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The Kalar are an all female race that typically live within the Kalar Forest near Helman in their own country Pencilcow.

They have a signature pointy long ears, a crystal on their forehead and light-blue hair. They reproduce by mating with human males and will always give birth to another Kalar. 

The features that separate them from humans are:

  • Their ears are long and they have a crystal on their forehead.
  • They are a female-only species.
  • They have a long lifespan, practically immortal.
  • At some point in their life they become an Angel or Devil.

Another unique trait the Kalar possess is the Kalar Curse. A powerful magic ability inherent in all Kalar. It can be considered the final vengeance from a Kalar to the one that killed her. The curse will either deliver instant death, or a slow, debilitating and painful one.

The curse is usually activated when the crystal is pulled from the Kalar's head, it will afflict the one that killed the Kalar. The Kalar Queen tends to have more powerful Cursecraft skills and can deliver a large-scale curse that kills all human males in the vicinity, and close access to the settlement is prevented by the heavily-armed Kalar Guard force. 

Since there are no male Kalar, they must use human male to reproduce, often keeping them locked and used as sperm banks. Pregnancy only lasts three months, and the child born is always a Kalar. The first few months they age incredibly fast. After being around the same stage as a 6 year old human they age normally until they hit the age of 20. Once they hit their fully matured appearance, they stop aging until they die.

They were initially created by Supreme God Harmonitt with the objective of restocking Angels. This is the reason why their pregnancy periods are so small, since it allows them to have more children, grow fast on the first stages of their lives and stay young until they die, to ensure they are capable of giving birth even in their old ages.

All Kalar (except for Hunty Kalar) live in the Kalar village of Pencilcow located in the Crystal Forest, and as of LP007 there were approximately 2,000 Kalar living there.

The Crystal[]

A helman soldier violating a kalar to retrieve her crystal.

You can tell if a Kalar is a virgin or not by looking at the crystal on her head. If it is red, then she is chaste, if it is blue, then she is not. If you pull the crystal from the head of a Kalar, she will die.

Blue crystals are imbued with strong magical power, and can be used as a very powerful catalyst in magic enchantments and reach outrageous prices in the black market. For this reason, the Kalar are frequently targeted by greedy humans, hoping to make their riches on a mountain of Kalar corpses. Hunters commonly rape a Kalar before they tear out her crystal.

If a Kalar remains a virgin until she transforms into a Devil or an Angel, it will not change color after that, regardless of how much sex she has.

Due to their crystals, Kalar rarely find peace amongst humans and their society.

The Time of Change[]

A kalar that became a devil.

A Kalar that became an angel.

The Time of Change is what the Kalar call the moment they become an Angel or a Devil. From the moment they're born, Kalar are constantly developing, the intention from the start of their creation was that the Kalar would become servants of the Gods after changing.

Exactly when they undergo the change depends on the Kalar, it can vary wildly between individuals. Kalar with a large amount of Soul Pollution tend to become Devils rather than Angels. Becoming a Devil instead of an Angel is considered one of the highest disgraces in Kalar society.

Kalar breed with male humans to continue the Kalar species. The offspring between a human and a Kalar will always be a Kalar.

Kalar grow to the appearance and mentality of a 5-year-old girl only a few months after birth, from there the rate of growth varies between individuals. Kalar stop growing once they reach an ideal adult form. While the Kalar are almost immortal in terms of lifespan, they can die just as easily as humans can before their natural time is up, without turning into neither an Angel nor a Devil.

Supreme God Harmonitt is the creator of the Kalar race and is very proud of them, he considers them to be his master piece. He feels a great feeling of satisfaction when a Kalar ascends to godhood by becoming an angel. He often takes the form of 7th Class God Mach and plays around with said kalars that became angels. He's a very playful individual. It is unknown what he thinks about humans hunting Kalar for their crystals. 

Known Kalars[]

Former Kalars[]


Kalars also exist in the world of Evenicle. These Kalar are much the same as the ones on The Continent, even more so than other sentient races, since the Kalar are not governed by Mother Eve's Blessing, as it would make it hard for them to reproduce. The only serious difference between Kalars of The Continent and on the World of Eve is the fact that the latter are not aware of any "time of change." As far as they are concerned, Kalars simply disappear after a certain point, and whether they change into angels or demons is unknown.

During Towa's history of the Kingdom of El Quixote, the Kalars appear in some of her illustrations. On close observation, these cartoon Kalars are actually naked, which may imply that they did not adopt clothing until after their first encounter with humans.

The Kalar of Evenicle live primarily in Kalar Village in El Quixote, where they are ruled by their queen, Mertel. Kalars will sometimes venture into the town of El Quixote in search of partners to help them bear children.


  • Purin of the development staff really liked Elves, Dwarfs and other such races, and wanted to include them in the Ranceverse, however, TADA claimed that he despised elves, goblins, orcs and the like. So they reached a stalemate by having similar races but with different attributes and names.
    • The Kalars also appear take traits from Amazons, as they are an all female species who hate men and use them only for breeding.
  • Kalar have sometimes appear in other worlds of Alicesoft games.
  • Interestingly, all Kalar royals have a Level Cap of 50 (with the exception of Reset Kalar) and have a Magic Skill Level.