after joining them. Dissatisfied with simply being recognized as strong rather than the strongest, however, Kayblis did not end his training, and continued to incrementally evolve his body throughout the lifetimes of both Ssulal and her successor Nighcisa.

At the dawn of the GL Era, 4,000 years since he had first been transformed into a Fiend, Kayblis had grown enough in strength to attain the position of head of The Four Dread Fiends; the Archfiend's four strongest servants. Now recognized as the strongest Fiend of all, Kayblis grew to become much more brash and sure of himself, and would freely antagonize the very same monsters that caused him to flee in panic in the past. The title also emboldened him enough to begin actively pursuing Camilla, who he continued to long for, though his idealization of her caused him to remain awkward and nervous when in her presence. Unable to look at him as anything other than the diminutive coward that he was when they first met, however, Camilla was disgusted by Kayblis’ advances, and brusquely rejected them at every opportunity, which caused him great amounts of grief and frustration.


To bolster his own ego, Kayblis creates a pair of weak Apostles to serve as sycophants.

While outwardly confident, the lingering memory of Khukul'Khukul's death continued to haunt Kayblis even after he was acknowledged as the most powerful Fiend, which made him actively avoid taking part in any conflict that he believed had even a slight chance of endangering his life. The combination of his domineering behavior and blatant spinelessness made Kayblis near-universally hated by the rest of monsterkind, with many going out of their way to keep away from him at all costs. To satiate his swollen ego, Kayblis transformed two common Insects, a Nyannyan and a Wanwan, into his Apostles; giving them the names Kaybnyan and Kaybwan, respectively. Though both Apostles were startlingly lacking in strength and competence, they energetically supported Kayblis throughout his endeavors, providing him with the blind adoration that he believed himself to be deserving of.


The boundlessly cruel Jill reshapes Kayblis' understanding of humans.

As if to complement Kayblis’ newfound bluster, Jill, the acting Archfiend of the era, possessed a desire to drive all of humanity into a state of unbridled despair that caused her to order her followers to run rampant across the Continent spreading chaos. Kayblis was terrified of Jill, finding her ruthlessness to be unsettling, but was exceedingly pleased to have the opportunity to use the power he had long been developing to do anything that he wanted without restraint. Throughout Jill’s reign, Kayblis brought unimaginable amounts of destruction and suffering onto human settlements, which filled him with an intoxicating sense of domination that pushed him into committing even greater atrocities. As the humans he attacked had no means of mounting any kind of resistance against him, he felt none of his usual timidity when dealing with them, and was able to feel at ease for the first time in his life. The positive emotions he experienced while slaughtering humans made Kayblis determine that the species had been created for the singular purpose of serving as playthings for monsters to toy with at their leisure, and caused whatever scant amounts of empathy he may have previously held for them to disappear entirely.

Kayblis’ satisfaction was brought to an abrupt end in the year GL1004, when Jill was betrayed and sealed away by the Supreme Fiend Gai, her lover and most trusted subordinate, who seized the position of Archfiend for himself. Unlike Jill, Gai was largely indifferent to interacting with humanity at all, and was persuaded to grant it half of the Continent’s landmass to live free from the oppression of monsters early on into his reign by the newly-created Dread Fiend Silky Littleraisin. While Kayblis was outraged by Gai’s actions, declaring him to have gone against everything that the title of Archfiend stood for by doing this, he was also reminded of when Abel had similarly claimed the power of the Archfiend for himself when the opportunity presented itself to him. Having now witnessed two individuals become Archfiend through precise timing, Kayblis became certain that he was also capable of assuming the title, and began to patiently wait until he found a chance to turn against Gai, become the Archfiend, and reshape the world to match his desires.


The opportunistic Gai reignites Kayblis' desire for power.

Contrary to his treacherous ambitions, Kayblis made no attempt at opposing Gai directly, and instead served under him faithfully across his reign in an effort to gain his trust. He was not completely incapable of concealing his contempt for the other man’s policies, however, and would often seek out any chance he could get to subvert them in small ways. The most overt instance of Kayblis’ insubordination occurred in the year GI0813, where he led a division of the Monster Army into the fledgling human nation of Zeth to ravage it. Already struggling to hold off attacks from the neighboring countries of Leazas and Helman, Zeth was rendered completely helpless against Kayblis’ unbelievable might, and suffered unspeakable amounts of carnage at his hands. Though Kayblis and his followers eventually returned to the Monster Realm three months later, allowing what remained of Zeth to begin reconstructing itself, the terror its people experienced at his hands continued to echo across the Human Realm for centuries. The event, dubbed “Kayblis Dark” came to be known as the single greatest disaster in the history of the modern age of humans, with Kayblis’ name becoming synonymous with relentless evil and destruction.

In the year GI1015, Gai became distraught after learning that both Keel Lana, the human he had selected to become his heir, and Hornet, the child he had sired as her replacement, were incapable of absorbing the Demonic Blood Pool and were thus incapable of becoming the Archfiend. In his desperation, he traveled to the Alternate Dimension of 3E2 and abducted Kurusu Miki, a girl in possession of the qualities needed to carry the Archfiend's blood, transporting her back with him to the Continent to pass his blood onto her. Kayblis, who had expected himself to be next in line to serve as Gai's successor due to being the strongest Fiend, was appalled by this decision, but held his tongue to avoid drawing his master's ire.


Miki resists the blood of the Archfiend, creating the opening Kayblis had long waited for.

Though Gai succeeded in passing the Archfiend's blood onto Miki, the ceremony was interrupted by Miki's boyfriend Ogawa Kentarou, who had followed the pair to the Continent, before she was able to fully awaken to the title. Fleeing the Monster Realm with Kentarou, Miki rejected the power of the Archfiend by eating a Hirami Lemon and began searching for a means of permanently removing it from her body.

With Gai having allowed himself to die at Kentarou's hands and Miki suppressing her power, the Monster Realm was left without a ruler, momentarily freeing the Fiends from their instinctual servitude toward the Archfiend. Recognizing that the perfect opportunity to achieve his lifelong ambition had revealed itself, Kayblis made the bold declaration that he would go against Gai’s wishes and kill Miki before she completely awakened to the Archfiend’s power, allowing him to take the position for himself and for monsterkind to reclaim the territory that Gai had given to humanity. His words were instantly opposed by Hornet, who desired to follow through with her father's intentions and embrace Miki as his successor. Unable to reach an agreement between the two beliefs, the Monster Realm was plunged into a state of total war for the first time in its history, split between those who chose to follow Kayblis and those who chose to follow Hornet.


Kayblis gains the cooperation of many Fiends through underhanded means.

Despite his profound lack of popularity, Kayblis succeeded in rallying the majority of the Monster Realm's population under him at the civil war's beginning, largely due to the long-simmering dissatisfaction that many held for Gai and his passivity. In addition, he made a conscious effort to scout out every available Fiend to serve under him, employing copious amounts of blackmail and threatening to gain their compliance. As Hornet refused to partake in similar behavior, Kayblis was able to gain the servitude of over half of the Fiends that were active at the time.

While having a substantial power advantage over the Hornet Faction, the Kayblis Faction was heavily undermined by an overall lack of cohesion among the monsters that served in it. Sharing only the broad goal of wanting to retake the Human Realm, the group possessed entirely disparate and even conflicting desires from one another, causing them to work poorly together on the battlefield. Furthermore, Kayblis refused to ever directly participate in the conflict himself, unwilling to risk the small danger that fighting multiple other Fiends at once would pose to his safety, which reduced his soldiers' enthusiasm to an even greater extent. These factors all significantly impacted the group's effectiveness, and led to it remaining locked in a standstill with the Hornet Faction despite its strength.

In the year LP0002, Kayblis ordered Kesselring, the Dread Fiend serving as his second-in-command, to send his maid Apostles into the Human Realm and capture Miki. The maids initially succeeded at their mission, but were eventually forced to return to the Monster Realm empty-handed after Kentarou and Miki managed to escape from their clutches. In spite of this failure, the Hornet Faction was dealt a much more crippling blow during this time. One of its members, the Fiend Nos, had convinced two other Fiends, Satella and Aizel, to abandon the war front in order to assist him in cooperating with the human nation of Helman in invading its longtime rival Leazas, reassuring the pair that their actions would eventually greatly aid Hornet in her fight against Kayblis. In reality, however, Nos held no loyalty towards either Gai or Hornet, and merely agreed to cooperate in the invasion to obtain Chaos, the dark sword that Gai had used to seal Jill with. Located within the depths of Leazas Castle, Nos planned to destroy Chaos to free the former Archfiend and restore her to power. Nos’s plans were eventually foiled by the warrior Rance, who, using Chaos, killed both him and Aizel, causing the Hornet Faction to lose two of its commanding officers and get weakened substantially in the process.

In the year LP0003, Kayblis authorized a second, much more relentless operation in pursuit of Miki, this time sending out several squads of monsters into the human world with the goal of capturing her. To counteract this, Hornet ordered two of the Fiends serving under her, Satella and La Hawzel, to find and protect Miki. With all but three of its Fiends absent, the Hornet Faction began to steadily falter against its enemy's overwhelming power.


Fed up with her dismissiveness, Kayblis attacks Camilla in a moment of weakness.

In the year LP0004, Kayblis lost his temper with Camilla after having his advances get rejected by her once again. Blinded by anger and frustration, Kayblis attacked Camilla who, weakened by a lifetime of idle living, was unable to mount any resistance against his great strength. Though Kayblis managed to regain his composure and stop himself before killing Camilla, his assault had severely injured her body and irreparably damaged her pride. Overcome by disgust and humiliation, Camilla demanded to be moved as far away from Kayblis as possible, which Kayblis, eager to make her less angry with him, immediately agreed to. Placing her in charge of an army of 100,000 soldiers, which included the Fiends Sieg and La Seizel among its ranks, Kayblis assigned Camilla the duty of leading an invasion of the Human Realm in preparation for his impending victory against the Hornet Faction. As a part of the agreement, Kayblis insisted that Camilla return to the Monster Realm and begin living with him the moment when it appeared the invasion would end in failure, causing her to become intensely devoted to ensuring that it would not.

During the events of Rance VI, the section of the Monster Army under Camilla's command succeeded in disabling the nation of Zeth's primary security system the Maginot Line by exploiting the pre-existing prejudices between the Mages and non-mages within it and began to overrun the country. Throughout the occupation, Kayblis sent Camilla several love letters encouraging her to abandon Zeth and return to him, which she promptly ordered her Apostles to destroy after receiving. Camilla's early success was eventually compromised by the exploits of a small elite team organized by Zeth's King Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi and the resistance movement Ice Flame's leader Urza Pranaice with the purpose of reactivating the Maginot Line. Through the assistance of Rance, Chaos and the monster-destroying super weapon the M Bomb, the group scored many key victories against the Monster Army, including defeating both Sieg and La Seizel and eliminating large swathes of its soldiers, preventing it from fully conquering the nation.


Camilla is defeated and imprisoned within Zeth, causing Kayblis to panic.

Late into the occupation, Kayblis sent a letter to Camilla stating that he was growing impatient with how slowly it was taking her to take over Zeth, and that he would soon enter into the country himself to personally escort her back to the Monster Realm. Desperate to stay as far away from Kayblis as possible, Camilla, who had left much of the invasion in the hands of her subordinates, took action herself and attacked Rance's party just as it was about to restart the Maginot Line. Despite her best efforts, Camilla was ultimately defeated by the group, allowing the Maginot Line to be reactivated and the remnants of the Monster Army to be driven out of Zeth. Camilla was not killed in the attack, but her unconscious and heavily-injured body was sealed deep within the Permanent Dungeon, a specialized prison that functioned as a single enormous magic circle to suppress the power of supernatural criminals. Camilla's loss dealt a major blow to the Kayblis Faction's war effort, costing it tens of thousands of soldiers as well as three Fiends, and caused it to lose the edge it had held over the Hornet Faction throughout the year. Kayblis was left distraught by Camilla's disappearance, but was unable to stray away from the war for long enough to search for her.

Kayblis was briefly mentioned during the events of Sengoku Rance by Miki while recounting the various hardships she had experienced after becoming the Archfiend, where she mentioned how scary it felt having to constantly evade the Fiends sent by him to kill her. If the forces of Oda House fail to find Miki after she runs away and allow her to fully awaken as Archfiend Little Princess, Kayblis will send a letter begging for her forgiveness and offering to assist her in any way that he can. Miki chooses to ignore the letter, stating that she'd rather conquer Nippon through her own power as a warmup, but makes a note to "punish" Kayblis upon finishing. As Miki is shown to have not fully awakened as the Archfiend in the following games, this event is considered to be non-canon.

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During the events of Rance Quest, Kayblis ordered the Fiends Medusa and Kite to travel into the Human Realm to search for Camilla; instructing Medusa to search through the Kinani Desert bordering Zeth and Kite to search through Zeth itself. The investigation proved to be a failure on both fronts, with neither uncovering any information regarding Camilla's location and Kite being killed as a result of various unfortunate circumstances. Kayblis was angered by the failure and desperate to find Camilla, but chose to focus all of his attention toward winning the War of the Factions, reassuring himself that the sooner he defeated Hornet the sooner he could devote all of his time to rescuing his lost love.

Some time early on into the year LP0007 Kayblis personally sought out Warg, a Fiend in possession of an incredibly powerful pheromone that could put all who came in contact with it to sleep. Against violence in any form, Warg had chosen to abandon the War of the Factions early on to live in seclusion, and had turned down multiple invitations from both the Kayblis and Hornet Factions in the time since then. Due to having modified his body to be able to go without sleep during the NC Era, Kayblis was completely immune to Warg's powers and was able to approach her without issue and beat her to the point of near-death. Scared for her life, Warg agreed to cooperate with Kayblis and move across various key points of the Hornet Faction's territory to disable large parts of its army using her power. Warg's assistance proved to be the aid the Kayblis Faction needed, and it began to steadily push its opposition into a critical state.


Kayblis captures Hornet, sealing his victory in the war for control of the Monster Realm.

After nearly all of the Hornet Faction's forces had been destroyed, Kayblis finally chose to enter the battlefield himself to lead the entirety of his troops in a final assault across Death Valley, the most dangerous region in the Monster Realm. The remnants of the Hornet Faction fought bravely to buy their leader time to escape, but stood no chance against their enemies and were swiftly eliminated, with the Fiend Meglass being killed and both Silky and La Hawzel getting captured. Upon overtaking Death Valley, Kayblis arrived at Hornet's castle, the final stronghold where Hornet was sheltered, and successfully beat her into submission. With all that stood in his way defeated, Kayblis was declared the victor of the war and the undisputed leader of all of monsterkind.

Following his victory, Kayblis converted Hornet's castle into a personal training ground for his soldiers, using captured Guy Monsters from the Hornet Faction as training dummies and captured Gal Monsters as breeding stock. Rather than kill Hornet immediately, he chose to imprison her in the castle's lowest chambers, with the intention of bestowing the privilege of killing her to Camilla after she was rescued, hoping to finally win her affections by doing so. Kayblis made further use of keeping Hornet alive to manipulate her followers Silky and La Hawzel by falsely claiming that he would abstain from killing her if they became his servants.


With all of his enemies defeated, Kayblis sets his sights on world domination.

Immediately after consolidating his power as king of the Monster Realm, Kayblis, doubly motivated by his desires to become the Archfiend and reunite with Camilla as soon as possible, began preparing for a full-scale invasion of the Human Realm. To assist in his preparations he sought out Stroganoff, a Great Monster General who had acquired great renown across the Monster Realm for his leadership of the Maereeta Squad, an elite unit composed entirely of rare mutated monsters. Stroganoff had fought for the Kayblis Faction during the War of the Factions, but was forced to retire from the frontlines after sustaining a severe injury from the legendary Sword of Kings Fusafusamaru that reduced him to a state of near-death. Normally completely opposed to disclosing personal secrets to another, Kayblis believed Stroganoff, who had both legendary military prowess and a body that was too weak to stand any chance of opposing him, to be the ideal advisor, and appointed him to the position of Supreme Commander of the Monster Army. Stroganoff, who had been driven to the brink of suicide in despair over his newfound weakness, became indebted to Kayblis and devoted himself wholeheartedly to assisting him in accomplishing his dreams.

Soon after his recruitment, Stroganoff devised an excellent plan to efficiently invade the Human Realm. Utilizing the fabled land of Shangri-La, which Medusa had discovered and conquered during her search for Camilla the previous year, as a base of operations, the Monster Army would instantaneously transport thousands of monsters into the Human Realm at a time. As Shangri-La resided in the exact center of the Continent, the Monster Army would be able to easily attack all of the major human nations simultaneously while also drawing the countries that bordered the Monster Realm away from their western defenses. Kayblis was instantly enchanted by this strategy and, claiming it as his own, quickly went to work putting it into action.

In order to invade all four of the major human nations of the Continent's mainland at once, Kayblis divided the Monster Army into four groups, each led by two Fiends and one Great Monster General, which would focus on attacking one human country apiece. While deciding the makeup of the four armies, Kayblis made sure to entrust both the largest number of soldiers and the responsibility of invading Zeth, where Camilla resided, to Medusa, the only Fiend with whom he had any kind of positive relationship. Due to his wariness of the presence of the Sword of Heroes Escudo, the Dark Sword Chaos and the Light Blade Nikkou, three weapons that were capable of disabling the Invincibility Field that protects Fiends from conventional damage and thus posed a threat to him, Kayblis refused to participate in the takeover in any capacity himself. Rather than take direct control of Shangri-La, Kayblis chose to reside deep within a heavily-fortified stronghold that he had built inside of Mount Bezdog, one of the most volatile locations in the Monster Realm, and forced several monsters who had made a strong showing during the War of the Factions to patrol it as his bodyguards. To compensate for his absence, he granted his Apostle Kaybnyan full command over Shangri-La and allowed her to act in his stead.

With all the pieces arranged into place, the Monster Army's grand assault on the Human Realm began, marking the start of the monumental conflict that would come to be known as the 2nd Fiend War. The strategy occurred exactly as Stroganoff had anticipated, with all four human countries being caught off-guard by the sudden flood of monsters from the direction of Shangri-La and all but Leazas being placed into a critical situation within the first month of fighting. With humanity on the brink of collapse, Kayblis assigned his Apostle Kaybwan the mission of searching across the Continent to find and capture Miki, intending to have her brought back to the Monster Realm for him to kill and absorb the powers of the Archfiend from. He also gave Kaybwan the secondary objective of searching for the current Hero, hoping to avoid the risk of having them appear unexpectedly to suddenly foil his plans. Despite having victory within his reach, Kayblis continued to refuse Stroganoff's repeated suggestions to enter the battlefield himself, believing it to be foolish to reveal his location unless his safety was absolutely guaranteed.

Personality and Appearance[]


Originally born as a small, round and even adorable little creature covered in fur, he had the appearance of an average 60cm tall Lis. It is unknown if he suffered any changes from his transformation into a Fiend, but it is known that he didn't change in any notable way from his previous form. Because of his non-threatening looks, he underwent extensive amounts of bullying from other Fiends, as he was small, vulnerable and weak. However, as Lis have the exceptional ability to mutate and evolve over time, after several centuries of modifications and twisted mutations he changed into a beast that got as far as it could get from his previously adorable looks. He grew exponentially in size, became more anthropomorphic and grew six limbs, eight penises, embedded armored plates into his flesh and several appendages erupted out from different parts of his body. He became a hideous monstrosity that few would dare to even speak against. He often appears to be accompanied by a beautiful woman, but that is in fact another appendage that appeared at the tip of his tail.

He is widely feared among humans as the cruelest and most brutal Fiend of all, a merciless and savage monster with no hint of sympathy or regret. He is incredibly violent and destructive, so much in fact that even other particularly vicious Fiends like Xavier have been genuinely unnerved when in his presence, and very few Fiends have the guts to contradict him. He's extremely selfish, self-centered and narcissistic to the point of believing himself to be the greatest in the world. His chaotic, selfish and egocentric behavior is remarkably similar to that of the adventurer Rance and both are, infact, quite similar in terms of conduct and general personality. However, Kayblis lacks any of the more positive traits of the brutish warrior and is even more savage than he is. He's also very sadistic, as he finds great amount of gratification in torturing and killing merely for fun. He's also fond of sexually abusing attractive females, usually breaking their limbs and crushing their bones while ravaging them, and his victims never survive the encounter unless it's a special entity like another Fiend. He shares these hobbies with Fiend Medusa, another exceedingly brutal and sadistic Fiend, and they're in fact good friends. Unlike most Fiends, Medusa actually likes Kayblis and was his only friend. The two have certain similarities such as a love for torture and chaos. Notably she is the only member of the Kayblis Faction to join him willingly and actually supports him becoming the Archfiend. She's also one of the few Fiends that doesn't show the slightest restraint when talking with him, openly teasing him or mocking him despite his position.


Kayblis has no eyes for mercy and considers anyone that opposes him to be trash that should be tortured and killed in the worst possible way. He also dislikes failure and brutally punishes his subordinates if they do. He's been trying to introduce a strength based caste system into the Fiend society, having the strongest Fiend (him) at the very top of the ladder and next in line to be Archfiend. He is certainly ambitious, he desires to murder Miki and all those that support her, so he can crown himself as the Archfiend and have absolute control over The Continent. He sees humans as weak creatures purposely designed to be the toys of Fiends and Monsters, and believes it is their right to oppress them and use them as playthings for their own amusement. His belief is that the strong earn the right to do whatever they please with the weak, once again displaying a mindset similar to Rance's. Most of these personality traits most likely originate from a huge inferiority complex he's restrained for millennia, leading to him to develop that way upon growing into the strongest Fiend.

Despite all of these traits and the fact that he possesses an immense amount of power, Kayblis is actually a massive coward at heart. If he ever finds himself in a situation that could potentially be dangerous for him, he leaves no sight of his previous arrogance and confidence, getting severely nervous and fearing for his life. Because of this, Kayblis becomes a completely different person in front of those that are more powerful than he is, like the Archfiends. On their presence, Kayblis's personality will change into a servile and submissive one, flattering the ones above and doing anything in his power in order to please them. He loses any sign of pride or dignity he could have had, and is perfectly willing to surrender and discard any of his previous beliefs in order to get away with his life. It's because of this that he has loyally serve every Archfiend without the slight complain, even those that he secretly loathed like Gai. He's a bit of a buffoon at times, being quite scatterbrained and not thinking things through as he's a very straightforward individual. He also acts based on impulse and takes bold acts, turning him into an unpredictable person that is hard to keep under control.

Though Kayblis usually displays a confident and domineering side to most of his associates, he has long had a crush on the Fiend and fellow member of the Four Dread Fiends Camilla. He's hopelessly in love with her and when around her he gets extremely shy, breaking into a sweat, blushing and uncontrollably chittering; "C-C-Camilla...". Though he has long tried to seduce her over the years, Camilla has always ignored every one of his advances, as he finds him ugly and despicable. As he has kept insisting even as he grew in power, Camilla started to despise him even more over the long years. However, when the war started between the Hornet Faction and Kayblis Faction, she took his side, as she despises Hornet more than anyone else. More recently, Kayblis grew increasingly irritated with her every rejection and savagely attacked her, easily beating her to near death. This has only made Camilla's wrath grow, and though Kayblis now filled with guilt still hopes to keep her at his side and protect her from harm during her recovery, Camilla only looks forward to the day of her revenge.



Like his reputation and status would suggest, Kayblis is one of the strongest beings in the continent.

Kayblis is the strongest Fiend, yet to be matched by anyone. He generates an aura of maximum fear, if a normal human approached or even saw him they'd feel nausea, immobilization and in worse cases blindness or death. In the former setting he had an obscene Level Cap of 255, and had reached the insane Level of 240, the highest known of any living creature in The Continent. He relies entirely on brute strength to crush his opponents, and possesses an absurd amount of power, high enough to overcome almost any enemy, surpassed only by High Ranked members of the Gods Hierarchy or those that match them like the Archfiend. He fights by wielding broadswords on his bigger hands and two smaller blades with the smaller hands on his chest. In the previous setting he had Sword Combat Lv2, suggesting that he's an incredibly genius swordsman capable of outstanding feats of swordplay, further boosting his combat ability. His fighting style is like his mindset, very straight-forward and simplistic without any strategy or complex maneuvers, merely overpowering his enemies with sheer force, but it proves effective regardless due to his ludicrous strength. Thanks to his massive size, he's proved to be extremely durable and possesses a large amount of stamina, which allow him to survive extremely dangerous attacks that would normally kill even other similarly powerful individuals.


Kayblis uses his incomparable strength to defeat Camilla with ease.

He's extremely powerful, way above any other Fiend with the sole exception of Hornet. In combat he can easily trash other Fiends to the point that he has been able to even one-hit defeat other members of the Four Dread Fiends such as Silky and Camilla, showcasing just how much stronger he is even when compared to Fiends. Despite all this, Kayblis is still no match for a Archfiend even without their Blood Control ability, to the point that he wouldn't even consider trying to betray them.

He also has the ability inherent on all the Lis that make him mutate over time and evolve, which allowed him to reach the level he currently possesses. Because Lis have some level of control over this evolutionary process, Kayblis can purposely modify his body to increase his power.

As a Fiend, Kayblis commands two Apostles named Kaybwan and Kaybnyan, and he has an absolute authority over them. They are a cat-girl and a dog-girl respectively and they are not quite so fearsome, often messing up any orders Kayblis gives them.


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  • Both Kayblis and his tail are heard laughing in the Kichikuou Rance song "Ontology".
  • His combat lines in Kichikuou Rance are remarkably similar to those of Rance himself.
  • If he becomes the Archfiend in Kichikuou Rance, remnants of Miki's corpse can be seen coming out of his body in his battle sprite.
  • It was stated by Orion that even if Kesselring and Hornet teamed up to fight Kayblis, Kayblis would still win. Proving his supremacy even when being compared to the most powerful Fiends.