The City (Kathtom)[]


Kathtom, also translated as Custom, is one of the independent city states that are part of the Free Cities Alliance. A fairly prosperous and peaceful town, its citizens live a carefree and happy life without the problems that plague major cities like poverty or criminal activity. Among its most famous figures there are the Four Witches of Kathtom, four powerful magic users that studied from the wise wizard Ragishss Cryhausen and became the Guardians of the city. It is also well-known for being the home residence of Maria Custard, a brilliant inventor mother of incredible technological devices like the Tulip Series, as well as other gadgets. Because of this, Kathtom is the most technologically advanced city on the Federation of Free Cities.

Despite it being a town of moderate size without an opposing stance against other major powerS of the The Continent, it was misfortunate enough to see various conflicts on the year LP0001. The first one was the "Kathtom Incident" that was consequence of a battle between the Four Witches and their teacher Ragishss, which resulted in the town being entombed and sealed by the Witches after they went insane from the influence of dangerous items called the Phil Rings. The crisis was solved by the Adventurer Rance, who had been hired with a collective monetary effort of the townfolk in order to save them. The following year LP0002, the town was involved in the 7th Helman-Leazas War after the Helman Army attempted to expand their conquest towards the Free Cities, forcing them to participate in the battle and allying with the Leazas Liberation Army. After these two conflicts, the town has been mostly at peace and hasn't seen many particulalry chaotic situation.

The town of Kathtom right after the Kathtom Incident.

The mayor of the town used to be Gazel Gode, who was fairly competent at his role but had a fragile health and after the Kathtom Incident was over the administrative affairs were instead handled by his daughter Chisa Gode and Eleanor Ran became the new mayor and representant of the town. Kathtom is officially recognised as an independent state with the authority to govern itself, but as it is part of the Free Cities Federation it is still tied in some way to the established trading routes.

The town also possesses its own small army called the "Kathtom Defense Corps" that consists of around 250 people, commanded by 3 of the Four Witches of Kathtom and the Adventurer Milli Yorks. While rough and its warrior don't exactly shine for their talent, the Maria Unit who employ the advanced weaponry the Tulip make for a force to be reckoned with, and the power of the town's guardians is also considerably high. While the power of this military can't even hold a candle to bigger forces like the Leazas Army, it is strong enough on its own right to defend itself from potential threats that could arise, and it was even good enough to protect the town during the Sieg of Kathtom performed by Henderson Dauntless on the Leazas Liberation War.


Beyond the Maria Factory and the prescence of the Four Witches, the town is a fairly standard municipality with most of the basic establishments present on any human settlement.

Name Description
Kathtom - Ragishss' Home.png
Ragishss' Mansion
Kathtom - Church.png
Kathtom - Pub.png
Kathtom - Item Store.png
Item Store
Info Store
Kathtom - Pharmaceutical.png
Yorks Pharmaceutical
Kathtom - Hell's Mouth.png
Hell's Mouth