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Japanese 神風
Romanization kamikaze
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ☆☆☆
Appeared in Rance III, Rance IV, Toushin Toshi 2, Shinyaku Toushin Toshi, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, Dungeons & Dolls, Rance VI, Galzoo Island



The Kamikaze is a Monster that belongs to the class of Gal Monsters, being among the strongest of the most common and regular types of Gal Monsters found in The Continent.

They all have a long green hair and wear what closely resembles JAPANese fashion, with an alterante colored kimono. They sport a yellow shirt, a long blue skirt that extends past the waist, rice straw sandals and a single protective plate on their right breast. They also wear a distinctive headband on their foreheads, usually either yellow or red, and they tie their hair in a long ponytail. They are usually serious and use an arcaic style of speaking, similar to that of a samurai. They are prideful and temperamental monsters but, while they might not look like it, they have pretty nasty personalities as they enjoy bullying and looking down those weaker than themselves. 

Kamikazes abusing of a weaker Goldfish Tamer.

In combat, Kamikazes are expert fighters that have fully mastered the art of archery. With a naturally high affinity for the element of Wind, they are capable of swiftly shooting down enemies from long distances and empowering their arrows' strength with wind magic, increasing its speed and sheer power. They have high accuracy and deal obscenely high damage, being among the strongest Gal Monsters in the world. 

There is another version of these called "Storm Kamikaze", who are described as individuals with an unshakeable spirit that live for war. They are even more powerful than the regular Kamikazes and the arrows they shoot are imbued with a tremendously powerful wind magic that destroys everything in its path, which earned them the name of "Storm".


  • They are based on the real life Japanese pilots, the Kamikaze, who were military aviators that would deliberately perform suicide attacks in order to destroy warships during World War II.
    • If translated literally Kamikaze (神風) means "Divine Wind".
  • In the Rance Quest Popularity Poll, the Kamikazes ranked 10th, and in Rance 03 they ranked as high as 5th.