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That's right! Mr. Kawazoe is a true Dark Lord! From the Lord of the Abyss Mr. Masuzoe, a new Dark Lord was created, an absolutely amazing person! And his name is...Dark Lord Kawazoe! A new lord that replaced the Lord of the Abyss! The Lord of the Sky!

—Haniko, introducing Kawazoe.

Japanese かわぞえ
Romanization kawazoe
Race Hanny (former), Dark Lord
Age / Birth ???
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 410.5cm / 410.5kg
Status Demonic Blood Soul
Class Haniwa
World The Continent
Affiliation Kawazoe, Monster Realm
Skill levels Hanny Lv? (?)
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


Kawazoe is a Dark Lord that may have been indirectly created during the RA Era during the events of Rance X. If the player follows an alternative route during the Poppins mission in part 1, they may encounter Dark Lord Masuzoe, where Rance and his Dark Lord Extermination Squad will immediately engage in combat against. The battle results in Masuzoe's defeat and subsequent death, with his Demonic Blood Soul getting confiscated and sealed by the AL Church.

Following the collapse of the Church after the Divine Anomaly when the Gods forsaked the world, a regular Hanny managed to sneak into the abandoned AL headquarters and steal Masuzoe's blood soul, consuming it shortly after. The hanny in question bore a very strong will and successfully overwrote Masuzoe's soul, resulting in the birth of Dark Lord Kawazoe. At some point after this, Kawazoe settled in Hanny in the Sky, the Haniwa paradise on the sky, along with a harem of Haniko, proclaiming himself as the "Lord of the Sky". Once there he decided to wait until the right time to trigger Ragnarok, when he would bring destruction upon the world.

During the events of Rance X: Part 2, one of the Demon King's Children, El Mofus, will travel to Hanny in the Sky along with their Best Friend in order to clear a treasure hunting crafted by Arms Arc. Their quest would eventually take them to Kawazoe, who would immediately be recognized by Chaos and Nikkou as a Dark Lord. Right after however, Kawazoe will, according to his Haniko companions, get tired of waiting and decide to launch Ragnarok, attacking the group in the process. Despite being a somewhat powerful foe, Kawazoe is defeated and killed with relative ease, getting reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul that is taken away by the Haniko in the area as they run away.

Personality and Appearance[]


Kawazoe's frame closely resembles that of the previous Masuzoe, with a body shaped like a hybrid between a humanoid monster and a haniwa. He has numerous hanny-like tumors growing from his body and a glowing "Ka" stamped in his chest. Unlike Masuzoe, his body is of a gray tone while his face is red. The holes in his face that fit the role of eyes and mouth in his race glow in a golden light, giving him a more resplendent expression.

Not much is known about Kawazoe's personality, as he doesn't engage in any form of dialogue directly. Instead, the Haniko around him serve as interpreters for him, seemingly translating his intentions for others to understand. He appears to be quite patient, as he waited for around 15 years to launch Ragnarok, undisturbed. However, he also made the decision to finally strike completely on a whim as soon as he met El, apparently claiming to have grown bored, indicating a very unstable and flip-flopping character. He also appears to possess a desire for destruction, as he wanted to bring great misery for largely unclear motives. It is unknown how much he changed after his transformation into a Dark Lord, but as he was capable of infiltrating the AL Church in order to steal Masuzoe's blood soul, he might have been quite cunning. He also possessed a remarkably strong will, since Masuzoe had already displayed a will strong enough to overwrite other hannies upon revival yet Kawazoe succeeded in erasing him, standing above his peers and rightfully earning his powers.


As a Dark Lord, Kawazoe is a formidable existence matched by few in The Continent, displaying powers that are second only to the Hanny King as far as Haniwa are concerned. Like any Dark Lord, he possesses the Invincibility Field that makes him invulnerable to any conventional attack, as well as still boasting the Absolute Magic Immunity present in all the members of his original race.

His fighting style is simplistic and straight-forward, relying primarily on powerful Hanny Flash attacks on a quick succession to defeat his opponents. He also possesses abilities to disrupt his opponent's movements, such as a skill named "Drainage" that fatigues his adversaries and prevents them from taking any actions.

Despite being quite powerful, he was largely outclassed by El and their best friend, as they had received an extensive training in a poly world and were at around level 250, although he was still strong enough to be a challenge. As the other Dark Lords from the Rance faction required the full El Party to be defeated however, Kawazoe's fighting ability is considerably low compared to the other Dark Lords.